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Ham na rahenge tum na rahoge

Posted on: July 21, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 48 (Post number 10002)
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –– – – – – – – –– – – –

The big milestone that was eagerly awaited for weeks and months now, was finally reached yesterday. The combination of euphoria and disbelief and excitement and happiness continues to linger in the hearts and minds. As I check the blog, the messages of congratulations continue to pour in. The feeling of being on top of the world – ah well, let it stay for some time. It will take some time to wear off. But it is a great feeling.

As I browse through the special posts for the 10K celebration, I glow with wonder at the bon homie and the level of participation that has been witnessed in the past five to six weeks. I believe that we now have a brief post about every member of the team, well almost. And then another thought came to my mind. There has to be song that celebrates the bandwagon, the ASAD team, for really we do not yet have a write up that talks about the team itself.

So here is one. This post is dedicated to the team, the love and friendship that we have discovered through our shared interests in music, and our good fortune that we have all met in this virtual garden of songs and melody. Throughout the day yesterday, as the team interacted, as never before I must say, in the excitement and exuberance, I could also sense the love and caring and friendship bonds very strongly. And then this song came to my mind and this post came about. I will briefly summarize the proceedings of the “Waiting for 10K” period yesterday afternoon, which incidentally was well past midnight for Khyati Ben and P Sheshadri ji in the US.

When the total songs were way less than this target, it used to seem as if there are not even enough songs available to be able to make it to such a grand number. And so, a target such as this was not even within the scope of contemplation. Raja ji has mentioned about an exchange between him and Atul ji around the 4000 mark, wherein Atul ji had commented that he has around 6000 songs in his collection, and that would be about how much this song-a-day posting would last. And now, when we have reached 10000, the thought in everyone’s mind is – ‘arre, there are so many more songs that need to be posted here’. I feel we are good with being busy for quite some time to come.

The experience of the past two weeks has been exceptional and unparalleled. Even when we had kind of planned it, we were not expecting it to turn out in such a grand fashion. And the introductions, my, that was the clincher of the entire game. As I go back over the communications as we planned and prepared, I must acknowledge that the original idea of the introduction was suggested by AK ji. His idea was that each of the guest posts in this series, should have a brief introduction of the contributor, at the beginning of the post. Atul ji took this idea and enlarged it such that each introduction became a post by itself. He also refined the method, by enrolling more people to write these introduction posts. This was an important fine tuning. And the results of that are visible today.

What we witnessed on the afternoon of Sunday, the 20th July, was something neither Atul ji, or anyone else in the group would have thought of earlier. When we started this day, or the innings yesterday morning, the scoreboard said 9992 and the team had to score 8 more runs – OK posts – to declare victory. In the morning, the runs came easy and quickly. The first seven runs were scored with some regularity between 8.30 am and about 2.30 pm. As the posts were getting online, the excitement was rising. In the first post itself, Atul ji had raised the expectations by announcing that the day is going to be full of wonderful, unexpected and surprising songs. And so, everyone was agog, and the eager impatience was crackling in the cyberspace.

With every post, there would be a few messages like – (so many) more to go. As the message came, on email and on the comments in the blog, it became evident that the majority of the bandwagon group was tied to their computer screens, and I was reminded of the days when the most popular source of cricket commentary used to be the radio. One could see groups of people crowding anywhere where a radio was playing the commentary – paan wala shop, chaiwala, restaurants, and even at work place and in class rooms, where we would surreptitiously keep small transistors in our desks, and quickly check scores in between lessons, under the very nose of the teachers. At homes, the interested family members would be crowding the family radio, and arching so close to it as if things will improve the closer they are to the radio. As the clamour on blog started to increase, I could view in my mind’s eye, that scene of listening to the commentary, being replayed in many homes around the country, as well as around the world. Shekhar Gupta ji in Singapore, Mahesh ji in Qatar, Raja ji in Amsterdam, P Sheshadri ji in New York and our dear Khyati Ben in Los Angeles. Khyati Ben had the most challenging vigil, as she spent the entire night in her time zone, awake and waiting – and yes, sending out the most appropriate lines of songs as the wait kept getting extended.

After the 9999th post, there came an elongated pause. Now the flurry of excitement started to rise – the impatience, the wait, the anticipation – it was like milk on boil. The three and a half hours from 2.30 pm when the 9999th post appeared, to 6 pm when the 10K post appeared, turned out to be one of the jolliest and the most ebullient time that I have spent online. What happened was unplanned, completely natural, completely unexpected – and it was fun, unlike anything else experienced in the past. At first it was the comments. Then quickly it switched to email, since the comments across multiple posts were not efficient and coordinated. The final count of emails exchanged in that time is close to 140, with approximately 25 people chiming in.

The tension in the atmosphere (cyberspace atmosphere) was compared to waiting for exam results, then to the day of the wedding, and then to the wait outside the delivery room, waiting for the baby to arrive. With hilarious side commentaries by Peevesie’s Mom, Khyati Ben and Pradeep ji, this was a jolly turnout already.

In the midst of all this, Khyati Ben, Pradeep ji, Aparna ji, Peevesie’s Mom chimed in with appropriate songs expressing the desire and longing and complaining of the sleeplessness – this last was from Khyati Ben, as she navigated the night hours at her end. Aparna ji even asked Atul ji whether his wife would mind the kind of desire-ful songs they are singing to him, with the request to kindly explain to her that the desire expressed is for the 10K song only. Gosh, it was going faster than laugh a minute.

Talking of sleeplessness, actually we had two people talk about missing sleep. One of course Khyati Ben, that was legendary. At 3.15 her time, she bid everyone a good morning. When P Sheshadri ji announced that he is logged in from New York, Khyati Ben bid him good morning as well, with a sigh of relief, at least some one closer to her than the fun pack in India. At the India end, Arun ji was grumbling about missing his afternoon nap. Somewhere Khyati Ben mentioned that she was having Kaju Katri and ice cream. Instantly Pradeep ji had is menu order on the next message. Then Arun ji chimed in again, wondering if Atul ji would arrange for tea for the people who are waiting. And Pradeep ji, like an expert salesman that he is, immediately jumped in with the address of a website where one can order a variety of teas online. The commercial was quickly taken off the air, after a couple of funny remarks about ‘shameless plug’ and Johnny Walker in the film ‘Railway Platform’.

All the while this high energy exchange progressed, there would be quieter voices heard in between. Nahm ji very hesitatingly asking “when will the song appear”. Then Ava ji came on line, feeling sorry for Atul ji saying we are all simply having fun while he is apparently ‘slaving’ away and we are just sitting and watching. Suddenly it was all praise and gratitude for Atul ji, with Pradeep ji and Khayti Ben elevating him to be the ‘father’ of this ‘family’. It was really difficult to control the laughter.

Suddenly Arun ji jumps in again with “What a dream ! If we all were together at this moment….bahot maza aata tha…khana peena, gaane sunana, maskari karna and what not !”. Ekdum Pradeep ji follows with the suggestion to plan an actual meeting of the group. (The idea has been listed, and needs to be looked at seriously).

When the 9999th post by Arun ji appeared, I had made a slip and added a comment – ‘OMG what a coincidence’. Immediately Arun ji sensed that something interesting was in the offing, and that somehow the 9999th and the 10K posts are connected. So he questioned about the coincidence. I had to sheepishly back off. But that was not the end of it. Nahm ji came on email, and started a game of 20 questions with me, trying to find out what the common thing could be between the 9999th post and the 10K song. It was with difficulty that the cat was restrained from leaving the bag, before time.

Suddenly a tension broke loose. Pradeep ji came back to report that he had lost electricity for a couple of minutes, and his heart almost gave away. Arun ji was worried – told Pradeep ji not to frighten the group like that. Instantly, Khyati Ben was back with a prayer for ‘Bijli Mata’, to kindly remain in place and not to disrupt this waiting ‘majlis’. This was now turning into a riot. Pradeep ji also grumbled that he was feeling sleepy. The crackling Khyati Ben was back instantly threatening him with a lorie – Neend ud jaayegi…” :)) she assured.

In between all this, Raja ji surreptitiously inserted a Mirza Musharraf dialogue – “lahawlwala quwwat…Amma, aaj kal ke bachon ko to tehzeeb-e-intezaar ka zara sa bhi ilm nahin hai….is T20 ne to sabko bigaad rakha hai…hamare zamaane mein baat aur thi…Jab Merchant miya crease par the, to din bhar mein shaayad hi pachaas run bante the.. par unko dekhne ka lutf kuchh aur hi tha…”. Goodness, I do not remember how long back had I laughed so much. Good I was alone in my study. It would have been a lot of silly explaining to do otherwise.

Now it was Sadanand ji. He announced that the 10K song is . . . “to be announced after the break”. Pradeep ji immediately refined it – aage ki kahaani, agle hafte, isi din, isi samay par. I am sure if the folks would have together in person, many of us would have pounced on him. More comments on break and sleep and tea followed. After a brief pause the next message arrived, this one a quiet enquiry from Aparna ji – ‘Kamath ji, break kab khatam hoga’. Then Peevesie’s Mom wondered if Atul ji is watching this email trail. Sadanand ji’s reply came back immediately – he better not be, or else he might be run out on 9999.

WhatsApp came into conversation, and many new people got added to the group. All the while, Khayti Ben is adding new songs to the mix, about the wait and the long night. Then quietly, another gem from Arun ji so innocently enquiring – meri blog mata ke sar par taj kab chadega’, with obvious reference to the 9999th post. The mirthful laughter just did not stop.

And then a continued discussion on the month of the year it is – saawan in north India and still Ashaad in southern states. It started with Nitin ji’ comment about Ashaad ka Ek Din. There started a brief discussion on astrology and calendar. And Pradeep ji came up with the brilliant thought that probably it is the ‘Rahu Ki Dasha’ and Atul ji is probably waiting for it to get over. And Khyati Ben is getting better – she started to share You Tube links of the songs that she was presenting.

Just past about 5.30 pm, I got the email from Atul ji. The post was ready and just had to publish the song on YouTube. I immediately took care of that in two minutes, and wrote back to him. And the 10K post came along. I called up Khyati Ben and informed her.

Gosh, what an afternoon, what a memorable wait, and what a load of fun this team turns out to be. I am sure there may be many other such experiences all of us had in our lifetimes, but I am also sure that there is nothing that will so much as compare with what this bandwagon is all about.

As I think of this bandwagon, my mind goes back to recreate my own association with the blog, and also the observed phenomena as other folks continued to join. Most of us started with arriving this blog in some manner – a reference, a search, a suggestion from a friend. Then came our first comments. As the connection to blog became more significant in our hearts, there came a desire to somehow be part of this and be able to contribute in some way. Then would be the first one on one email message to Atul ji, and a discussion on how the participation could be. Or maybe a direct message that had some lyrics already attached to it. Some of us have been very active with comments and adding information in the comments area before we graduated, or were coaxed into, contributing full posts. And so, I repeat the line that Sadanand ji referred to in is special post,

gair saath aate gaye aur kaarwaan bantaa gaya

This is a very unique experience in the affairs of life. In a most unobtrusive manner, this association and this connectedness and taken roots in our lives and has slowly grown over the years. It is the music that does it to you. For that is the key to everything that is connected to this blog and its affairs. Maybe one day, one of us would be writing a book, a memoir about all of us.

The thing that is so pleasantly striking about this blog is the genuine respect and sincerity with which we communicate across in write ups, in comments, in emails, on phone and in person. This tradition is a very pleasant experience, and speaking for myself, I dare say that this interaction is a fresh change from interacting in many other groups and forums. And so the communications are very easy and with a free mind. The amount of friendliness and love that I have received from other team members – suffice to say that just thinking of that makes me sentimental. I look with regret, at the large number of comments that I have not been able to respond to. Folks have written to me with such happy feelings in their hearts; I sometimes feel what they would be thinking of me when at times I do not even step in with a thank you. I believe apologies are due. Personal circumstances allow a certain measure of time in which the mind prioritizes writing new posts and researching the difficult issues. I have a feeling that the group understands this, and that makes me additionally glad, and makes me love all of you even more.

As I look back on my participation, I am suddenly taken by surprise. Goodness, is it four years already. I just cannot believe it. It seems just like maybe few weeks or some months ago that I was in the midst of the KL Saigal series. As I checked the dates, goodness, that is in the middle of 2011. It does not seem that so much time has passed. Isn’t that the experience we all have. When we are enjoying, when we are happy, it seems as if time is not passing, but actually time is moving with its own pace.

And the people. Would it not seem somewhat strange and embarrassing when people, erstwhile strangers, walk up to you and tell you they love you. Or they phone you or write emails to that effect. This phenomena I have witness with this group. The sincerity and honesty with which we express our appreciation and our emotions to one another, it really is an experience that probably cannot be, will not be matched elsewhere. And candidly speaking for myself, this experience is actually a great learning for my own self, as I see and experience emotions and interactions that I have probably not come across before in life. Friendship can be so simply attaching and overpowering, it is really amazing. I have walked into homes of people I have never met before and have just be introduced briefly. I have hosted people at my home who were total strangers to me before reaching my home. And now, such erstwhile strangers are my fellow travelers for life. All because, there is a delight and a pleasure involved in listening and sharing of music. Need I say more.

There is a personal level of exchange that I have had the good fortune to have with practically all members of this bandwagon. It is only with pleasure that I look back on these interactions and these memories. I am forced to wonder at the power that brings us together, and makes us be friends forever. With each one of you, I have memories that bring pleasure to mind, and I feel blessed to be part of this group.

The uncertainties of life notwithstanding, it is this emotional attachment that is forever. As they teach in our scriptures, when a person departs from the mortal world, nothing from here can be carried along. But then there is one set of things that do travel with the being. It is the emotions and the history of one’s karma, one’s actions. This package will define how the next incarnations will be designed for us. And so, if the emotions are eternal, then so are the bonds that we are setting up as members of this bandwagon. Who knows, we are all here because in some past incarnations we were together, and possibly, we may continue to be.

AK ji, Aparna ji, Arun ji, Atif Bhai, Atul ji, Ava ji, Avinash ji, Bakshish ji, Bharat ji, Greta Memsaab, Harvey ji, Khyati ji, Lalitha ji, Mahesh ji, Nahm ji, Nitin ji, Peevesie and her Mom ji, Pradeep ji, Prakash ji, Raja ji, Sadanand ji, Santosh ji, Satyajit ji, Shekhar ji, Vidur ji, – all these are now lifelong treasures in the heart. We may be distant to each other in terms of place, we might never get to actually meet all and one another, we may be active in the blog activities or no, this bond is now for keeps – as it says in the mukhda of this song,

ye pyaar hamaara hamesha rahega

I present this lovely song today and dedicate it to the ASAD team, to all the fellow travelers on this bandwagon. Good feelings and good wishes for each one of us, and may this blog, and its associates, prosper, keep healthy and have a life rich in music and happiness.

After all, it is all because music is – this love and our partnership, all because music is there.

And before I flow away in these sentiments, let me put in the details of this song. 🙂

The film is ‘Jaan Haazir Hai’ from 1975. It is produced under the banner of Ketnav – wonder if there is any link to Navketan banner of Dev Anand. This is the debut film for Prem Kishen (son of Premnath), Natasha and Shekhar Kapoor. Yes, Shekhar started his career as an actor with this film, but then quickly moved into film direction. We can see the three of them in the video clip. Lyrics are from the pen of Shaily Shailendra and the music is by Jai Kumar Parte. The singing voices are Amit Kumar, Manhar and Dilraj Kaur.

So here I present my emotions and my sentiments, for this entire team – a new family that we have brought into our lives. This song says it all.

Love you all. 🙂


(Video – Full song with extra 3rd stanza lyrics)

Song-Ham na rahenge tum na rahoge (Jaan Haazir Hai)(1975) Singers-Manhar, Amit Kumar, Dilraj Kaur, Lyrics-Shailly Shailendra, MD-Jai Kumar Parte
Manhar + Amit Kumar
All together


hum na rahenge
tum na rahoge
ye pyaar hamaara
hamesha rahega
hum na rahenge

hum na rahenge
tum na rahoge
ye pyaar hamaara
hamesha rahega
pyaar ka aisa
fasaana rachenge
yaad hamaari
zamaana karegaa
pyaar ka aisa
fasaana rachenge
yaad hamaari
zamaana karegaa
hum na rahenge

suraj dharti chanda jaisa
apna naata hai sadiyon puraana
chalte chalte ye chaahe ruk jaayen
phir bhi rahega ye rishta suhaana
aandhi ya toofaan
aandhi ya toofaan
chaahe jo bhi aaye
ye kaarwaan hamaara
to chalta rahega
hum na rahenge
tum na rahoge
ye pyaar hamaara
hamesha rahega
hum na rahenge

janam maran ka saath hamaara
har jeevan hum saath rahenge
chamkenge kabhi
ban ke sitaare
phool ban ke kabhi
hum sab khilenge
samay ka saagar
samay ka saagar
sookh bhi jaaye
preet ka kanwal
khilta rahega
hum na rahenge
tum na rahoge
ye pyaar hamaara
hamesha rahega
hum na rahenge

hum to hain panchhi
ek chaman ke
gagan se bhi oonchi
hain apni udaanein
udte udte hum kho jayenge ae
phir bhi rahenge hamaare taraane
hum logon ki
hum logon ki ye preet anokhi
jahaan mein ye
kal bhi huyi to kahegaa
Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
हम ना रहेंगे
तुम ना रहोगे
ये प्यार हमारा
हमेशा रहेगा
हम ना रहेंगे

हम ना रहेंगे
तुम ना रहोगे
ये प्यार हमारा
हमेशा रहेगा
प्यार का ऐसा
फसाना रचेंगे
याद हमारी
ज़माना करेगा
प्यार का ऐसा
फसाना रचेंगे
याद हमारी
ज़माना करेगा

सूरज धरती चंदा जैसा
अपना नाता है
सदियों पुराना
चलते चलते चाहे ये रुक जाएँ
फिर भी रहेगा ये रिश्ता सुहाना
आँधी या तूफान
आँधी या तूफान
चाहे जो भी आए
ये कारवां हमारा
तो चलता रहेगा
हम ना रहेंगे
तुम ना रहोगे
ये प्यार हमारा
हमेशा रहेगा

जनम मरण का साथ हमारा
हर जीवन हम साथ रहेंगे
चमकेंगे कभी
बनके सितारे
फूल बनके कभी
हम सब खिलेंगे
समय का सागर
समय का सागर
सूख भी जाये
प्रीत का कंवल
खिलता रहेगा
हम ना रहेंगे
तुम ना रहोगे
ये प्यार हमारा
हमेशा रहेगा

हम तो हैं पंछी एक
एक चमन के
गगन से भी ऊंची
है अपनी उड़ानें
उड़ते उड़ते हम खो जाएंगे
फिर भी रहेंगे हमारे तराने
हम लोगों की
हम लोगों की ये प्रीत अनोखी
जहाँ में ये
कल भी हुई तो कहेगा

18 Responses to "Ham na rahenge tum na rahoge"

Sudhir Ji, what a wrap up of one of the best Sunday afternoons I have had. I was laughing so loud now reading your write-up. And after all the laughter, you also got tears of joy in the last few paragraphs. So true Sudhir Ji, this bandwagon is so much like a family, with each one of us a unique and beautiful character :). The entertainment powerhouse and the binder of course is our very own Khyati Ji, she should seriously consider a TV show and call it “Khyamedy with Khyati Ji” :). Thank you Sudhir Ji for being the father figure of this blog with Atul Ji and taking such good care of us the bandwagon :). We love you :). Now I am off to listen to the song you have posted :).


Awesome post. What a wonderful idea. I had to be somewhere yesterday and was delayed in leaving first because of waiting for 10k and later by a sudden spell of rain.

At my friend’s house, as she left to make some tea for me, I pulled out my phone to check the status. I even managed to read a couple of paragraphs of the post before my friend returned with tea.

Such fun we had.

Thank you for ‘slaving’ away while we waited, Atul and Sudhirji.


What a lovely song Sudhir Ji, very apt for the bandwagon. Listening to it for the first time :).


Thank you very much Sir for your love and affection and this beautiful post.
Once again for the team members i.e. Atul ji ki gaadi ko …. a very happy musical journey ahead 🙂


An excellent ode and prose, affectionately dedicated to the team members, emerging right from the core of the heart which is bound to resonate deep within all the team members. He who walks with the wise grows wise. Wishing that the bonding remains eternal. It is really a delight to read your write-ups. Thanks Sudhir ji.

Glad to note that the idea of introducing team members came from AKji. I have already mentioned in my earlier comments that it was a great idea and I was delighted to know about the entire team (almost). I will be looking forward to know more about the rest. Thanks to AK ji and Atul ji


Yes, yes. We would like know about the remaining members and stalwarts of the blog. Please, please somebody do it fast.

Sudhirji, aap ka toh jawaab nahin. Think of you to come up with such an idea. Brilliant writing as always.

Kudos to Atulji for letting us all inside his kingdom 🙂 The quiet, Raja of the Atul kingdom … But his achievements have not remained so 🙂

Definitely, “yeh pyaar hamaara hamesha rahega”. I am sure of it. BTW, I read in one of the posts that there are around 40K HFM songs between the period 1930 to 1970. Is it difficult to cover them all if we stick together? I am confident that we will achieve it! Hum honge kaamyaab!!


Sudhir ji , Atul ji and all my dear friends

“Ye pyaar hamaaraa hameshaaaaaaaaaaaa……………rahegaaa”



What a lovely song! Has been my favourite since my childhood. I first saw it on the TV Programme Chhaayaa Geet at our neighbour’s place. I didn’t understand the words, but I liked it immensely all the same.
And I somehow the words “samay ka saagar” stuck in my mind. During those days, my mum used to buy Sagar Butter. My brain somehow made that cross-connection and was sure that both of these terms were somehow linked and the three of them were singing a paean of praise in the honour of Sagar Butter. In hindsight, it didn’t do Sagar Butter any good, as far as I know, it was out of market in a few years.


Sudhir ji,

Thanks for your article giving us an opportunity to re-live those lifetime experiences on the Sunday from 2.30 to 6 pm.
It was so engrossing a period that my wife came twice to see what I was upto and wondering how could I sacrifice my daily afternoon siesta,for what was going on ” in the computer “. When she learnt what it was she too was thrilled,knowing full well how much I was attached to these matters of the Blog.
It was truely a reflection on the uniqueness of this group,thanks to ATUL JI,the binding entity.
Thank you Atul ji.
We will await reading about how you went about it on Sunday afternoon,balancing 2 of your dear things.
Sudhir ji,enjoyed very much that day and again today.Thanks.


Shekhar Kapur was launched with Dev Anand’s Ishk Ishk Ishk (1974).


What a gem of a post this is! Sudhirji’s account of the build-up to the 10,000th song is hilarious. I was waiting for the 10,000th to come along, while having one eye on the Lord’s Test match at the same time. 🙂

This post is also emotional as Sudhirji talks about the bonding between all of us, the sense of togetherness and common interest in music. I think music is SUCH a bonding factor, it needs to be used more in conflict areas in the world. There are many divisive factors but few factors bond quite like music.

This song also brings back memories from my childhood. It was a fairly popular song at that time, though I had no clue which movie it was from and who it was picturised on. But the song is lovely – with simple but very apt lyrics “hum na rahenge tum na rahoge, ye pyar hamara hamesha rahega”. Indeed!

Thank you for this wonderful post, Sudhirji. 🙂


I am the last one to acknowledge your write up. Like everyone has said, WE ALL (I) HAD A WONDERFUL TIME ON THIS SUNDAY (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON (NIGHT). 🙂 To me, it was more than the “Saturday Night Fever”. Every thread of our conversation was entertaining. Mujhe to lagta tha ki aaj koi
Remember you requested everyone after few initial chats –
Lets talk about it after THE post.” in reply to Naliniji’s QUOTE –
“Waiting for class 10th results were easier and simpler”
Think if your request would have been listened/granted, to ye historical post bhi nahi hota. To ab ye sach lagta hai ki “Kabhi kabhar BUZURGON 😉 ki baaten nahi sun ni chaahiya” 😀
Your post with a perfect song will always remind the bond and friendship we share together. Thanks to Atulji for giving us this wonderful family.


Please read “Mujhe to lagta tha ki aaj koi heran pareshan hone waala hai….” in my previous comment.


Khyati Ben,

Just to clarify; my remark saying “OK, Lets talk about it after THE post.” was not in response to Nalini ji’s observation. I was responding to Arun ji, who was querying me about my comment on the 9999th posts (“What an amazing coincidence”). Responding to Arun ji’s query would have brought out a lot of information about the 10K song, which I wanted to avoid, before it was posted. The emails were crossing each other so fast that all threads were mixed up.

Aap sab ne achha kiya jo mere us remark ko ignore kiya. Waise bhi main abhi ‘buzurgvaar’ ki category mein NAHIN hoon, 🙂
“Abhi To Main Jawaan Hun”

nahin nahin, ye bhi nahin

“Main Ek Nanha Saa, Main Ek Chhota Saa Bachcha Hoon…
“Aap Sab Ho Bade Pehalwaan”
“Prabhu ji. . . meri laaj rakho




Hullo Sudhirji /Atulji
hi Khyatiben.(i am last :-))
(my opening salutations reminds me of the various people on “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.herein the public is allowed to ask a query to the celebrity guest of the day and everyone single person starts as ‘Hullo Kapilji’.’Hullo Sidhupaji’, and a hullo to whoever is the guest)
so after my hullos here is my sorry for not having seen this post number 10002. actually after returning from my two day holiday at cherai beach, yesterday was a day to resume duties so i actually missed coming here. imagine the lull after the excitement of the afternoon. that was the feeling as if i had myself run the 10k race. but i must say i thoroughly enjoyed the 3 and 1/2hrs of masti. and i shd also thank my husband for not taking offense to my addiction… here we were sitting looking at the high tides and suddenly i ask my husband “is it already Shravan?” then i asked him “sunday ko Rahu Kaal Kab hai?”. i must add that he is my walking talking almanac, i don’t need a Panchang in my home!!!!
i used to love this song Once upon a time. so a thank you to Both our Ring Leaders.


video link:



video link with extra 3rd stanza lyrics:

hum to hain panchhi ek chaman ke
gagan se bhi oonchi hain apni udaanein
udte udte hum kho jayenge ae
phir bhi rahenge hamaare taraane
hum logon ki
hum logon ki ye/thi preet anokhi
jahaan mein ye kal thi/bhi huyi to kahegaa


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