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Zara thehro jee Abdul Gaffar

Posted on: April 15, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Moving from 1958, we come near the end of the decade with the year 1959. It was about 12 years since the upheaval in the film industry with the mass migration of film artistes from India to Pakistan, post Partition. Even after that some movements were still going on with late goers. Fortunately normalcy had returned to the industry by that time, much faster than was expected by the world watchers. Unlike Pakistan-who had to build a fresh new industry in their country- our infrastructure was intact, the base was wide and solid and vacancies were filled up promptly, by artistes waiting in the wings.

However, now the social atmosphere was different. People were not yet used to the sentiments of “we”and “they”. This necessitated changed topics for films being made. Big guns like Mehboob and B R Chopra did not touch “sensitive” issues. Instead,their stress was on entertainment and minor current social issues.

While entertainers like Dil Deke Dekho, Anadi, Love marriage, Bazigar,Bank manager, Bhai behan, Chhoti behen, Black cat, C I D Girl, Chacha Zindabad, Chandrasena, Circus queen, Commander, Didi, Do Gunde, Do Ustaad, Dr. Z, Fashionable wife, Guest house, Jaal saaz, Kali topi laal rumaal, Kanhaiya, Paigham, Qaidi No.911, Satta Bazar, School master, Shararat, came to entertain people, some specialised films too were made. Historicals like Tipu Sultan and Samrat Prithwiraj Chauhan were made. As usual Mythological were there too.

V. Shantaram, after 5 years, once again tried his hand successfully at making a film based on Dancing. Navrang not only had excellent Dances, but C.Ramchandra created his magic- albeit sans Lata-this time with Asha Bhosale. Guru Dutt’s dream film “Kagaz ke Phool” was a failure, just like Raj Kapoor’s dream film “Mera Naam Joker” a few years hence. Both films were prestigious films for these ace film makers and they had staked their own for these movies. The failure of these movies at the box office shattered their makers to the core. But such is the fickleness of Indian audience !

Bimal Roy had his special touch in Sujata and Hrishikesh Mukherjee equalled his mentor with Anadi. B R Chopra made Dhool ka Phool discussing premariatal pregnancy and the upbringing of a Hindu baby by a kind Muslim family. ( This same theme was stretched to another level, by him, 2 years later with Dharmaputra-61).

Social issues were touched in Paigham( owner vs. workers), Heera Moti (farmer’s problems), Satta Bazar ( ills of gambling). Khwaja Ahmed Abbas showed his ‘never say die’ spirit by making “chaar dil chaar rahen”, which as expected flopped despite good cast. S Mukherjee, Usha Khanna and Shammi Kpoor weaved magic with Dil Dke Dekho, which became a trend setter for Nasir Hussain and directors of his ilk, in the coming years. Goonj Uthhi Shehnai had music by the old stalwart Vasant Desai who proved to be as good as new !

Satta Baazar-59 was produced and directed by Ravindra Dave through his own banner Nagina films. Music was by Kalyan ji-Anandji, whose assistant was Laxmikant (of the L-P jodi later on). The lyricists were Shailendra, Hasrat, Indivar and Gulshan Bawra. This was just the second film for Bawra after Chandrasena with the same Music Director.

Gulshan Bawra (Mehta) was a strange combination of a Lyricist and a comic actor. He was born on 12-4-1937 at Shekhupura, near Lahore, but he was educated in Jaipur and Delhi. After Graduation, his first job was at Bombay as a Goods clerk in Carnak Bandar, in 1955. He used to write songs and keep them. he even wrote on the back of goods receipts. He got his first break in film ‘Chandrasena’-59, with the help of kalyanji bhai- who became his Godfather.Later his songs from film Satta Bazar made him famous. One of the distributors Shantibhai called him a Bawra and this name stuck. In 1961, he left the job and became a Lyricist. In next 12 years out of his 23 films,16 films were by Kalayanji-Anand ji. He got the Filmfare awards for Upkar-67 and Zanjeer-73.

He first acted in a Punjabi film-Sassi Punnu-65. He acted in about 30 odd films including Upkar, Zanjeer, Shreeman Satyavaadi, Do badan, Vishwas, Jwar Bhata, Ganwar, Parivar etc etc. He was a good cook. He had married a Sindhi girl from his neighbourhood. He stayed in Bandra, Bombay. After a long illness,he died on 7-8-2009.

The cast of the film Satta Bazar-59 was Balraj Sahani Meena Kumari, Johnny Walker,Tiwari, Asit Sen, Krishnakant, Suresh etc .

Actor Suresh may not be known much to new generation. The famous song of Rafi,”Suhani raat dhal chki”was filmed on Suresh in film Dulari-49. His real name was Nazim Ahmed. He was born on 13-11-1928 at Gurdaspur in Punjab. He was a very handsome person. He started his filmi career as a child artist, with Bombay Talkies in Jhoola-39,Anjaan-41,Naya Sansar-41 and Basant -42 Later he became a leading actor. He was one of those rare cases where a child actor became a successful adult actor. Producer director A R Kardar patronised him and like a doting father,he allowed Suresh to select his Heroines.Geeta Bali/Madhubala in Dulari,Suraiya/Sumitra devi in Deewana,Nalini Jaywant in Jaadoo,Vaijayantimala in Yasmin etc. He worked with all top heroines of this day and also with Azra,Padmini,Vijaya Chaudhari,Shashikala,Nanda etc. In 1950 he went to Pakistan and did 2 films there. He returned as he felt that he had no future there. In the mid 50s,he started doing B and C grade films as wellas character roles. In 1970,he produced a film “Ganga aur Sooraj”. The main villain of the film Anwar Hussain got Paralysis,the film stranded and delayed. It was finally released in 1980. He was deep in financial crisis and died penniless ,

The story of the film Satta Baazaar-59 was-

Here is a story that wriggles around the ” Adverse” out come of gambling and the psychology of a step mother. . Jamuna( Meena Kumari) is married to widower Ramesh ( Balraj Sahni), a well settled business man who has a daughter Kala ( Vijaya Chaudhari) from his first wife. . Jamuna tries her utmost to be substitue for Kalas real mother. She gives her love and affection but the girl ridicules her and shows extreme contempt for the new mother.

Climax between the relation of the step mother and the daughter reaches when the marriage of Kala is under question Kala is in love with Shyam ( Suresh). Shyam is the son of Bholanath( Asit Sen),business partner of Ramesh. Ramesh opposes this marriage and calls it ” an impossibility “because the lovers have different castes and come from different provinces. Jamuna comes to the rescue of the young lovers. She argues with Ramesh that the world has gone a long way ahead and the entrenched caste prejudices should not be allowed to come in the way of those young innocent lovers. Jamuna succeeds in her just stand, Kala moved to tears she embraces Jamuna calling Maa. Kala is engaged to shyam.

Fate has a lot to play Ramesh gets entangled with a money crazy gambler Badri Prasad ( Ramayan Tiwari). Satta Bazaar with all its traditional glory does to Ramesh what it had been doing in the past to human race. . Jamuna denounces gambling and protests but Ramesh does not give up till it lowers him to a down right maniac gambler and ruins him and his family. He becomes a target of society and has to face the brunt of his daughters un-happiness and the tortures which his wife and child from Jamuna have to under go. .

Eventually the situation is solved, with the help of Jamuna,,Jagat(Johnny Walker)-assistant of Ramesh and Shyam. The cheating and black deeds of Badri Prasad are exposed, how he cheated Ramesh. Ramesh gets back his money,but learns a lesson that gambling and the money procured by it are not the only means of higher and better living. The family comes together once again and ..they lived happily ever after !

The film had 8 songs and this will be the 4th song to be posted here. When you hear this song,you may be reminded of another song from film “Sanghursh”-68 namely “mere pairon mein ghungroo bandha de”. Naushad too seems to have got inspired by this song from Satta Bazar-9 years back. Just enjoy this song by Suman Kalyanpur and Rafi saab….



Song-Zara thehro ji Abdul Gaffar (Satta Baazaar)(1959) Singers-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


hey ae ae haah

Zara thehro ji
ho zara thehro ji Abdul Gaffar
roomal mera le ke jaana
zara thehro ji Abdul Gaffar
roomal mera le ke jaana
O main to laayi chaman se bahaar
roomal mera le ke jaana

ho gori hamko bhi tumse hai pyaar
roomaal hamen deke jaana
ho tere chaahne waale hain hazaar
roomal hamen de ke jaana
ho gori hamko bhi tumse hai pyaar
roomaal hamen de ke jaana

resham ke tukde pe duniya deewaani
is par likhi hai dilon ki kahaani
dilon ki kahaani

paagal hai tum par ye badnaam Jaani
maange mohabbat ki tumse nishaani
kuchh din karo intezar
roomal mera le ke jaana

gori hamko bhi tumse hai pyaar
roomal hamen de ke jaana
zara thehro ji Abdul Gaffaar
Roomal mera le ke jaana

ulfat ke chakkar mein ham phans raha hai
rota nahin
dekh ham hans raha hai
ji ham hans raha hai
ghabra na bulbul hum aaye chhudaane
duniya ke pinjre se tujhko udaane

sun lo ye dil ki pukaar
roomal hamen de ke jaana
zara thehro ji Abdul Gaffar
roomaal mera le ke jaana

ho gori hamko bhi tumse hai pyaar
roomaal hamen de ke jaana

yaah haha

5 Responses to "Zara thehro jee Abdul Gaffar"

This tune got shades of “Govinda Alaare”(KA->Bluff Master) & “Main to bhool chali babul ka des, piya ka ghar pyaara lage”(KA->Saraswati Chandra)


As you all may have noticed, KA has used Gujarati folk tunes here.
Arunji, there is a typo- in the fourth para fifth line it should be “Mera Naam Joker”.
Thanks for the post.


Close ur eyes and we can see Johnny Walker singing in the vdo of the song. Probably thats Mohd. Rafi magic….. We being able to visualise the actor in the song😀


Arun Kumarji, what adds to the appeal of the blogs is the interesting anecdotes that you share. Do you live in Mumbai? Can we interact? If it is okay do let me know email address.


actress lip syncing for the song is Sabita Chatterjee


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