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Ban ke saathhi pyaar ki raahon mein

Posted on: October 3, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Rafi Sb – In The Seventies – 22
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(1970s Unreleased – Duet)

Quite a coincidence today. This duet that I selected for this episode of the series, got inadvertently connected with an anniversary .

An amazing creation, this duet is. Film is ‘Sweetheart’, also from the early 1970s. The creators of this song are more familiar. The words are penned by Anand Bakshi and the music is created by Kalyanji Anandji. This film was launched with quite a filmi buzz, with the lead pair of Shashi Kapoor and Asha Parekh. I have some memory of reading something – maybe a promotional article, likely in the Filmfare magazine, way back then. Eventually, this film did not get done. The songs did get recorded. As per Geet Kosh, four songs are identified and probably more may exist. The list of songs is impressive, especially this duet and a solo by Mukesh (yet to be posted here). I remember these songs were played occasionally on the radio. It never did strike me that this film did not get released. As I checked the listings while preparing this series, I was a bit surprised to see this name in the list of unreleased films.

It was Asha Parekh ji’s birthday on 2 october 2014. This coincidental occurrence gives us an opportunity for greeting her on this occasion. And present a song from one of her films that did not get made. Although the song never got filmed, it must have been planned for the lead pair of Shashi Kapoor and Asha ji.

(Incidentally, the first post in this series also coincidentally connected with the birth anniversary of music director Jaidev).

This post brings us to the last of the planned items in this series of Rafi Sb’s songs in the 1970s. As I mentioned in the beginning of this series, the idea for this was formed on reading the post by Sadanand ji, and his discussion of Rafi Sb’s songs in the years 1944-1950. The idea came to talk about his songs during the last years of his career. In one of the posts yesterday, I had presented some approximate numbers. I say approximate, because these statistics cannot be complete. We still have quite a bit of data not available, from all decades. As and when new and confirmed information becomes available, these statistics will change. And so I call them approximate.

But more than numbers, my underlying thoughts were to present a sample of the body of work of Rafi Sb, from the years about which some writers have written in terms of ‘decline’ of Rafi Sb, overshadowed by Kishore Da. With Kishore Da’s decision to focus on playback singing, starting in the late 1960s, yes, there was bound to be an impact. The attraction and the influence of Kishore Da’s voice is no less, and in his own inimitable way, he has a significant claim to fame in the playback space in Hindi films. Some writers have used strong terms like ‘decline’ and ‘fading out’. But where is the evidence of that. The numbers tell a story, and I discussed it in the post yesterday. With two stalwart lead singers sharing the space, some adjustment did happen, but calling that a decline for one of them is simply not justified. But then the ‘doomsday proclaimers’ would even tell you that the sun will not rise tomorrow morning.

As we go through the songs presented from 1971 to 1980, I feel no arguments even need to be presented. The songs are the case unto themselves. And as I mentioned in the post yesterday, songs of Rafi Sb, recorded before his passing away, have continued to appear in films all the way up to 1989. Maybe, another series to cover that period, let us see.

I said earlier that this is the last planned post in this series. But it turns out that it is not. I have one more post added to this list now, on special request, to be posted tomorrow. 🙂

Till then, listen and enjoy this wonderful duet.

Song-Ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein (Sweetheart)(1970) Singers-Rafi, Lata, LyricsAnand Bakshi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein
hum se kabhi tum na judaa hona
ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein
hum se kabhi tum na judaa hona
rooth jaaye jahaan hum se tum na kabhi
khafaa hona

ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein
hum se kabhi tum na judaa hona

ye hamaari zindgaani
pyaar ki hai ik kahaani
is jahaan ka har nazaara
pyaar ka hai ik ishaara

bhool na jaana o sanam
ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein
hum se kabhi tum na judaa hona

ye tamanna hai hamaari
saath guzre umr saari
pyaar ka daaman hum na chhoden
tum na bhoolo
hum na toden

koi waada yaa kasam
ban ke saathi pyaar ki raahon mein
hum se kabhi tum na judaa hona

Hindi script (Lyrics provided by Sudhir)
बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना
बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना
बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना
रूठ जाये जहां हमसे तुम न कभी
खफा होना

बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना

ये हमारी ज़िंदगानी
प्यार की है इक कहानी
इस जहां का हर नज़ारा
प्यार का है इक इशारा

भूल न जाना ओ सनम
बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना

ये तमन्ना है हमारी
साथ गुजरे उम्र सारी
प्यार का दामन हम ना छोड़ें
तुम ना भूलो
हम ना तोड़ें

कोई वादा या कसम
बनके साथी प्यार की राहों में
हमसे कभी तुम ना जुदा होना

6 Responses to "Ban ke saathhi pyaar ki raahon mein"

Jis ko jo bolna hai wo bolne do….
In regards to – “But then the ‘doomsday proclaimers’ would even tell you that the sun will not rise tomorrow morning.”…..
Rafi is (not was) The Sun of the Hindi Film World. Vedanta says, “If a cloud blocks the sunlight, it doesn’t mean there is no Sun. It’s just that vision of the viewer is blocked by the cloud and hence he would shout THERE IS NO SUN.”
Aaj ki pidhi bhi Rafi sahab ko chahti hai aur izzat deti hai to uske decline ka to swaal hi nahi paida hota.
Thanks for the post and introducing this song. Will wait for the concluding song 😦 of this series.


FYI: Recent online poll by filmfare got 36% voting for Kishore as the best male singer, 29% for Sonu Nigam(!) and 11% for Rafi in the third place! Even Sonu, the copycat devotee of Rafi, was speechless at this development!


Bluefire ji,

A personal opinion – I view such online polls with a ton of distrust. These are as farcical as they come, especially in today’s world of online gimmickry and media selling. Do the results give any data about the voter’s sample, size, distribution etc. I would think not. They simply pop a question on their web page with radio buttons. Some interested souls will put in their preferences, and voila, there is a result that is presented with banner headlines.

A poll that is purporting to identify favorite singers cannot ever be complete. Either you poll the entire population, and then determine the results. Or else the poll should make sure to involve a well defined representative sample across multiple parameters, including age, interest levels, genre preferences etc.

An online poll in today’s world is something that would be frequented by the young one’s of today, who are trigger happy with facebook and twitter. Definitely that so-highly-un-‘representative’ sample will have little awareness and exposure to Rafi Sb, and his contemporaries.

And no, I am not trying to explain away the results of this poll. I am putting a very serious question mark on the sincerity, the veracity, the method, and the conclusions of these very polls themselves.




I understand and agree with everything that u have said here. Most people taking part in these online polls would be from younger generation and hence most would identify with people like Amitabh who are still out there and hence Kishore Kumar, rather than lets say with people like Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar etc (Mohd Rafi). And most Rafi fans either wont be even going online or wont be even aware of such polls if they did. You talk to younger folks these days and they would tell u how Shahrukh Khan is 100 times better than Amitabh and so on. Forget Dilip Kumar and all. So that generational thing would also be there always. But I think it also tells u the trends of future that no matter how great Rafi Saab is, he would be forgotten (so to speak) before Kishore Kumar. And thats a sad reality. I can easily see that after our generation, people like urself wont be coming forward to even defend him, or the number would be very less. Indian cinema and Music are dying. The way i see it is, even if Rafi Saab got eclipsed by KK in later stages, it was still ok considering the stature of KK. Now imagine KK being overshadowed by the likes of Kumar Sanu and Abhijeet in 90s if the trio of Khans preferred to go with younger singers. Thats why sometimes i look back and feel happy that KK passed away before all that…From a personal experience, i can tell u how hard it is to make people even in their 30s, listen to anything thats pre 90s. The girl here on this blog, peeveesee, can probably tell u that they would be the lonely voice in the group with their choice of old music.



Rafi saab’s voice is excellent here. In fact, I enjoyed it after Saaz -e-dil- from Passport, 1961,also from K-A! I have always felt that it is the MD who brings out the best in the voice. Here Rafi sb’s voice sounds so melodious. i am somewhat disappointed with Lata’s rndering here. Thanks for posting this nice song.


Sudhir saab very nice post and this song , Khyatiji’s philosophy is right .
Talking about Kishore Kumar he was mainly singing all songs for Devanand duing 1950 he did not sing many songs for other actor for eight years after 1958 …..any way so much to say ……I l like this song .


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