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Toote Huye Dil Ki Na Suno Hum Se Kahaani

Posted on: September 2, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

For the last few days, I have been listening to songs of Dilshad Begum, a name I came to know only a couple of months back while searching for some rare songs of the 40s. In my view, her renditions are different from what I have been used to hear the songs from Lahore-based female singers. I found her voice to be the  softer than those of her contemporary singers like Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Shamshad Begum and Zeenat Begum. Who is Dilshad Begum?

Unfortunately, not much information is available on Dilshad Begum. All I could get to know about her was that she was an accredited radio singer at All-India Radio, Lahore from the early 40s and she sang mostly Punjabi songs and ghazals. Her contemporaries in AIR, Lahore included Shamshad Begum, Umrao Zia Begum, Zeenat Begum, Mohammed Rafi, Surinder Kaur etc.

If I go by the date of the release of the films, she got her break in the film either in ‘Rehana’ (1946) under the music direction of Qadir Fareedi or in ‘Kahaan Gaye’ (1946) under the music directions of  Lachchiram Tamar/Anupam Ghatak. But her important break  was in the film ‘Ek Roz’ (1947) under the music direction of Shyam Sunder. It is said that Satish Batra, the producer of ‘Ek Roz’  (1947) was so mesmerised by the voice of Dilshad Begum that he decided to take her as playback singer for the film in which she sang 5 songs. I have heard two songs of Dilshad Begum from this film and they are really outstanding. I have already uploaded on YT one of her songs, a rare one, from ‘Ek Roz’ (1947).

It was in ‘Birhan’ (1948) that she got a good support from the great master, Lachhiram Tamar in which she sang 6 songs. Again all her songs are superb. It appears that the film did not fare well at the box office. With this, all the beautiful songs of Dilshad Begum in this film got buried under the sands of time.

As it has happened with many talented singers and music directors, after a short span of about 2 years as playback singer, Dilshad Begum vanished from the scene in to oblivion.  During this period she sang  20 songs in 6 films – ‘Rehana’ (1946), ‘Kahan Gaye’ (1946), ‘Ek Roz’ (1947), ‘Intezaar Ke Baad’ (1947) ‘Birhan’ (1948) and ‘Nek Dil’ (1948).

My own take about the playback singing carrier of Dilshad Begum is that unlike her contemporaries in AIR, Lahore most of whom shifted their base to Bombay (Mumbai), Dilshad Begum did not shift her base to Bombay for furthering her playback singing carrier. This is borne out by the fact that almost all of the films in which she sang were produced at Lahore.  Probably, she continued to be a radio singer in Lahore after partition.

I am presenting a rare song “Toote Huye Dil Ki Na Suno Hum Se Kahaani”  sung by Dilshad Begum from the film ‘Birhan’ (1948).  I had  not heard the name of the film. The film was produced under the banner of National Film Producers and was directed by Kailash Bhandari. The star cast included Pran, Roopa, Begum Parveen, Shanti Madhok, Cuckoo, Gul Zama, Ramlal etc. The name of the film and some songs of the film which I have heard would indicate that the film belonged to social genre.

There were 12 songs in the film written by Sarshar Shailani and Bekal. However, individual distribution of songs among these two lyricists is not available. All the songs were set to music by Master Lachchiram Tomar. It is interesting to note that of the 12 songs, 6 songs were sung by Dilshad Begum (3 solos and 3 duets). I have heard all her 6 songs and they all are very good rendition.

The song under discussion was not available of YT until I made a video of song from mp3 clip and uploaded on YT about 2 months back.

With this song, both the film ‘Birhan’ (1948) and the playback singer Dilshad Begum make debut in the Blog.


Song – Toote Huye Dil Ki Na Suno Hum Se Kahaani (Birhan) (1948) Singer – Dilshad Begum, Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – Lachhiram Tamar


too..oote huye
toote huye dil ki na suno hum se kahaani
fariyaad ki tasveer hai

dil toot chuka
dil toot chuka
dil mein koi aas nahi
wo bhi to kahin is se ke wo paas nahin hai
karti hai
karti hai tujhe yaad ye ashqon ki rawaani
fariyaad ki tasveer hai
barbaad jawaani ee

raste kaa pataa..aa
raste kaa pata
aur na manzil ka nishaan hai
dil ko nahin maaloom ke dildaar kahaan hai
dil ko nahin maaloom ke dildaar kahaan hai
is raah mein
is raah mein kis kis ne bhala khaak na chhaani
fariyaad ki tasveer hai
haay ae
barbaad jawaani ee

sab kuchh hai zamaane mein
sab kuchh hai zamaane mein
hamaara nahin
ab tere siwaa aur sahaara nahin koi
dil leke mera..aa
dil leke mera tu ne zara qadr na jaani
fariyaad ki tasveer hai
barbaad jawaani ee
toote huye dil ki na suno hum se kahaani

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

टू॰॰टे हुए
टूटे हुए दिल की ना सुनो हमसे कहानी
फरियाद की तस्वीर है
बर्बाद जवानी॰॰ई

दिल टूट चुका
दिल टूट चुका
दिल में कोई आस नहीं है
वो भी तो कहीं इससे के वो पास नहीं है
करती है तुझे॰॰ए
करती है तुझे याद ये अशकों की रवानी
फरियाद की तस्वीर है
बर्बाद जवानी॰॰ई

रस्ते का पता॰॰आ
रस्ते का पता
और ना मंज़िल का निशां है
दिल को नहीं मालूम के दिलदार कहाँ है
दिल को नहीं मालूम के दिलदार कहाँ है
इस राह में
इस राह में किस किस ने भला खाक ना छानी
फरियाद की तस्वीर है
बर्बाद जवानी॰॰ई

सब कुछ है जमाने में
सब कुछ है जमाने में
हमारा नहीं कोई॰॰ई
अब तेरे सिवा और सहारा नहीं कोई
दिल ले के मेरा॰॰आ
दिल ले के मेरा तू ने ज़रा क़द्र ना जानी
फरियाद की तस्वीर है
बर्बाद जवानी॰॰ई
टूटे हुए दिल की ना सुनो हमसे कहानी

5 Responses to "Toote Huye Dil Ki Na Suno Hum Se Kahaani"

Lyricist>Bekal or Sarshar Sailani as you said.


Sadanand ji,

Thanks for introducing this impressive voice. I don’t think I have heard her songs earlier.

I have made some required corrections to the lyrics, and have also added lyrics in Hindi.



Thanks a lot.


Dilshad Begum
Rehana (1946)
Ada Ada Teri Mast e Sharab
Bhar Laayi Hu
Duniyawalo Naadaro Ki Madad Karo
Tu Salamat Rahe
Kaho Kaho Mere Sarkar
Kisi Ki Yaad Ne

Ek Roz (1947)
O Bhulne Wale Gham Me Tere Hum Apna
Aise Mauke Bhi Kahi Roz Mila Karte Hai
Hum Jisko Chaahte Hai Usse Kuchh Khabar Nahi
Id Aa Gayi Khushi Ka Zamana Liye Hue
Nacho Nacho Mere Dil

Nek Dil (1948)
Aaj Khilengi Dil Ki Kaliya
Aankho Me Aansu
Ho Aa Ja Yaha

Birhan (1948)
Aaja O Chand Hamare
Dekho Jee Dekho
Mere Dard E Dil Ki Duniya
Toote Hue Dil Ki Na Suno

Intezar Ke Baad (1947)
Meri Suni Nagariya Me Aiyo

Kahan Gaye (1946)
Sajna Sang Na Chalo


heard first time realy verry soothinfg voice enjoyed


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