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Idhar muhabbat udhar zamaana

Posted on: July 4, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from the film Samaadhi-50. It is sung by Shamshad Begum under the baton of Composer C.Ramchandra. This time the focus is not on C Ramchandra but on Shamshad Begum.

Shamshad Begum ( 14-4-1919 to 23-4-2013 ) is one singer whom I have been hearing from my childhood. Her songs of late 40s are etched in my mind, because that was my “impressionable” age. When Lata came to prominence, I was in the “Understanding ” age and in later years I was able to think about good and bad songs.

Unlike Lata, Asha or Geeta, Shamshad made her entry into Hindi film songs with a Big Bang and an all time hit musical film, Khazanchi-41. However, I am not ready to give all credit to Ghulam Hyder. OK, he did give her an opportunity, but that was because she had those qualities and her voice. From 1941 to almost 1960 Shamshad was in the Limelight, though not as a No. 1. She was a perfect example to demonstrate the “use and throw” attitude of the merciless film industry.

Right from Ghulam Hyder, Pt. Gobindram, C.Ramchandra, Naushad, O P Nayyar and S D Burman- they all used Shamshad as long as they needed her and then opted for the rage of the times-Lata. Ghulam Hyder left for Pakistan, Gobindram lost his place and identity in the industry and C.Ramchandra took over. Shamshad sang 60+ songs for C. Ramchandra ( Lata about 300 songs). When he wanted to offload his earlier lead singers Binapani Mukherjee and Lalita Deulkar, he opted for Shamshad and when he ran after Lata, he offloaded Shamshad.

Similarly, singing for first time in film Shahjehan-46 for Naushad, Shamshad sang around 60 songs for him ( 160 for Lata ). He too left Zohrabai and Amirbai behind and made Shamshad his lead singer till he opted for Lata.

Like a Ping pong ball, Shamshad went to O P Nayyar who gave her 35 songs, including some very popular songs. She figured in 14 solos and 21 duets for O P Nayyar, till he took Asha Bhonsle under his wings and used her voice in 324 songs. Even Geeta Dutt had got 62 songs from O P Nayyar.

S D Burman used Shamshad Begum in his Debut film Shikar-46. By then she was already the No. 1 and a super singer, charging Rs 1000 per song. In 14 years ( 1946 to 1960) S D Burman gave just 30+ songs to Shamshad. Actually, Burman was a Female singer oriented composer. 70 % of his total songs were sung by females. 40 % went to Lata, 25 % to Asha, and 15 % to Geeta. Shamshad got only 4 %

Shamshad’s voice was different. Dr. Ashok Ranade says in his book, ” Music beyond Boundaries”, ” her voice was so strong that the mike had to be kept at a safe distance, unlike other singers, who sang into the mike. Her voice was endowed with breadth and agility. She had, what is called ‘Taseer’ in Musicology- a voice with lustre. She could sing high pitched songs easily….”

The specialty of Shamshad was that she gave hit songs to almost every composer she sang for. She sang duets with almost every contemporary male and female singer. She sang 28 duets with Lata. Their first duet ( actually it was a Triad) was in the film Khidki-48. In 1949, Lata emerged strongly as the voice of the future, but Shamshad could not judge it. In one of her interviews, Shamshad said,” In film Andaaz-49, I sang a duet with Lata-“Dar na muhabbat kar le”. Till that time I was the lead singer of Naushad and I always sang for the film’s Heroines. But this was the first time that, in that duet with Lata, her part was used for Heroine Nargis and my part was used for Cuckoo. That should have made me alert, but I missed what fate indicated and shortly, I did not know when Lata took lead and I was relegated by almost all my regular composers like C Ramchandra, Husnlal Bhagatram etc. Shanker -Jaikishen anyway used me rarely and all compsers wanted only Lata.”

The Lata hurricane was such that all other female singers were out of race. Shamshad’s last hope was O P Nayyar, as he did not use Lata anytime. However, when even he turned his back on her in preference for Asha, she lost every battle.

Today’s song is a wonderful song fro the film ‘Samaadhi’-50 It was a Filmistan movie based on the Indian National Army background. The film was directed by Ramesh Sehgal and its Music was by C Ramchandra. This was a period when C Ramchandraa was in full form and he seemed to have a Midas Touch to make every song a Hit song. He was in great demand. Lata had just joined him and he was in the seventh heaven. Even in this movie, which was clearly a Patriotic film, He gave an Iconic song, ” Gore gore, o baanke chhorey “, sung by Lata and Amirbai Karnataki. The film was a Hit, but this song became an all time favourite of future generations.

The film’s cast included Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Kuldip Kaur, Shyam Kumar, David, Mubarak, Badri Prasad etc. Shashi Kapoor had done a child role in this film. This was the first film of Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant together. They went on to work together in 7 films. While doing film Naaz-54, they fell in love with each others and their relationship continued on and off. Ashok Kumar’s family life was not good. His wife was an alcoholic. He left his home and stayed in the same road of Chembur where Nalini’s bungalow was there. Later he built his own Bungalow there opposite her house. Nalini wanted him to marry her. Even her married life was not satisfactory. But Ashok was not ready. Ultimately, they separated and Nalini stopped working or even talking with Ashok Kumar.

Ashok had one son and 3 daughters. His son Aroop kumar tried his luck in films. He was the Hero opposite Zeb Rehman in the film Bezubaan-62. The film flopped and he ended up doing bit roles in 7 films. He even tried to work as an assistan Director. Finally, he left films and joined Corporate world as a Manager in some company.

SAMADHI-1950 was a patriotic drama based on Netaji’s INA struggle in the far east. A Filmistan film, it paired Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jayawant.
Listening to the call of Netaji to the Indian youths to join the INA for the sake of motherland, Shekhar(Ashok Kumar) abandones a wealthy life and joins INA. After initial training, he is sent to Singapore. His brother Suresh(Shyam Kumar) is a Captain in the British Army and he is posted in Singapore itself. Suresh is roped into the British spy ring headed by the “BOSS”(Mubarak) and with Dolly(Kuldip Kaur) a dancer. Lily(Nalini Jayawant) is Dolly’s sister. Shekhar falls in love with Lily. The BOSS uses this link to infiltrate into INA’s intelligence.

In the ensuing War, Suresh and Shekhar face off with each other. Shekhar gets shot and is left considered dead. Shekhar, however survives and helps his army to round up British ships. Ultimately, while blowing up a bridge on Indo-Burma border, Shekhar dies.

When the film was released in 1950, Baburao Patel wrote in FILMINDIA-May issue,that the film was a “BAKWAS’ and meaningless and outdated as India had already got Independence. The audience, however did not agree, and the film was a hit. The music, particularly the song,”Gorey gorey, o banke chhorey” by Lata and Amirbai was on everyone’s lips.

Another song,’Kadam kadam badhaye jaa’ was based on a similar song actually sung in INA. There was a song on Netaji also in it “Subhash chandra ke naam se Hindusthan ka naam….’

I had seen this film during its second run.

Today’s song is very melodious and the lyrics, tune and singing have all synced very well. I like this song. If you have not heard it so far, you too will like it.

Song-Idhar muhabbat udhar zamaana (Samadhi)(1950) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


idhar mohabbat udhar zamaana
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen ae
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen
dil kahta hai udhar chali chal
saajan jidhar chalen
saajan jidhar chalen
idhar mohabbat udhar zamaana aa
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen aen
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen

dil ne dhadakna seekh liya hai ae ae
aankhon ne sharmaana
chhoti chhoti baaten ban gayin
pyaar ka ek bahaana
ho pyaar ka ek bahaana
poochh rahe hain ab ham dil se
tu hi bata hum kidhar chale
dil kehta hai udhar chali chal
saajan jidhar chalen aen
saajan jidhar chalen

idhar zamaana roke mujhko o o
udhar mohabbat roke
idhar hai shola
udhar hai shabnam
rahoon main kiski hoke
ho rahoon main kiski hoke
poochh rahe hain ab hum dil se
tu hi bata hum kidhar chalen
dil kahta hai udhar chali chal
sajan jidhar chalen aen
sajan jidhar chalen
idhar mohabbat udhar zamaana aa
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen aen
kidhar chalen hum kidhar chalen


4 Responses to "Idhar muhabbat udhar zamaana"

On arrival of Lata and Asha, all concerned viz MDs, producers directors etc realized that Shamshad’s voice was not suitable for the heroine who could be a lover etc and also be a housewife, as her voice was more suitable for other rare characters as nachnewali etc as her was voice was way too shriller and bit undignified(pardon my saying so) for the usual characters. Thats how she started getting lesser and lesser opportunities.

The full movie Samadhi (1950) is on YouTube at
I have not watched it but if this Shamshad number is included in it, it should be possible to extract it from the movie video and post it.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the know-how for it.

Shekhar ji,

I also do not know how they do that.


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Thank you very much.
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