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Aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi

Posted on: August 4, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I came to know about the film NIRMOHI (1952) sometime in the late 1960s when my friend and office colleague, Vijay Nafde introduced me to his 78 RPM record collections. During our periodic get together in his house, he used to make me listen to some rare songs (of that time) and that included songs from unheard films for which music directors like C Ramchandra, Madan Mohan, Roshan etc composed the songs. ‘Nirmohi’ (1952) was one of those unheard films from which I remember to have listened the only song, dukhiyaare naina dhoondhen piyaa ko .

After joining the Blog, I came to know over a period of time that the film had not one but 6 Lata Mangeshkar songs (out of 8 songs), that too all solos. And all these songs have been covered in the Blog. At least 4 of these songs, in my view, are gems and are my favourite. Out of 8 songs, two remaining songs have been sung by Lalit Mohan, a name I heard for the first time.

At first, I thought that Lalit Mohan could be a pseudo name for Madan Mohan who may have rendered these two songs with a different name. But I could not be sure of this assumption unless I got to hear the song of Lalit Mohan. Unfortunately, these two songs were not available on YT. It was only a few days back that I got mp3 clip of one of these two songs. When I listened to the song, it was clear to me that the voice did not sound like Madan Mohan if I go by his privately recorded songs of his own compositions from a few films. It is also mentioned in that Lalit Mohan acted in ‘Lahore’, 1949 (Yes, his name is mentioned in the credit titles) and co-produced ‘Zindagi Aur Tufaan’ (1975).

I am presenting one of the two rare songs from the film NIRMOHI (1952), ‘aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi’ sung by Lalit Mohan. The song is penned by P N Rangeen and it is set to music by Madan Mohan.

I could not find any information about the story of the film. From the songs, one can make out that the film belongs to social genre. The main starcast of Nutan, Sajjan and Amarnath gives me an impression that it was a story of two men in love with the same girl. Or the girl loves one of the two and is forced to marry the other. This view is enforced by the wording of the lyrics of the song under discussion.

I had said earlier that 4 songs out of 6 songs rendered by Lata Mangeshkar are my favourite. After listening to Lalit Mohan’s song, I have added this song also in the list of my favourite songs of ‘Nirmohi’ (1952).

The audio quality of mp3 clip from which I made the video is not as good as one would expect to enjoy the song. In fact, I found it difficult to decipher the lyrics. The mp3 clip of the song was perhaps made from the broadcast of this song from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation’s Hindi service.

But something is better than nothing.

Song-Aisi chot jiya ne khaayee (Nirmohi)(1952) Singer-Lalit Mohan, Lyrics-P N Rangeen, MD-Madan Mohan


ai….si chot aa aa ne khaayi ee
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi
dil toota to suni hamaare
kaanon ne shehnaayi ee ee
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi
aisi chot

khel rahe thhe khel khilaari
sab se ulti sab se nyaari
ek taraf aankhon mein sapne
ek taraf kajre ki dhaari
aandhi se aandhi takraayee
dil toota to suni hamaare
kaanon ne shehnaayi ee ee
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi
aisi chot

jis ki haar huyi wo chup hai
kho kar jeewan poonji saari
jiski jeet huyi na samjha
kisne apni duniya haari
kya jaane gham ki gehraayi
dil toota to suni hamaare
kaanon ne shehnaayi ee ee
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi
aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi ee

6 Responses to "Aisi chot jiyaa ne khaayi"

Always happy to see a Madan Mohan song being posted. Will listen to it in the evening.


Sadanand ji,

Wonderful introduction to an unheard singer.

I have the 78 rpm recording of this song, and I am sending you separately in email. I have made couple of minor corrections to the lyrics above.



Thanks a lot.


Beautiful! Madam Saab’s every melody gives me goose bumps irrespective of genre.
Can anyone give us info on the singer Lalit Mohan?
Thanks Sadanandji.


He has sung another song in Nirmohi>>Ye Suhana Sama, Ye Umange Jawa
P N Rangeen also penned lyrics
Ab Gham Ko Bana Lenge Jeene Ka Sahara
Lata Mangeshkar Madan Mohan Nirmohi (1952)
Kaha Bhi Na Jaaye Piya, Kaha Bhi Na Jaaye
Lata Mangeshkar Madan Mohan Nirmohi (1952)
Ye Kaahe Chandni Raat, Suna Do Apne Dil Ki Baat
Lata Mangeshkar Madan Mohan Nirmohi (1952)
Lut Liya Mera Sapanon Ka Sansar Kisi Ne
Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Aas Ne Kitne Diye Jalaaye
Manna Dey Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Aankho Me Chitchor Samaaye
Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Pyar Ki Raah Par Kya Bhatakne Ka Dar
Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh Anil Biswas Badi Bahoo-1951
La De Kyu Du
Zafar Khursheed, Payami Bhedi Lutera (1955)


Thanks Nitinbhai. I was looking for his life story.


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