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Jaane de kismat ki naav

Posted on: September 5, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from the film Bhagyawaan-53. It is sung by Manna Dey and chorus. The Music Director is Avinash Vyas. Avinash Vyas always remained B and C grade film composer in Hindi, but in Gujarati Music scene he was a very big name on stage and films, winning several awards there.

Starting with the film “Mahasati Anusuya”-43, Avinash Vyas ( 21-7-1912 to 20-8-1984 ) gave music in 59 Hindi films, composing 438 songs. His last film in Hindi was Bhagwan Shrikrishna-85. He is on record for writing Lyrics in 2 films, one song each, namely for Aangan-59 and Bhakta Dhruv Kumar-64. He was a very talented composer. Unfortunately, he never got any support from any big banner production house. Even Gujarati producers did not patronise him for big banners and he remained in the crowd of Religious, stunt, costume ad Mythological films. Only one notable social film can be quoted in his favour- Adhikar-54, in which Avinash Vyas really gave some popular songs sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle.

Film Bhagyawaan-53 was made by Roopkamal Chitra, produced by Mahipat Rai and Anupchand Shah. This is the same production house and same producers who made the film “Begunah”-57, which was banned by Government. and all the negatives of this film were destroyed. This caused heavy loss to the producers and they bowed out of the industry for some time. But after some time, the pair came back with another production house named “Roopkala Pictures” and continued to make films.

Film Bhagyawaan-53 was directed by Datta Dharmadhikari. Datta was born on 2-12-1913 at Kolhapur in a lower middle class family. He studied up to Matriculation and started working in various film studios of Kolhapur. He first worked with Baburao pendharkar and then joined Prabhat. He learnt from almost every department of film making, except the Music department. He even acted a small role in film Sant Gyaneshwar -40, a bilingual in Marathi and Hindi. Having worked as an assistant director, he became independent Director with film ‘Shadi se pehle ‘-47. Simultaneously, he directed some very successful films in Marathi.

He established his own production company “Alhad Chitra “. Alhad ( means joy ) was his son, who worked as a child artiste in all his films- Hindi and Marathi. Datta re-made some of his successful Marathi films in Hindi, like Nanhe Munne-52 ( Chimni Pakhare in Marathi), Mahatma-53 in both languages and Suhagan-54 ( Suwasini in Marathi ).

When he produced film Mahatma-53 in Hindi and Marathi with an English version, he lost heavily and he was forced to sell everything he had. Things were so bad that his wife had to cook Tiffins for people to run the house. However Datta came out of this all. He started accepting Directorial work from other producers, both in Marathi and Hindi. His last film was in 1982. Datta Dharmadhikari died on 30-12-1982.

He directed 21 Marathi and 11 Hindi films. His films in Hindi are Shaadi se pehle-47, Maaya Baazaar-49, Nanhe Munne-52, Mahatma-53, Bhagyawan-53, Savdhan-54, Sudarshan Chakra-56, Deep jalta rahe-59, Subhadra Haran-64, Mujhe seene se lagaa lo-69 and last film Daulat ka Nasha-82. He gave break to a pair of Composers- Vasant-Ramchandra ( Vasant Pawar and Ramchandra Wadhavkar ) for 5 of his films in Hindi, but they could not get any work from other banners and their career in Hindi, as a pair, ended with these 5 films only.

Film Bhagyawaan-53 makes its Debut on this Blog with this song. This song is sung by Manna Dey and chorus. The song has a very good tune and is melodious. I am sure you too will like it. The film had only 5 songs written by 3 Lyricists. Today’s song is written by Ramesh Gupta.

The film is a tear jerker story of an unfortunate child, who, for no fault of his, suffers due to sad circumstances. However in the last real, he proves to be a lucky one for others. The story of the film is….

Chanda ( Alhad ) was a child with a branding of ‘Panauti’ ( ill-fated). His father died as soon as he was born and with this shock,his mother too dies soon. In small villages, such incidents are attributed to the bad luck of the child and he was called ‘inauspicious’by everyone. After parents’ death Chanda and Suraj (Balrah Sahni) his elder brother were given shelter by his kind Mama and a tyrant Mami (Lalita Pawar). Mami always taunted Chanda. When they grew up, Suraj got a job and he got married to Sindhu ( Nirupa Roy), who loves Chanda as her son.
Unfortunately suraj is transferred to another town and he shifted with his wife. Soon the Mama fell very seriously ill. Mami blamed Chanda for this sad happening and drove him out of their house. Chand, in desperation travelled somehow to the town where his elder brother Suraj was staying. When he reached their house he finds it locked. Not knowing what to do, he decides to end his life. Chanda proceeds to the Railway tracks. While walking on the tracks he finds that at one place the Rails are broken and there was a big gap. This could surely cause an accident. Chanda decides to stop the train at any cost.

He removes his shirt and ties it to a stick as a flag. He hears the sound of train coming fast. He starts running on the tracks towards the train, waving his flag to stop the train. He starts shouting also. The driver sees him and tries to stop the fast train. The train screeches to a halt few feet away from Chanda. Train Driver, Guard and few passengers run to him. When they see the broken tracks they thank Chanda for saving them. Chanda’s brother Suraj and Sindhu also come running to find him. Their mama and Mami alight from the same train and thank Chanda, calling him BHAGYAWAAN and not inauspicious !.

Song-Jaane de kismat ki naav (Bhaagyawaan)(1953) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Ramesh Gupta, MD-Avinash Vyas


jaane de
jaane de kismat ki naav
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

barsaane de ae ae
barsaane de
bhaavhi ko antar ki aag barsaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

bhaiya teri naiya ka raam rakhvaiya
raam rakhvaiya
uske bharose pe jaane de naiya
jaane de jaane de kismat ki naav
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

aa aa aa aa
aa aa
aa aa aa

maan apman sahe jaan bhagyvaan tu
jag ki sajaane waalaa shaaleen(?) insaan tu
shaaleen(?) insan tu
himmat na haar
tu himmat na haar
wo hi karega toofaanon se paar
jaane de
jaane de kismat ki naav
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

maat nahin taat nahin bandhu ka saath
bandhu ka saath
teri kismat ki naiya hai maalik ke haath
maalik ke hath
wo hi dubaaye wo hi taraaye
wo hi dubaaye wo hi taraaye
wo hi hai paar lagaiya aa
jaane de jaane de kismat ki naav
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

(o o o o o)
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

(o o o o o)
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de
jidhar jaaye udhar jaane de

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Welcome Back Atul ji …!!!
Thanks for presenting us this song-post here today.
Wishing you and all a very happy ‘Ganesh Utsav’ and a very Happy Teacher’s day today !!


@ Deshmukh Sir – many thanks for this detailed post with presenting this song on the blog.
On 15th Aug I had watched the film ‘Chakradhaari-1954’ and like its songs very much which are composed by Avinash Vyas ji. There must be many of his songs which I may have been listening without knowing that they are composed by him.
Thanks for the detailed info about Datta Dharmadhikari in today’s post.
Also thanks for the story of this film ‘Bhaagyawaan-1953’.
I had the good fortune of listening this today’s song many times while sending it to Atul ji almost two years back. I like this song very much as it is from my favorite category – ‘philosophical’ – of songs.
Thanks again,


Illusive Avinashbhai,
When you mentioned the film Chakradhari, my old memory about my connection with the film industry woke up. When working at Famous Studios at Mahalakshmi, Rungta sethji had given permission to me to go and work in any department, as long as I liked. I was in Editing Dept, where Chakradhari was being edited, I learnt the nick-nacks and tricks of editing, while working with Moviola and flat tables. I remember to having edited 80 – 90 % of the song ‘ Bolo he zamin bolo aasman’. Since during that period I was working with semi Govt office, I Gave my wife’s name ‘Bakul’ in the credit list under Asst Editor.


Wow !! It’s great Sir !!
I like this song very much. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


audio link:


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