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Chhodo ye nigaahon ka ishaara

Posted on: May 24, 2013

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

‘Inkaar’ from 1977 is one of my more favorite cops-and-robbers films. Almost the entire picture is a study in understatement. A film that flows pretty close to the levels of realism, and all the characters seem very natural and very normal in the surroundings they are placed in. Most of the action and most of the histrionics is played very normally. There is not much in the film that can be singled out as something overplayed. A difficult feat to pull off, given that it is a crime and detection story.

In most such films, the hero usually acts as if he John Wayne, Humphery Bogart and Sean Connery all rolled into one. Not in this film. While watching the film, one soon comes to realize that it very much a director’s movie, who is able to extract very normal, but very effective performances from all his cast.

The film is produced by Romu N Sippy under the banner of Uttam Chitra, Bombay, and is directed by Raj N Sippy. The film has an impressive cast which includes Vinod Khanna, Vidya Sinha, Shreeram Lagu, Sadhu Meher, Amjad Khan, Helen, M Rajan, Rajeeta Thakur, Sheetal, Bharat Kapoor, Master Raju, Master Rajesh, Shekhar Purohit, Kamaldeep, Harish, Chandu, Pardesi, Chopra, Ranveer Raj, Siddharth, Ratna, Dharamveer, Rakesh Roshan, Kesto Mukherjee, Lili Chakarwarti. If one goes over the star cast, and the sequence of events, one can easily smell the flavor of the ‘formula’. But the flow and pace of events ensures that one does not get bogged down by the formula.

Rakesh Roshan makes an appearance for a party song, and Helen makes an appearance for a spicy dance number in a roadside tavern. Yet the film carries it off very suitably. The crime detection work by the police team is without any frills and show, and include the realities of dead ends that sometimes the investigators come up with. There is a big thing made out for hiding some sort of a marker in the bag that is used to deliver the ransom money, but when the smoke from that marker is finally traced, it is just a furnace that is burning garbage. It is little things like this that add a touch of realism to the story line. Overall, this was a simple yet a gripping story of investigation, that keeps the interest alive right to the end of the film.

The four songs in this film are written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and the music is by Rajesh Roshan. The dance number by Helen, “Mungdaa, Mungdaa, Main Gud
Ki Dali”
is already showcased on this blog. Here is the second offering from this film. The number is a very soft and endearing duet sung by Kishore Da and Asha ji. Like the tone of the rest of the film, this song too is kind of underplayed. The words are simple, yet very cute. The music and the pace is unhurried and leisurely. A song that is a comfort to listen to. In 1972, Manoj Kumar made a big impression with the love song picturized in slow motion on the beach in the film ‘Shor’ – “Ik Pyaar Ka Naghma Hai. . .”. After that, for many years, other film makers and directors also tried to recreate the same effect in love songs, in many other films. One can see a definite influence of the technique in this song also. Overall, the romantic angle between Vinod Khanna and Vidya Sinha, does not add any material to the main thread of the story. But the song by itself is very charming, and a pleasure to listen to and watch.

The song seems to be a short one, the way lyrics are structured. But the way it has been arranged and the pace with which it is sung with a deliberate slowness, it does not at all seem to be anything else, but well done. Enjoy this lovely duet, a favorite of mine from a well made movie.



Song-Chhodo ye nigaahon ka ishaara (Inkaar)(1977) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Rajesh Roshan


chhodo ye nigaahon ka ishaara
sauda hai ye zindagi ka yaara
sun’naa hai tumhaari zubaan se
ke tum ko hum se pyaar hai
dil se ho jab dil ki baaten yaara
dil waale ko kaafi hai ishaara
jab koi nigaahen jhuka le
to samjho ikraar hai

dekho ji adaaon ki paheli na bujhaao
deewaane ko aur bhi deewaana na banaao
arre itna bhi na samjhe ho ke aashiq hamaare
wahi mere hothhon pe jo dil mein tumnhaare
kya hai mere dil mein abhi se
ye keh dena dushwaar hai ae

dhadhkan bhi hamaari kya sunaai nahin deti
chehre ki ye laali kya gawaahi nahin deti
arre chehre ki ye laali dhadkan ke fasaane
main to maanoon yaar mera dil nahin maane
ho o
sun lo phir hamaari zubaan se
ho hum ko tumse pyaar hai ae ae

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
छोड़ो ये निगाहों का इशारा
सौदा है ये ज़िंदगी का यारा
सुनना है तुम्हारी ज़ुबान से
के तुम को हम से प्यार है
दिल से हो जब दिल की बातें यारा
दिल वाले को काफी है इशारा
जब कोई निगाहें झुका ले
तो समझो इक़रार है

देखो जी अदाओं की पहेली ना बुझाओ
दीवाने तो और भी दीवाना ना बनाओ
अरे इतना भी न समझे हो के आशिक हमारे
वही मेरे होठों पे जो दिल में तुम्हारे
क्या है मेरे दिल में अभी से
ये कह देना दुशवार है

धड़कन भी हमारी क्या सुनाई नहीं देती
चेहरे की ये लाली क्या गवाही नहीं देती
अरे चेहरे की ये लाली धड़कन के फसाने
मैं तो मानूँ यार मेरा दिल नहीं माने
हो ओ
सुन लो फिर हमारी ज़ुबान से
हो हम को तुमसे प्यार है


5 Responses to "Chhodo ye nigaahon ka ishaara"

It was one of the tautest suspense thriller. No one can inqaar it.


Sudhir ji

Enjoyed reading your post very much,
Your Review article of the movie is far more superior than those printed in the famous national dailies. While reading the review, I felt like I am again watching the full movie.

and Inkaar movie and its songs are mine favourite too. Thanks for lyrics, review and the post.



Sir, thanks for this beautiful post !! another one from my wish-list gets on the blog. (was about to send this lyrics, as I had already prepared the same only a month back. so when I saw this post, immediately I deleted it from my draft folder and enjoyed the post)!
(have already sent the another beautiful Rafi saab number-‘dil ki kali yunhi sadaa’ from this film to Atul ji last month)
Thanks for these ‘Roshan’ moments again !!!


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