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Na taaj e shaahi na baadshaahi

Posted on: April 23, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

‘Shirin Farhad’ (1956), is a legendary love story situated in the ancient Persia. Madhu Bala and Pradeep kumar played the title roles. I see Ameeta is also playing a role in the film, even has a song, which is not posted. Total 5 songs from this movie are already posted here.

Aa aajaa o jaane wafaa
Guzra hua zamaana aata nahin dobaara
Hazaaron rang badlega zamaana
Khushiyon ko lootkar yahaan
Sunaaun kisko afsaanaa

This sixth song from the movie is a Rafi solo with chorus. This is a background song played with the opening titles. The scene is of desert with a line of Camels ambling along on the sand with setting sun. The stereotypical scene which comes to mind when one thinks about a desert. What I do not understand is why those camels are walking in a line that also in a single file. It really must be tough to get them to outrun each other in the so called camel races taking place in Gulf countries. They are gentle giants after all.

But there is nothing casual about the song in question. It is a typical punjabi folk type tune, and Rafi Sahab’s voice pouring soul into the words. The echo effect is intended or not, the voice, the words of previous lines resonates even as he starts the next line.

The lyricist is Tanvir Naqvi and composer is S. Mohinder. I have not seen the film, but from the songs I have seen so far, it appears to be an A grade film, even apart from the star cast. The sets in the songs are quite elaborate and even the mural on the walls appear true to the ancient period. The other day I had seen a few songs of ‘Humaayun’ 1945 and impressed by the details in sets and photography. This appears to be a similar quality production. This is ‘desert’ song no. 8.



Song-Na taaj e shaahi na baadshaahi (Shirin Farhad)(1956) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Tanvir Naqvi, MD-S Mohinder


aaa aaaa aaa aaa aaa
aaaa aaa aaa aaaa aaaa

na taaj-e-shaahi
na baadshaahi
ee ee
na shaan-o-shaukat
rahegi baaqi
ee ee eeee
ee ee ee
tamaam hogaa
har ik fasaanaa
aa aaa
magar mohabbat
rahegi baaqi
ee ee ee
ee ee ee

aa aaa aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa

na muskuraayenge
phool kaliyaan
na gaayengee
bulbulen taraana
chaman rahegaa
na aashiyaanaa
aa aaa
magar mohabbat
rahegi baaqi
ee eee ee
ee ee ee

aa aaa aaa aaa aaa
na zindagi ka aaaa
nishaan rahegaa aaa
aa aaa aa aaaa aaa
na yeh zameen
aasmaan rahegaa
aa aa aa aa aa
rahegi har shai
yoonhi rawaanaa
aaa aaaaa
magar mohabbat
rahegi baaqi
ee ee eeee
aa aaa aaa

3 Responses to "Na taaj e shaahi na baadshaahi"

What a song there is subtle meaning very malonchally sung ….by Raffisab .


There is some explanation here
Apparently, then only one has to make a track and others follow thus saving energy.


@ nahm ji – thanks for the post !! Rafi Saab all the way …and wonderful lyrics by Tanvir Naqvi Saab.


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