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Naye zamaane ki muhabbat niraali

Posted on: December 25, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This is the 6th song in the ‘ VINTAGE KISHORE ” series. It is from the film Ek Nazar-1951. Produced by Kuldip Sehgal,under the banner of Kuldip Pictures Ltd;the film was Directed by O.P.Dutta (Father of J P Dutta of ‘Refugee’ fame). The cast of the film was Nalini Jaywant, Karan Dewan, Rehman, Gope, Kuldip Kaur, Raj Mehra etc.

Our Film Industry is a strange place. Just read these 3 episodes-

1) B.R.Chopra’s film unit was going out of Bombay for outdoor shooting of ‘Gumrah’-63. The technicians and other staff had gathered on V.T.Station to board a train. The total number of travelling team had increased by 4-5 people at the last minute. On V.T.Station,the Manager of Chopra was trying to request the tough looking TTE to somehow adjust the extra people and he was not agreeing. After some time, someone asked the middle aged TTE,” do you know, who that man was ? He was Karan Dewan “. The TTE was shocked,’ What,wo Rattan wala Karan Dewan ? My God ‘. and he went hurriedly to call him. No wonder the adjustment of seats was done !

2) A big procession of Cine artistes was planned to collect aid for the Flood -hit people,by their Association. Dilip Kumar was to address the news Conference shortly and the arrangements were being made. Dilip kumar called a person sitting in a corner with some papers,” karan saab, sab list ready hai na ?”. The man hurriedly came to him with the required papers. He was white haired, tired Karan Dewan.

3) Cut to the cremation grounds,Chandanwadi,Bombay. The last rites of Karan Dewan were being performed. Only the Cine Artistes’ Association officials Chandrashekhar and Manmohan Krishna were present. No one else from the film Industry was present there !

Karan Dewan or Karan Chopda was born on 6-11-1917 at Gujranwala in Punjab. He studied in Calcutta. In 1942, he came to Bombay. Bombay Talkies had carried vertisement calling for applications to select a Hero for their film. From among over 2000 applications, Karan was selected However he never ever acted in any film of Bombay Talkies. He got two Punjabi films. He also acted in Tamanna-42. Then came a string of flops like Shobha, School Master, Adab Arz, Ghar ki shobha, Bahar, Gaali-44. In these films he acted and sang also. While working in Gaali,he got married to Manju Desai,his co-star. She was doing his sister’s role in that film !

marriage proved to be very lucky for him. His Rattan-44 became an all-time Hit film. His songs in this film as well as in Gaaon-47 (Preet lagake maine kya phal paaya) and Lahore-49(Duniya hamaare pyaar ki) became very famous. His brother Jaimini Dewan made many films for him In the 6th decade, there was a sea change in the music and song styles in films. His songs were no more recorded. In the film Dahej-50, he was given playback by Krishna Goyal. His film roles diminished and soon he became redundent-a ‘nobody’ !

He took up work as a Manager in Chopra films. He again worked almost as an extra in films like Daadi Maa-66 and Jeene ki Raah-69, but the message was clear. Later on he worked in the Cine artistes’ association for some time and he left this world on 2-8-1979.

In his hey-days, he was called a Lucky star. Hhe was Hero of 25 Silver Jubilee films. He had acted with all top heroines of his days, like Nalini Jaywant, Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Suraiyya, Munawwar Sultana, Noorjehan, Swarnlata, Meena Shorey, Kamini Kaushal, Jayashree, Geeta Bali, Vyjayanti mala, Sandhya etc. The luck of this Lucky star ended and he died unsung, unknown. This is Film Industry !!

Those who are lovers of old HFM can never forget the eternally sweet song, ” Mere Piya gaye Rangoon, kiya hai vahan se telifoon “,sung by Chitalkar and Shamshad Begum for film ‘Patanga’-1949. The song was enacted on the silver screen by beautiful and petite Nigar Sultana and Roly Poly GOPE.

Born as Gope Vishandas Kamlani on 11-4-1913 in Hyderabad(Sindh), he first appeared in Eastern film company’s ” Insaan ya shaitaan”-1933, directed by Moti Gidwani. However he was not noticed by anyone as the main comedian was Dixit in that film. He played several roles in this company’s films till 1935. Then he joined Daryani brothers and did few films directed by Ram Daryani. This rotund, cherubic faced actor became a freelance actor from 1937 and used his obesity to great advantage. Due to his popularity, he never fell short of work from 1933 to 1958. In his over 50 films, Gope must have featured in atleast 25 songs on the screen, so much was his appeal to the audience. After his historic song,’mere piya gaye Rangoon’, he became more popular. In the early 50s he tried to form a ” Laurel-Hardy ” type of pair with actor Yaqub. They acted together in Patanga-49, Beqasoor-50 and again in Sagai-51. After this Yaqub switched over from comedy roles to Villain roles and the pair was thus dismantled.

Gope and his Director brother Ram Kamlani made a few films. Gope married actress Latika, who was a Jew. (after Gope’s demise, she migrated to Israel). They had a happy married life. While shooting for the film ‘ Teesri Gali” -58, Gope got a massive heart attack and died on the sets itself. Ironically, his last dialogue that he had delivered was ” Main ab upar jaa raha hoon”. It proved to be Prophetic !

Today’s song is also filmed on Gope. We can also see Karan Dewan in the song. Enjoy this Vintage Kishore song from 1951. It is written by Rajinder Krishan. Music is composed by S D Burman.

Lyrics of this song were provided by Nitin Shah.



Song-Naye zamaane ki muhabbat niraali (Ek Nazar)(1951) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-S D Burman

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

waah waah
naye zamaane ki mohabbat niraali
baaten hazaaron dil khaali
solah aane khali
naye zamaane ki mohabbat niraali
baaten hazaaron dil khaali

ye naye zamaane ke chhokre
ye naye zamaane ke chhokre
lavendar ki boriyaan powder ke tokre
ho powder ke tokre
lavendar ki boriya powder ke tokre
pet bhare na bhare pyaar karenge
aankhon ke andhe aankhe chaar karenge
gali gali ye majnu ke chele
kehte phirte hain dil lele lele lele lele
dil hai yaa koi tarkaari haai
aji saahab yeh kaisi beemari hai
kaale kalote bhanwre ghoomen daali daali
o ?? daali daali
bbbaate hazaron dil khaali
solah aane khaali
naye zamaane ki mohabbat niraali
baate hazaaron dil khaali

kamla ka ramdev bimla ka sham dev
rashid ka shameem se hamid ka naseem se
mary ka don se
bobby ka john se
mary ka don se
bobby ka john se
kisi na kisi se hai pyaar kisi ka
koi na koi beemar kisi ka
kisi na kisi se hai pyaar kisi ka
koi na koi beemaar kisi ka
dil ke pinjre mein har kisi ne
ek ek bulbul paali paali
b b baate hazaaron dil khali
solah aane khali
naye zamane ki mohabbat niraali
baate hazaaron dil khali
ee ee ee

4 Responses to "Naye zamaane ki muhabbat niraali"

I have heard this song before. I enjoyed listening to it again. But the information provided by you was excellent and many were new to me.
Thank you once again


Arun-ji, much thanks for the write-up on Karan Dewan and Gope


@ Deshmukh Sir – thanks for this article and information therein about Karan Dewan and Gope.
‘film duniya ki kahaaniyaan niraali, bade bade log dil khaali dil khaali’ 🙂


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