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Mummy o mummy tu kab saas banegi

Posted on: June 7, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Hi all

After long I found time to put my thoughts down.

So I was thinking of a few movies which used the same story idea like for example ” Khatta Meetha” (1978) and “Hamare tumhare” (1979). Both were inspired by the 1968 Lucille Ball -Henry Fonda movie “Yours Mine And Ours”. Then in the year 2002 we had a similar situation where Rajkumar Santoshi decided to make “The Legend Of Bhagat Singh” and Dharamendra made “23rd March 1933”. And we all know the source of inspiration for these movies. And this list will include other movies too- that is same story idea and releasing around the same time. (My Peevesie reminds me that we had 2 other movies that year with the Bhagat Singh story.)

Now in such situations what happens is either both movies lose business as was the case with the Bhagat Singh movies or the better made movie does marginally better at the box office as in the case of “Khatta Meetha”; this in spite of nearly similar production values. For some movies even the star cast does not help; like “Hamare Tumhare” had Sanjeev Kumar, Rakhee & Mehmood (and we should keep in mind they were a hit Jodi at that time and in their best acting phase).

Then to make a movie work with the audiences we need good songs….and all the movies mentioned above had songs which can be classified as good hummable songs. And from all the above movies we can remember one song at least. Then what happens when one has movies with similar story lines? We start comparing songs in similar situation. We had “Thoda Hai Thode ki Zaroorat Hai” in Khatta Meetha then the other movie had “Kuch Tum Karo Kuch Hum Karen” as its similar situation song. If we had Deven Verma asking his mom Piloo Wadia permission to get married then it was Asrani who took pains to woo the girl from the protagonists family (I think she was Gayatri I don’t remember which other movie I have seen her in….. I think it was “Sa RE Ga Ma Pa”).

Then we will have one romantic song for the pair that plays young college going son & rich man’s daughter. Then by a twist of fate the father of the family will be a worker in the rich man’s factory. So that makes it easy for the rich man to throw out the father or trouble the family some more by cutting out their electricity etc. (This happened in both the movies)

Only thing is Umesh Mehra went on to Indianise the story and made Rakhee and Sanjeev Kumar “bichude hue “ husband & wife who he thinks has died. So a widower goes on to marry again and have some more kids. Only his second wife also dies but not before giving him a few more children. And by the twists in the story he gets back to his first wife Rakhee. But now her kids (from the time when they were married) are grownups and refuse to accept him back as their father. But when the children see that it is helpful to have the father in the family to withstand the rich man they like him and take him back etc. of course even the father tries to be extra good to the children of his first wife and this makes the other set angry etc. Oh god so much masala was there to make it an Indian story.

Basu Chatterjee did no such thing. He just simply brought together a widow & a widower of a Parsi family. (Probably if he had made them Hindu family he would also have had to put in all the complications that Umesh Mehra did.) Then we had situations which were similar to what Sanjeev Kumar and Rakhee went through to make the children accept their marriage. All things considered “Khatta Meetha” fared slightly better at the box-office as compared to “Hamare Tumhare.”
As far as the music department was concerned Basuda had Gulzar & Rajesh Roshan for support while Umesh Mehra had R D Burman and Yogesh for him.

Now after some serious thinking about the two movies inspired from “Your Mine and Ours”, let us hear a light hearted song from Khatta Meetha which could only have been sung by Kishore Kumar.



Song-Mummy o mummy tu kab saas banegi (Khatta Meethha)(1977) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Rajesh Roshan


Mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi

jab jab jab meri shaadi hogi
tab tab tab tu daadi hogi
waan waan waan waan
jab jab jab meri shaadi hogi
tab tab tab tu daadi hogi
suno meri mummy
arre Katy ho ya Shammi
chaahe looli langdi nikammi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi

O Nausherbhai Khurshedbhai
main licence leke aaya
tu meri shaadi karaade
arre oo o Manglubhai Changlubhai
main licence leke aaya
tu meri shaadi karade
koi gori gulaabi
koi nakhrewaali
koi natkhat si
koi chulbul si
koi bulbul si
koi koyal si
koo kooo
ek dafa bas ek dila de
uske ghar pe brake laga de
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
mummy o mummy
tu kab saas banegi
boo hoo hoo

9 Responses to "Mummy o mummy tu kab saas banegi"

This was a very entertaining film and I liked it very much. This song is also good.
The other and main reason why I liked this film was that the grand old lady of Indian cinema SULOCHANA- Ruby Myers had acted in this film as her last film.
Sulochana(1907-1983),in her hey days,got more fees than the Governor of Bombay,from imperial Film Company.
A lot can be written about her,but may be later.
She did the role of Mrs.Perin Soli-wife of David, in this film.
Thanks for this song.


glad you like the song Arunkumarji. yes she is credited here as Sulochana; i think they used to add a suffix Senior to her name in the credits. i remember seeing her in “Akhiyon Ke Jharokonse” as Ranjeeta’s family friend & Hrindranath Chattopadya’s wife.


Yes,you are right. That film was released before this film-khatta meetha. She did the role of Mrs. Monica Rodrigues in that film.


She did Amitabh’s Dostana (1980) after Khatta Meetha. IMDB shows incorrect year of release (1981) for Khatta Meetha.


MuVyz ji,
thanks for this correct information.


Sa-re-ga-ma-pa(alias Jawani mastani)(1972) (Satyen Bose Pictures). It is produced and directed by Satyen Bose. Starcast of the movie: Naazneen, Ruby Chauhaan, Alka, Suresh Chatwal, Vishal Anand, Paintal, Jagdeep, Roopesh Kumar, Nana Palsikar, Raj Mehra, Praveen Pal, V Gopal, Sulochana, Lata Arora, Poonam, Alka Soni, Kalpana, Moolchand, Hungaama, Darshan, Jankidas, Manik Dutt, Saajid Khan, Ramlal, Prakash Mishra, Mandheer Siyaal, Jerry, Bhola, Pardesi, Ashok Kumar, Sahira.
I may be wrong but Gayathri is not there in the movie Sa re ga ma pa

I have seen Gayathri as a child actress acted in Victoria No.203(1972)(in the role of Saira banu`s young sister)

And later on in Sunayana(as Vijayendra Ghatge`s sister),Thodisi bewaffai(as rajesh khanna`s sister),Safed Haathi,Tapasya(Rakhee starrer)Phir Janam Lenge Hum,Aadmi Sadak Ka,Athithee(Shashi Kapoor starrer),Mera rakshak(Mithun starrer)Hamare Tumhare(opposite Asrani)

After her stint in Hindi she started her innings in KJannada Movies
Opposite Late Raj Kumar in Vasantha geetha,Ade kannu,Jwalaa mukhi
Opposite Late Vishnuvardhan in Mahapurusha
Opposite Late Shankar naag in Auto raja,Aarada gaya,Rustom Jodi,Kiladi aliya
Opposite Real life Husband Anant Naag in Olave Baduku, Sukha samsarakke 12 suthragalu,Hendthi Beku Hendthi
and other movies like Abhimana

Now she is settled in Bangalore with her husband Anantnaag and one daughter.

Other details of movie “Khatta meetha”:
Producers:Romu.N.Sippy, Gul Ananad
Director:Basu Chatterjee
Production House:Intra Films
Starcast:Ashok Kumar, Pearl Padamsee,Preeti Ganguly, Deven Varma, Piloo.J.Wadia,Pradeep Kumar, Rakesh Roshan,Bindiya Goswami,Ranjeet Chaudhary,Master Raju Shrestha,
Amithabh Bachchan,Devendra Khandelwal,Vimal Sahu,Ravi Raj,Keshto Mukherjee,David Abraham,Ruby Myers,R.S.Chopra,Iftekar,


What an analytical post! 🙂
Enjoyed reading it.

I must say Khatta Meetha was a lot of fun. It was truly halka phulka “Mumbaiya”, along the lines of Chhoti Si Baat. Yet it had a simple, sweet message about life.

I remember seeing Gayatri in Safed Haathi (1977).

Btw, I also remember reading Sulochana (Ruby Myers)’ obituary in 1983. Till then I did not know that she was quite famous. The other Sulochana acted much more in Hindi movies in the 70s (often as a suffering mother) and was therefore better-known to my generation.

Just the other day I saw Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi – and saw Sulochana (Ruby Myers) in it.


hope this link works


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