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Kahaan gayee Bhagwaan bata do

Posted on: September 23, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from a relatively unknown film of the Golden Era viz. Shyaam ki Jogan-57. The film was produced by K.Bakshi, under his own banner, K.B.Films. It was directed by S.P.Kalla, who also wrote the songs in the movie. Narayan Datt was the music director.

The film raises ‘a never-satisfactorily answered’ question as to what makes a film successful ? No one has so far been able to give an answer, which can be applied to any or many successful films. If the answer was known, then ALL films would have been successful !

Various factors like the Banner, the Director, the Composer, the story, the songs and the promotion of the film contribute to the success of the film. However, this is no guarantee at all. There are cases when a low budget film, with no known or famous artistes or Director or the Composer has also succeeded. A case in point is that of “Jai Santoshi Maa “-75. Produced by a heavily debt-ridden failed producer Sitaram Rohara, the film was directed by an unknown person Vijay Sharma and the music was given by a less known composer C.Arjun. The main singer was Usha Mangeshkar and the film’s cast was of a C grade Mythological film. The story was totally imaginary, without any support of Puranas. Not just that, the film showed that Lord Ganesh had a sister and a daughter, something which was totally unheard of!

Despite all this, this film did business running into crores and gave a tough fight to more famous Blockbusters like Sholey, Aandhi, Chupke chupke, Deewar, Do Jasoos, Sanyasi etc. It was nothing short of stroke of sheer LUCK or fluke. That’s all !

In this Film Industry, one needs LUCK. An Ounce of Luck is heavier than a Ton of Talent here. Today’s film,’Shyam ki Jogan-57′ had Narayan Datt as the Music Director. Actually, not many people may even be aware that any music director by the name of NARAYAN DUTTA existed, but in reality he did and has contributed to Hindi Film Music to the best of his abilities in the limited opportunities that he got. NARAYAN DUTTA, I feel , was one of those unlucky composers like, C.Arjun, Sailesh Mukherjee, Daan singh, Sardar Malik, Jamal Sen, Pardesi etc, who had enough talent but luck was not in their favour.

Most Internet sites and few writers too get confused thinking that N.Datta means Narayan Dutta . Consequently, films in which Narayan Dutta gave music are coolly added to the filmography of N.Datta !

NARAYAN DUTTA was born in Bilawas village in Jodhpur state. His father Durgaprasad was the Court Singer (Raj Gayak) with Bikaner King Ganga Singh. Narayan learnt music from his father since childhood. With a desire to sing in Hindi films, like many other such dreamers, he reached the Mayanagari-Bombay in 1946.
He sang his first song for Rajkapoor in ” Neelkamal”-1947. However the commercial record of this song was made with the composer’s voice-Snehal Bhatkar. Then he sang two songs, one with Geeta and one with Mukesh in Rasili-47. With the help of Kidar Sharma he got songs in Sehra-48, Gauna-49 and Uddhar-49, in addition to some stunt films of Mohan Pictures, but no records were made.

Somehow, he felt that there was not much scope for singing so he turned to composing and his first film as a composer was Mordhwaj-52, followed by Astik-56, Shyam ki Jogan-57, Naya Kadam-58 and Pujarin -72 (in the period 58-72, a few of his films remained incompleteas well like Aji bas rahne do, Meerabai, Bhakta Pralhad etc), Narad Leela-72, Jai Hanuman-73, Seetaram Radheshyam-73, Saraswati-Laxmi-Parvati-75, Sindoor ka Daan-84 and Humse mile tum-84. In addition to these 11 Hindi films, he also gave music in 3 Rajasthani films- Baba Ramdev Peer-63, Mhari Pyari Chanana-83 and Nanibai ko Bhayro-84.

After films stopped coming to him, he engaged himself in making NFS based on local folk tunes. He also composed songs for Arya Samaj, Jain Samaj and Rajneesh Foundation. He established “Sur Tarang”, a school to teach music.

This talented but unlucky composer died on 16-6-1988.

The Director/Lyricist for this film was S.P.Kalla. Bombay film industry has seen many talented artistes end their careers and lives tragicallyy. S P Kalla is yet another such example.

TIME is not only a great healer but also a great crusher. Once upon a time, S P Kalla was moving in the Top bracket of the industry, but his TIME changed so much that he had to live all alone and one day end it all himself !

Sooraj Prakash Kalla or S P Kalla was a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the early 50s he was having a nice job in the state Secretariat in Jaipur. He was a good writer of songs. During his service tenure, once he visited Bombay casually and then stayed back here only, leaving the lucrative steady job, to enter the film industry as a lyricist. His first film was ‘Lanka Dahan’-52, in which he wrote all 8 songs. Due to his easy and meaningful Lyrics he started getting film after films. After about 20-25 films, he turned to Film direction and succeeded in this too. Some of the films he directed were, Aastik, Naya kadam, Shyam ki Jogan etc.

Having won laurels here he became a Producer and that proved to be his nemesis. He lost everything that he had earned. Family life became miserable and all friends deserted him. Finally he separated from his family and went back to Jaipur. There he got two Rajasthani films for direction. Then he got some serials and video films. Some of his serials on TV were ‘Samay ki Dhara’ and ‘Teesmar khan’,which were popular.

He became an alcohol addict and closeted himself in a small room, where he ended his own life on 20-5-2007.

With such unlucky composer and Director, along with a very tame storyline, no wonder the film came and went without a trace. But if you listen to its songs,they were quite good. In fact when you will here today’s song, you will agree with me.

The cast of the film was Sulochana, Shahu Modak, B M Vyas, Kamal Mehra, Kammo etc. The story of the film was-

This is the story of Shradha and Manu- of man and his faith. Even as a child Shradha, the daughter of Haridas a God fearing man was known for her love, affectionate disposition and devotion to Krishna. She was the light of her fathers eye. In her childhood she was betrothed to Manu, the son of an unscrupulous Bania Dhaniram. Manu & Shri ( Shradha’s pet name) would have made an admirable couple, but for Danirams greed, whose stupidity led him a to kill Gopal, the son of the blind poojari Soordas, for a little wealth.

The sins of the father were vested upon the son’s head and Manu took to the roads of vice and destruction. . Dhaniram’s blood stained wealth made a satire out of him and while Shri pined for her brother Gopal, the tortured soul of the blind Soordas cried out for justice. . Thus seven years rolled away & now Dhaniram had become a man of means. But nothing is even hidden from the eyes of God. His mills grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.

Responding to the calls of his distressed devotess, God came down to the village in the guise of Behroopiya Gopal. He was intrumental in getting Shri and Manu married. Dhaniram demanded a fantastic sum as dowry from Haridas, on the eve of Manus marriage to Shri & God made the demands good. Shri and Manu were married. One day doubts crept into the mind of Manu. He suspected an illicit relationship, between his wife Shri and Gopal and after that Shris life was veritable series of night-mares.

When the old and ailing Haridas came to console his daughter, he was beaten to death.
In the meantime Manu fell so low that he spared nothing in an effort to divert his mind; and one day he lost his life by drowning. But Shris satitva brought him back to life.

Dhaniram thinking his son dead, turned the widowed Shri out of the house. She became a Jogan. The long search for her Shyam began. In the meantime Manu had awoken to his misdeeds and follies. He rushed to find his Shri, but she had already left. After a long and heart breaking search, they met at the temple of Krishna, but Shri was already preparing for her final Journey. But God also knew that if Shri left Manu, faith would be lost to man forever. There would be chaos in the world.

So Shri is convinced by Gopal not to take extreme step and stay happy with the reformed Manu. So,all is well in the end.

Let us now listen to the song by Mohd.Rafi,written by S P Kalla and composed by Narayan Dutta.


Song-Kahaan gayee bhagwaan bata do (Shyaam Ki Jogan)(1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-S P Kalla, MD-Narayan Datt


kahaan gayee bhagwaan bata do
karke sooni kaaya aa aa
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
kahaan gayi bhagwaan bata do o

bhatak raha hoon raah dikha do o o
bhatak raha hoon raah dikha do
manzil tak mujhko pahuncha do
bujha na dena toofaanon mein aen
bujha na dena toofaanon mein
man ka diya jalaaya aa aa
meri bichad gayi hai chhaaya
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
kahaan gayi bhagwaan bata do o

nain diye par dekh na paaya aa aa
nain diye par dekh na paaya
apna sab kuchh aap lutaaya
paththar ko main samjha moti ee ee
paththar ko main samjha moti
heere ko thukraaya aa aa
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
kahaan gayi bhagwaan bata do o

ujda jeewan kismat roothi ee ee
ujda jeewan kismat roothi
ghaayal man aashaayen tooti
khaali haath na lauta dena aa
khaali haath na lauta dena
aasha lekar aaya aa aa
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
meri bichhad gayi hai chhaaya
kahaan gayi bhagwaan bata do o o

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