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Mere saamne waale kamre mein

Posted on: March 31, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

TAJ MAHAL is a beautiful symbol of Eternal Love. It is also one of the recognised seven wonders of the world. It was built by Shahjahan in memory of this wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

If you go to Aurangabad in Maharashtra (there is a Aurangabad in Bihar too) as a Tourist to see Ellora and Ajanta, you will also be shown Bibi Ka Makbara and Pawan chakki.

This Bibi ka Makbara is a carbon copy of Tajmahal, but a poor copy. It is replete with minarets and garden with fountains in front portion etc. I had first seen it in the early 50s, when I had not seen the Taj mahal and therefore I was suitably impressed. Now ofcourse,it is shabbily maintained, but in its early phase it must have been very impressive indeed. It was built by Aurangzeb. He obviously must have taken ‘inspiration’ from Taj mahal of Agra.

This is absolutely commensurate with the Human nature. From Time Immemorial man has always wanted what the others had and he did not have.

Call it greed, Attachment, Covetousness, envy or whatever. We see this emotion in children prominently(as they have not yet mastered the art of suppressing emotions). All children want the other child’s toys, even if he has plenty of toys !

This emotion of greed was one of the SHAD-RIPUs which our ancient philosophy has described. It is believed that these are the six enemies of man, viz. SHAD-RIPU-, namely




Moha-Attachment / attraction

Mad-Pride and


These can can destroy the man and keep him away from MOKSHA (ultimate attainment ), because man gets involved in the cycle of Births and Deaths repeatedly due to these SHAD RIPUs.

This emotion of lobha, and Matsar was very cleverly used in the TV Commercial of Onida TV ometime back. Its slogan was “Owner’s Pride-Neighbour’s Envy”.

The reason why I am remembering all this- the Shad-Ripu, Taj Mahal etc- is, because recently I came across an article on the Internet, where the Author had claimed that most of the well known and popular Hindi films were either remakes or were based on the stories of films from other languages. In support of his claim,he had attached a list of a whopping 2500 Hindi films, with details of the films on which they were based, copied or Remade ! (Cases of Lobha, or Moha or just Matsar ? )

Initially,in the early era, when the Hindi film market was bigger than the regional film markets, they used to copy or remake Hindi films. Now that the Regional films market is as big as,if not bigger, this trend is reversed and more and more South films are copied or remade in Hindi. Nowadays,dubbing a film in other language has almost stopped or is at the minimal.

From the year 2000 to 2013,I would say, based on data available that most of the Hits and popular films of Hindi are Remakes of South films. Proof of this fact is also available.

Not that there were no original Hindi films, but such films were much less in number and….they were quickly Remade in Southern languages immediately !

Like anybody else, the South producers also had their likes and dislikes for Actors and Music Directors.

While Ravi, Chitragupta, C.Ramchandra, Madan Mohan and R D Burman were acceptable to them, among Actors their choice was Jeetendra, Mehmood, Guru Dutt, Raaj Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Shashi Kapoor etc.

Many comedy films were remade with Mehmood, but there was one South Indian production with Mehmood which was not comedy, but a very touching film. It was ” Lakhon mein Ek”-1971.

The original Gemini film was S S Balan’s ‘ SAMBARALA RAM BABU’-1969, which was remade with Mehmood and Radha (from south). In those days Mehmood was usually paired with Shubha Khote and her screen father Dhumal, but in “Lakhon mein Ek”,Shubha Khote was paired with Ramesh Deo as his wife.

The story and Direction was by S S Balan and music by R D Burman and for lyrics were by Anand Bakshi. The cast was Mehmood, Radha,Shubha Khote, Ramesh Deo, Pran, Aruna Irani, Kanhaiyalal, Lalita Pawar, David, Nazir Hussain and a long list of comedians.

The story of LAKHON MEIN EK-1971 was-

Bhola(Mehmood) is an orphan. He is a collegian and he lives in a chawl in Bombay. He manages to stay under the staircase. The middle class tenents of the chawl take advantage of his simplicity and get their errands done by him. Some good natured people give him food also. Since the story is set in a chawl, there is ample scope to portray a variety of characters from the society. There is Keshvrao(Ramesh Deo),whose wife Jaya is very fond of hindi films and likes to live in daydreams always. Then there is Manoharlal(Kanhialal) and his wife Leela(Lalita Pawar) whose daughter Gouri (Radha) is about to get married. However,her marriage is broken as the in-laws learn that Gauri had been in Mental Hospital for 10 years. Though she is quite normal now, no one wants to marry her.

Gouri and Bhola get friendly and slowly love develops between them. As anywhere else, in this chawl also there are bad people who can not digest the friendship of Bhola and Gouri. One day Bhola is accused of stealing valuables. In addition he is also accused of having written a love letter to Renu(Aruna Irani),which actually is written by her lover. With these pretexts,bhole is beaten Black and Blue on the eve of his college exams. Somehow, with the help from some good people and Gouri, Bhola gives the Examinations and passes his Graduation with flying colours.

Pran has done the role of a kind hearted truck driver Sher Singh in this film. After Upkar-1967,Pran had shifted to character roles. He also helps Bhola and Gouri always.

Then one day a shocking thing happens. A rich businessman from Singapore comes to the chawl and declares that Bhola is his long lost son. When this news breaks in the chawl, true colours of the chawl people come out. Those who had suspected him, beaten him and treated him always as their servant start talking nicely with him.

The director has used this plot effectively to portray the human behaviours in changed circumstances.

I had liked this film very much. Though a typical South Indian film, for once there was no exaggeration or melodrama. However it was very difficult to digest Bramhachari, Polson and Birbal doing the roles of college students !

There were only six songs in the film and the song “chanda o chanda,kisne churaayi…” which had two versions, had become quite popular.

Today let us enjoy a Parody song from this film, featuring Shubha Khote and Ramesh Deo.

Song-Mere saamne waale kamre mein (Laakhon Mein Ek)(1971) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


hey hey
mere saamne waale kamre mein
ek bhade ka tattu rehta hai
mere saamne waale kamre mein
ek bhaade ka tattu rehta hai
afsos hai us tattu pe
dil mera lattu rehta hai
mere samne waale kamre mein
ek bhade ka tattu rehta hai

aaa aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
poochho na kaisi maine biwi paayi
poochho na kaisi maine biwi paayi
mar gaya main to bhookha pyaasa
mar gaya main to bhookha pyaasa
aap wo khaaye doodh malaayi
poochho na kaisi maine
poochho na kaisi maine
poochho na kaisi maine
poochho na kaisi maine biwi paayi

hey jhoothi shiqaayat hai
arre jhotthon ka kaam
sachha wo shauhar jo
hoke neelaam
kar daaley tan man dhan
biwi ke naam
biwi se maange jo paise udhaar
wo kyaa karega pyaar
biwi se maange jo paise udhaar
wo kya karega pyaar

aa haa
aa aa
thhan thhan thhan thhan paisa baaje
thhan thhan thhan thhan paisa baaje
naache iski dhun pe taare
kya hai shaadi shuda
aur kya kunwaare
thhan thhan thhan thhan paisa baaje
thhan thhan thhan thhan
thhan thhan thhan thhan thhun
thhan thhan thhan thhan thhan

mere sapnon ke raaja kab jaayega tu
band hoga tera baaja kab jaayega tu
main na kahoongi tu na ja tab kayega tu
chala ja tu chala ja
chala ja tu chala ja

aa haa haa
aa haa haa
chala hiran ki chaal
main to chala hiran ki chaal
phaad ke kurta
phaad ke kurta bana liya
maine apna roomaal
main to chala hiran ki chaal
aa haa haa
aa ha haa

o mere sona re sona re sona re
khaa le ye paan khafa mat hona re
main phir na gaaungi filmi gaana
tu bhi yoon taan lagaake na rona re
main phir na gaaungi filmi gaana
tu bhi yoon taan lagaake na rona re
o mere sona re sona re sona
o raja soja re soja re soja
hmm hmh hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm


3 Responses to "Mere saamne waale kamre mein"

‘Laakhon mein ek’ was Mehmood’s best. I like it very much and its songs are also good, ‘jogi o jogi’ is already posted earlier on our blog. i had sent ‘chanda o chanda’ to Atul ji and i think it will be there at appropriate time. This parody song was not much popular, i think, as compared to other songs.

Arun ji

This Radha(south) is also known as Radha Saluja(sister of famous Movie Editor- Late Renu Saluja)who also appeared in hindi moives like Saza-e-Maut(Naseeruddin Shah-Vidhu Vinod Chopra Directed Movie),Haar Jeet(Rehana Sultan,Anil Dhawan starrer),Do Rahaa(Anil Dhawan, Roopesh Kumar starrer).Aaj ki Taza Khabar(Kiran Kumar Starrer)Ek mutti Aasmaan(Vijay Arora,Pran),Chaalak(1973)

She also appeared in double role in Kannada Movie Madhura Sangama(Anant Nag,Ashok,Vishnu Vardhan Starrer)

Radha Saluja had also released an album (Hindi NFS).

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