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Chhaaya hua hai kadki ka mausam

Posted on: July 21, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 49 (Post number 10003)
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Internet became available to public in 1995, and it became available to Indian public in 1996. I became exposed to it in 1997 and I began to have internet connection at home from 1998 onwards.

Development of internet took place rapidly and internet forums came into existence soon. I was a cricket enthusiast and I was looking forward to join a cricket forum. I could not find an Indian cricket forum of my liking. There were cricket forums populated by loud, jingoist and abusive ignorants but those sites were not my cup of tea. I finally settled for a Pakistani cricket forum called pakcricbuzz (by now defunct). This was quite a sensible cricket forum and it had some Indians too in it. One Indian called Saurabh was one of its moderators. This happened in the second half of 2004.

Though most cricket discussions on this forum were for current matches, the forum had a nostalgia section as well that was meant to discuss matches of the past. I began to post my reminiscences of Indian cricket of 1970s in that nostalgia section. Saurabh, some 15 years younger to me began to appreciate my write ups and wanted to know more about Indian cricketers of those days.

One fine day I found one new member called Raja commenting on my nostalgic post exclaiming that he was exactly in the same age group and that he also remembered these matches well. I thought from his ID that he must be a Pakistani fan with the surname of Raja, viz. Waseem Raja or Rameez Raja.

His later posts revealed that he was from India and he grew up in eastern part of India, within a few hundred kilometer where I was growing up. I began to take a liking for him because his cricketing interests and memories appeared so much like me.

The site (affectionately called PCB in short) had another subsection where people introduced themselves. On digging through old posts in that thread, I came across an Indian member mentioning that he was part of a new cricket forum called cricforum. com. I visited the site. It was a new site, and it was quite inactive. But this forum had Saurabh, and it was a forum set up by Indian cricket fans. I liked the looks of this forum and I joined it. Soon it became my main cricket forum and I actively began to participate in its discussions. This happened in june 2005.

I was very pleased when I found Raja also finding his way to two weeks later. There we became more familiar with each other. was looking for an India based moderator and I was made a moderator of that forum. An announcement was made to the fact that Atul bhai is our new moderator in the forum. Members congratulated me, including Raja, who commented- “So your name in Atul!”. My ID was squarecut in that forum (as also in PCB). had members who liked to mix fun with cricket following and they had first tried this in BBC cricket forums (called TMS), but the stiff upper lips Britons had looked down upon such posts and most of these members would often get banned and their threads would get deleted. One such person had set up cricforum as a forum where they could indulge in their kind of cricket discussion without any such fears.

The discussions on cricforum used to be full of fun.In addition to cricket, there was a section called “muppet masti” where people would let their hair down discussing interesting topics. One topic for instance “Muppets break into Bollywood”. In this thread, different members took over different roles and prepared the script of a Bollywood movie. Raja was the script writer cum story writer while I was the music director. 🙂 The story of the movie thus created had all the masala ingredients known to mankind. :). I forgot who the lyricist was but he created some fantastic lyrics. 🙂

Music lovers among the members created a subsection on music and they began to discuss movies, including Hindi movie music. We began a series of weekly “geetmala” where a member would present a “geetmala” every week. I presented a “geetmala” on Rail songs. I eagerly looked forward to comments on my presentation. Saurabh and Raja were two people whose comments were eagerly looked forward to by me, because they would comment exhaustively and give their compliments generously.

2005 was a time when many members of cricforum were at the peak of their creativity and that made the forum a great place to be in. I used to write well researched cricket articles as well as fun articles in the forum. Raja also used to do the same. I remember one of his fun post. In that post Raja went somewhere in his car. Unnoticed to Raja, a fly got trapped inside the car. When Raja noticed the fly, he began to worry about it and its family members. 🙂

A favourite topic among many of us was making fun of Indian cricket team and the cricket board (BCCI), especially when the team did badly (which was quite often). We would call this team BCCI and not India, emphasising that the “Indian” cricket team represents BCCI, a private club, and not the nation as such. Raja was a big BCCI basher and he would come up with satirical pieces on the workings of BCCI. Raja and Asterix, another bird of the same feather, once came up with a hilarious article that offered a plausible explanation for BCCI’s defeat against Sri Lanka in Muralitharan’s last test. Reading that article was a laugh riot.

I have always felt that cricforum had several brilliant minds and some of them had the potential to become great writers but for the fact that they were already settled in their careers and they did not have to think of writing as their careers. One cricforum writer who actually sought to make it a career is now a much admired author in Yes, Andrew Hughes, the celebrated author was originally a member of and we often enjoy basking in his reflected glory. 🙂

Raja is a fantastic author as well and those reading his articles in this blog and elsewhere are only too familiar with this fact. His articles are highly readeable. And Raja, with his interests in cricket and movies, and also in some more topics, has lots and lots of things to say, given an opportunity.

When Raja was growing up in Orissa in a remote location, he would enjoy listening to radio commentary with his equally cricket crazy brother. Raja’s brother had the knack of knowing the correct field placing in any match situation. Sometimes the BCCI team would place fields as “suggested” by Raja’s brother, and would immediately reap rewards in the form of a wicket. 🙂

I had listened to a Vishesh Jaimala programme presented by Sunil Gavaskar in 1975. I discussed this vishesh jaimala programme in cricforum in 2005 and mentioned the song “Chaand si mehbooba” that Gavaskar had played for his then new wife. Raja exclaimed that he too had listened to the very same programme at the very same time !

Raja was a properly brought up good boy during his school days and he did not know what “black” as in “black marketing” of movie tickets meant. Once he went to a movie hall to watch an already house full movie show of “Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin”(1977). A person (black marketeer- though Raja was not aware of this fact) was calling out “Chaar ka bees, chaar ka bees” and Raja understood it to mean that he was selling four tickets for Rs twenty. 🙂 Read the lowdown on this episode in this article in Raja’s own words. 🙂

Raja became a high flying banking sector professional after completing his education and he was based in Netherlands. But he has continued to remain the same simple, friendly and unassuming soul, one who enjoys small things in life far more than the “Big” things in life. He is one who can laugh at himself and who is prepared to give up his sleep for simple things in life viz. listening to Hindi movie songs. He is a big fan of Rafi and Sahir Ludhianvi. I have utilised his weakness for Rafi and Sahir to the hilt by requesting him for articles on them, often at the eleventh hour, and Raja, despite all his other engagements, has always given me those writeups.

Raja lives in Holland while his family members in India are settled in Bangalore. He visits them every year, often more than once in the year. It was in 2010 that Raja decided to visit Nagpur from Bangalore. His aim was to meet two of his cricforum friends who were at Nagpur those days. Asterix (mentione above), who is UK based but a native of Nagpur, had come for Puja vacations was one and I was another.

I met Raja and asterix on the night of 29 october 2010 at my residence. Here is what Raja shared about this meeting in cricforum at that time:

I came over from Bangalore to Nagpur to meet Asterix and Atul.
I first met Asterix on the 28th evening (he picked me up from the station).
We then arranged to meet Atul the following evening (Friday – 29th).

We went over to Atul’s place. Very nice place – Atul has people at his beck and call for his household work. * jealous *

Anyway, it was a very memorable experience.

Already meeting Asterix the previous evening was a great feeling – and now meeting Atul also was just amazing.
We discussed a lot of stuff – mostly about CF of course. And about Atul’s song blog.

Asterix and Atul also expressed concern about the increasing dominance of Bangladesh on the cricket scene and how it could impact minnows like BCCI who are in the same group in the World Cup. 😉 Personally I think they were more concerned about the impact on a certain cricket forum. 😉

Atul then showed us how he builds up his song blog – from a blog owner’s perspective.
It was fascinating.

We also got to see some of his VCD collection. More than 150 VCDs – most of them old (forgotten) Hindi movies. These provide the raw material for his song blog to a large extent. And I am informed by Atul that this is only a part of his collection – he has much more.

The evening was already going very well – but then it went many notches higher for me when Atul showed us something else.
This really brought tears (of nostalgia) to my eyes.

He showed us a diary that he used to maintain in 1976.

In those days, he used to write down cricket scorecards of various matches going on at that time.
Seeing the names of Gavaskar, Gaekwad, Vishwanath – written in Atul’s handwriting – really made me remember those days.

I got into a major nostalgia session – Asterix cut me short (like he often does 😉 ), suggesting that we could continue the discussion over dinner. 🙂
(Actually we had another friend with us – not a CF person – and Asterix, understandably, did not want him to get bored).

In this diary, Atul also used to write down Hindi songs. Movie, singers, music directors – and full lyrics. As much as he could capture at that time from radio. Remember these were pre-Internet days, these were days when you really had to search and hunt for info that is readily available nowadays. You had to listen to a song umpteen times before you could get it right.

I think this passion is what has now morphed into Atul’s blog. Different times, new technology – but same, burning passion.

We then went out for dinner. By then it was a little late – we dropped Atul back at his place and returned to Asterix’s place (where I was staying), with very fond memories of our meeting.

Thank you, Atul. It was a very memorable evening. 29th October 2010.

I have mentioned in a previous writeup that this blog got several regulars from Memsaab’s blog. But that was not purely a one way traffic. Raja learnt about Memsaab’s blog through this blog and so went to her blog from this blog. 🙂 This reminds me of that famous “Deewaar” (1975) dialogue(suitably paraphrased)-“Maine tumhe X member diya, maine tumhe Y member diya, maine tumhe Z member diya, tumne mujhe kaun sa member diya”, And my reply would have been-“Maine tumhe Raja diya. 🙂

Yes, Raja is a commentor, a lyrics sender and a guest poster for this blog. Elsewhere he is a sub title writer, parody writer, author of thought provoking articles on matters of national importance etc as well. He, alongwith Ava Suri has written sub titles for Memsaab’s Edu Production DVDs of obscure movies so that non Hindi speakers may be able to follow these movies in a more informed manner.

Raja is a very widely travelled person. His travels have takes him to various places and he has met lots of his online friends in person as well. As far as the regulars of this blog are concerned, he has met me, Ava Suri, Memsaab and perhaps some more that I may not be aware of.

On this occasion, here is a lovely duet from a movie called “Pick Pocket”(1962). This song is sung by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur. Gulshan Baawra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sardar Malik.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Chhaaya hua hai kadki ka mausam (Pick Pocket)(1962) Singers-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Gulshan Bawra, MD-Sardar Malik


chhaaya hua hai
kadki ka mausam
aur pet khaali
ab kya karen
aise mein dilbar
dil maangta hai
bhojan ki thhaali
ab kya karen
ho ho ho
ab kya karen

o o o
koi na jaane
dil ki lagi ko
o dil ke maali
ab kya karen
aaun to kaise
kadmon mein jag ne
zanjeer daali
ab kya karen
o o o
ab kya karen

sab khhaa rahe hain maze se paraathhe
chale mere dil par
chhuri aur kaante
chale mere dil par
chhuri aur kaante
mohabbat mein yaaron
nikla deewaala
sab ki deewaali
ab kya karen
koi na jaane dil ki lagi ko
o dil ke maali
ab kya karen
o o o
ab kya karen

saara zamaana khushiyaan manaaye
bin tere saajan
kuchh bhi na bhaaye
bin tere saajan
kuchh bhi na bhaaye
tu door hai to
peeli padi hai
gaalon ki laali
ab kya karen haaye
koi na jaane
dil ki lagi ko
o dil ke maali
ab kya karen
o o o
ab kya karen
o o o
chhaaya hua hai
kadki ka mausam
aur pet khaali
ab kya karen
aise mein dilbar
dil maangta hai
bhojan ki thhaali
ab kya karen
haaye haaye haaye
ab kya karen

13 Responses to "Chhaaya hua hai kadki ka mausam"



What a fabulous introduction to Raja.

What a great service internet has done to all of us. Bringing people from disparate locations but similar interests into close contact with each other.


Absolutely marvelous introduction to Raja!
The way you have written and described Raja, I could practically see him in front of my eyes. Thank you for this write-up and particularly the link of Raja doing black-business. 😉
I was literally ROTFL when I read that.
I also admire Raja’s simplicity, his sense of humour, his passion for songs, his love for the finer things in life, his friendliness, and liberal attitude. Raja also has this admirable quality of fairness and the ability to listen to everybody’s opinion, even if it might be contrary to his.
When you said, Raja has met other contributors to this blog and mentioned only Ava’s name, I wanted to cry out, “He has met me as well!” and then I remembered, no, we haven’t met as yet. Par to bhi lagta hai ki ham kahin mile hai. Our interaction on fb and elsewhere has left me with a feeling, that I know him and even met him.
Jeeyo Raja!
Hoping to see more of your contributions here and on your blog!
Thank you, Atul for this wonderful article on Raja. pad ke dil khush hua!


Atul, you have totally put me on “chane ka jhaad”. * embarrassed *

Guys, don’t believe all this – Atul ne to ainven bahut kuchh badha chadha ke keh diya hai hamare baare mein. 🙂 Next he will say that I was offered a role in a Waheeda movie. 🙂 (* Hoping to get this message across somehow to Waheedaji * 😉 ).

Waise, many thanks to you, Atul, for this lovely intro. It has been absolutely a pleasure, joy and privilege to know you – am so thankful that I was looking for a cricket forum in 2005 and ended up in the same place as you did. Serendipity.

Indeed we hit it off right from the start – thanks to discussing 1970s cricket. And then 1970s movies and songs. We have a lot in common, considering both of us grew up in small-town Eastern India in the 70s, wearing bell bottoms and sporting long hair (although often not meeting the approval of elders).

You remember SO many details – including the story about the fly in the car – it is amazing. 🙂 And the “Muppets break into Bollywood” movie, waah! That was a lot of fun. 🙂 And my BCCI-bashing. 🙂

This whole post has made me very nostalgic – for the good times on cricforum when we used to have a lot of masti.

Like you said in the 10000th song post, the best currency in the world is that of love and respect. I think this blog is one of the best examples of this.

Thank you once again – and may we continue to add to this blog, not just songs, but also contributors and the spirit of togetherness.


What a wonderful piece of writing – about Raja, about how you met him, about your mutual love of music, cricket, but most of all, I loved the nostalgia and the passion for cricket and music that came through in that piece. I know very little about cricket, other than the passing schoolgirl fancy that I had in those long-forgotten days, even though I am married to a man who once was a wicket keeper for Delhi U and has played against Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath. I have not been coming here as often as I would like to, due to certain health issues in my family, but you and your blog and all the other members of this online group are always in my heart. Looking forward to the 25,000th song soon!


Btw, I’ve never heard this song before – it is really lovely. Thanks, Atul. Another one that I need to listen to, more often. 🙂


As Harvey ji said post padh ke mujhe bhi aose lagaa ke Raja Saab ko main kayi varshon se jaanta hoon aur unse kayi baar mila hoo.
And, please dont mind, naare lagane ko man kar raha hai…….
‘ Raja Saab zindabaad !!!’


Nice to know the “Andar Ki Baat” re Raja Ji.




Atul ji,

Thanks for your note on Raja Swaminathan ji.
Over the last 3-4 years I have been reading your comments from time to time on Raja ji. Today’s ‘ intro ‘ is the Top.
I have been interacting with Raja ji,thru E Mails only,discussing many queries he has raised with me. Further I used to join him in the comments sections on Memsaab’s Blog,Harvey ji’s Blog and also Madhu ji’s Blog (Dustedoff),where he was quite active.
I have visited his Blog and read his articles there. he makes his presence on Fb also.
Seeing Raja ji at so many places,confirms what you have said in your ‘ intro ‘. He has a tremendous capacity to write,he seems to be a very jovial person and his company surely must be very enjoyable.
No wonder you remember even the smallest details of your meeting him in Nagpur few years back.
We are truly very thankful to Raja ji for having been with you all the time,encouraging you,participating in your efforts,helping you out with last minute articles and overall,being one of the main pillars responsible for making this Blog what it is today. We enjoy the Blog today,but behind this Raja ji’s efforts must be counted too.
Thanks Raja ji for being what you are and for what you have contributed here.



Produced By: R. L. FILMS
Directed By: RAJ NANDA

Do not remember this film..when released and when vanished….however the duet is not bad…


Rajaji’s introduciton is fabulous. I have visited his site also. His writings move your heart (except the ones on politics and cricket, they don’t interest me, so skip topics on them every time).


Atul ji,
Thanks for the much awaited introduction of Raja Ji and your experience with him since 2005. A wonderful post on wonderful person by another wonderful person. Delighted to know about both of you.


Reminded of suraj zara za paas aa, aaj sapnon ki roti pakayenge hum from Ujala.
What to say of Raja, simply put he is the only Raja of the blog


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