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Bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare

Posted on: October 8, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Here is the last and the final song from Film-Aap ki Parchhaiyan-1964. It is sung by Asha Bhosle and Chorus. The Music Director is Madan Mohan.

Madan Mohan is one of those composers who became famous for his songs only after he was gone. In film Baghi-53, he had composed a song which said-

” Hamare baad ab mehfil mein afsaane bayaan honge
Baaharen hum ko dhoondhengi,na jaane hum kahan honge “

How apt these lines are in his own case ! Experts always kept him in high esteem-including his peers, but he never had the popular appeal like O P Nayyar, S-J, or S D Burman.

Problem with him was that he composed superb music for himself, but many times his excellent songs had all wrong movies. One glaring example was ” Dekh kabeera roya”-57.
Look at the Gems he gave in it-

Kaun aaya mere man ke dware-Raag Raageshri-Manna Dey
Humse aaya na gaya-Raag Bageshri-Talat
Meri veena tum bin roye-Raag Ahir Bhairav-lata
Tu pyar karen ya thukrayen-Raag Bhairavi-Lata
bairan ho gayee rain-Raag Jai jaiwanti-manna Dey.

All Class One songs. He however forgot that Dekh Kabeera Roya was a pure comedy film. It required breezy and bouncing type of songs, like New Delhi or Chalti ka naam gaadi. The audience for comedy films,the songs and the story line…nothing matched !

He gave music for his satisfaction and by the time he realised that his and the audience’s choices differed, it was too late !

His favourite singer Lata sang for him First in Ada-51, his second film. His early films had some milestones for Lata and Talat-like “Meri yaad mein tum na aansoo bahana” and “Main paagal mera manawa paagal” for Talat and some wonderful songs from “Railway platform” and “Dhun” for Lata.

Madan Mohan’s name became famous in his 15th film- Bhai Bhai-56, with Geeta Dutt’s song (and NOT Lata’s song)”Aye dil mujhe bata de”. His own favourite from the film, however was Lata’s ” qadar jaane na mora baalam”. This song was so good that Begum Akhtar used to ring up Madan Mohan every now and then and request him to sing this song over a long distance call !

This was actually a signal for Madan Mohan to realise that his choice and the public choice did not match.

It was only Lata who brought out Madan mohan’s spirit of music to life through her renditions. “Wh kaun thi” song,”Jo humne daastaan apni sunaayi” mesmerized Naudhad so much that he was heard saying that all his career songs on one side could not equal this one song from lata and Madan Mohan !!! Lata sang a total of 210 songs in 68 films for him, out of which 168 were solo songs.

Madan Mohan slowly shifted from Talat to Rafi, but composed Talat’s last Hit song-“Phir vohi shaam” for Jahan Ara-64 and other solos, but by that time Talat was a spent force.

In 1970,Madan Mohan composed “Ye duniya ye mehfil, mere kaam ki nahin” by Rafi for Heer Ranjha, as if expressing his own disappointments with life. By that time Madan Mohan was already addicted to Alcoholism.

He got film Mausam-75 because of its producer and not due to Gulzar. He knew it, but composed his swan song-“Dil dhoondhata hai phir vohi fursat” expressing his regrets for lost opportunities of life. He did not last till the film’s release and died on 14-7-1975.

Madan Mohan was like Khemchand Prakash who died before his biggest Hit Mahal was released or like R D Burman later who died before his Hit film-1942-A love story was released.

Film “Aap ki Parchhaiyan” was an MK Production film, produced and directed by Mohan Kumar, who also dabbled in the story and dialogue writing of the film along with Mitra, R S Kapila and Sarashar Sailani. The music was by Madan Mohan -who was assisted by master Sonik and Ghanashyam ji. The cast was Dharmendra, Supriya Chaudhari,Shashikala, Suresh, Nazir Kashmiri, Nazir Hussain, Leela Chitnis, Omprakash, Manorama etc.

The Heroine of this film SUPRIYA CHAUDHARI was essentially an actress from Bangla films, where she usually paired with Uttam Kumar or Soumitra Chatterjee. She was born in Michkina, Burma in 1933. After the end of IInd World War, her family shifted to Calcutta. She was the youngest among her 8 sisters and 2 brothers.
At the time of this film in Bombay, Supriya was already 31 year old while her Hero Dharmendra was a young man of just 27 years !

The story was-

Dinanath chopra (Nazir Hussain) and his wife (Leela Chitnis) are a poor couple. They have 2 sons. Baldev (Suresh) and Chandramohan or Chinni (Dharmendra). In order to complete the medical education of Baldev, Dinanath had morgaged his house. After becoming Doctor Baldev is married to Rekha (Shashikala). Soon the Saas-Bahu differences come up sharply and the new couple start staying separately.
Chandramohan is studying and loving Asha (Supriya Chaudhary) at a time singing songs etc. After completion of studies he goes to Calcutta for a job.
meanwhile Dinanath meets with accident and loses his eyesight. Both husband and wife go to Baldev for shelter,having lost the motgaged house. The bahu troubles them and finally they leave thier house and go away.
Chandramohan,after settling in job,comes back to take his parents with him to Calcutta,but does not find them anywhere.
This is a typical tear jerking social movies which as expected ends with Chandramohan finding his parents with Asha’s help and Baldev and rekha repenting their misdeeds. Thus the end is happy for the cast and a matter of relief for the audience !

(Thanks to ‘Bollywood melodies’ for some information used herein).

Today’s song is by Asha Bhosle. it was not very frequent that Madan Mohan used Asha Bhosle for his songs,Unless Lata was not available, or has refused this song or some such reason. It is not,of course,that he avoided Asha for his songs due to Lata,but most compositions did not suit Asha Bhosle. here she sings for a boy.



Song-Bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare (Aap Ki Parchhaaiyaan)(1964) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Madan Mohan


aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

jab tak ke hain aakaash pe chaand aur sitaare ae
bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare
jab tak ke hain aakaash pe chaand aur sitaare ae
bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare

maa baap ka dil hai kisi teerath se bhi pyaara
maa bap ka dil hai kisi teerath se bhi pyaara
ho o o o
hans hans ke uthaate hain wo dukh dard hamaara aa
phir kyun na har ek saans dua banke pukaare ae
bhagwan salaamat rahe maa baap hamaare

maana ke khataaon pe wo dete hain sazaayen
maana ke khataaon pe wo dete hain sazaayen
ho o o o
din raat bhalaayi ki bhi karte hain duaayen
har un ki dua hamko laga degi kinaare ae
bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare

kehte hain ke maa baap ka dil jisne dukhaaya
aakaash pe bhagwaan ko bhi usne rulaaya
kehte hain ke maa baap ka dil jisne dukhaaya
aakaash pe bhagwaan ko bhi usne rulaaya aa
duniya ki har ek cheez se maa baap hain pyaare ae
bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare
jab tak ke hai aakash pe chaand aur sitaare ae
bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare

10 Responses to "Bhagwaan salaamat rahen maa baap hamaare"

Sir, thanks for this beautiful article on Madan Mohan ji, who has given us so many ‘priceless and unforgettable gems’ …!!

Congratulations to both Atul ji and you for covering all songs of AAP KI PARCHHAAYIYAAN and its joining the list of ‘movies – all songs covered’…!!

have watched this film in the early seventies and do not remember much about it except the songs and that it was a like the most of the ‘family drama’ movies being produced at that time.
thanks !!!
(also I remember the ’emkay’ films logo and the dialogue in the back ground … aap ke picche chalengi aap ki parchhaayiyaan…,(I hope I am correct), Sir, did that start with this film only?)


The logo did not consist of that sentence. It was the begining of the film.


Arun ji

Is this is the same Supriya who was associated with Bengal super star Uttam Kumar`s life ? ?



I think,yes.


Thank you Arun ji



Yippeeee!! Aap Ki Parchhaaiyaan (1964) joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movies have been covered on this blog. Thank you Arun Ji & Atul Ji.

Arun Ji, just to clarify, I think there were totally 6 songs from the movie?


Yes,there are 6 songs in the film. 5 songs were already posted,this is the 6th and the final song.


Thank you Arun Ji for the clarification. Appreciate it :). Yippeeee!! again :D.


Arun Sir,

Please correct me if I am wrong.
Naushad asking MM for one song in return of all his compositions was….. ……aapki nazro ne samjha, pyar ke kabil mujhe….from Anpadh 1962 and not the one which you have referred in the post.


Mahesh ji,
Both you and I are wrong. Thanks for pointing out the slip in writing.
I quote Ganesh Ananth Raman ji,author of “Bollywood melodies’ on page no.49…
Quote -” Hain isi mein pyar ki aabroo” in Raag Charukeshi(Anpadh-1962) had Naushad declaring he would exchange all his songs for just that one composition of Madan Mohan.-Unquote.
Thanks once again.


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