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Parwaah nahin

Posted on: February 3, 2017

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I have so far discussed two songs from the movie “M S Dhoni the untold story”(2016). The first song appeared after about 20 minutes into the movie while the second song appeared after the next 20 minutes. So it was like clockwork- one song after every 20 minutes.

In my writeup for these songs, I covered what came before the song in the movie, so there were just 20 minutes worth of material in these write ups. Comments suggested that these writeups were rather too brief for the likings of the readers. 🙂

The third song does not come after another 20 minutes. Rather, things start happenning in the movie and it takes another one hour before the third song appears in the movie. So this writeup, covering the third song of the movie has one hour worth of material to be discussed plus some more facts that were not part of the movie. 🙂 So here we go.

Dhoni has some loyal friends in Ranchi who come to his help whenever he is in need. Considering his background, he can do with whatever help he may get.

Paramjit Singh, who owns a sports goods shop is one such person. I thought that a real Sardarji was playing this role but that is not so. The actor playing Paramjit Singh is a non sardarji called Sandeep Nahar who beat stiff competition from genuine sardars to land this role. After the movie was released, the wife of real Paramjit Singh phoned him and praised him for bringing the character of her husband alive on screen.

Paramjit Singh supports MSD by providing him with cricket gears and he is trying to get BAS bat company of Jullundhar to sponsor MSD, but the proprieter of that firm keeps snubbing Paramjit Singh all the time- “Ye Dhoni koi Tendulkar hai jo main usse sponsor karoon”. But Paramjit Singh never gives up and keeps pestering him to sponsor MSD. The proprieter, fed up, promises to think about it.

Deval Sahay (played by Kumud Mishra), a big cricket enthusiast and cricket administrator, gets MSD to play for his team CCL (Central Coalfields Limited) at a stipend of Rs 1500 per month, which is more than twice what MSD is getting at SAIL (Steal authority of India)-a sister company of MECON, where MSD’s father is employed.

MSD is shown playing a flood lit match in the colony. One ball is left and the opposition has to score five runs. Dhoni, captain of the fielding side instructs his bowler to bowl a fast one on the legs of the batsman. The batsman, Santosh Lal (played by Kranti Prakash Jha), is eyeing a girl watching from her second floor gallery, while holding “High School English grammar & composition” by Wren and Martin. The ball is delivered at his legs and he despatches the ball to the gallery from where the girl is watching the match.

The girl is suitably impressed and so is MSD. He goes up to the batsman and calls him-“Santosh, ye waala shot kahaan se seekha?”.

mazaa aaya ? thhappad shot kahte hain ham isko“- replies Santosh lal.

Dhoni-“hamko sikhaayega ?”

Santosh lal-“samosa khilaayega ?”

Dhoni-“haan khila denge“.

Santosh lal-“sikha denge.”

Just then, MSD’s friend Chittu aka Gupta(played by Alok Pandey) comes searching for him telling him that his father is desperately looking for him. When MSD comes home, his father denies looking for him. A few seconds later, all family members start giggling and break into broad smiles. They are happy because Deval Sahay has promised to take MSD in the CCL team at a good stipend and the second reason is the bat kit that has arrived from Jullundhar. So the proprietor of BAS has finally decided to sponsor this unknown player from Ranchi.

MSD immediately goes to the shop of Paramjit Singh.

Paramjit asks-“Kya hua, itna serious kyon hai?”.

An emotional MSD tell him -“kit bag aa gaya“. He has come to thank Paramjit.

tu paagal hai ?”- Paramjit Singh hugs him, and after a few moments, tells him-“ye to bas kit bag hai. Tu bas khelta jaa jaan laga ke. aur baaki Rab will take care. Aur haan , agle match mein mujhe ek century chaahiye“.

From the next day, Dhoni is seen learning this “thhappad” shot from Santosh Lal, which would later become known in the cricket world as “helicopter” shot.

The next match where MSD figures is 1999-2000 Cooch Behar under 19 final match between Bihar and Punjab at Jamshedpur. Bihar captain wins the toss and elects to bat.

Bihar coach, Chanchal Bhattacharji (role played by Sarvadaman Krishna Bannerji) advises his players to bat as long as they can, and that two selectors to select the team for the forthcoming u-19 world cup were there to watch the match. He advises the team for bat for at least 2 and half days. It is a great oppportunity to impress the selectors, he tells his players.

Bihar team keeps losing wickets at regular interval and they are 159/5 when Dhoni joins Ratan Kumar, the opener who is still holding fort at one end. The two add 111 for the sixth wicket, Dhoni’s contribution being 84, before he is the sixth wicket to fall at 270. Bihar innings ultimately folds up at 357.

When it is the turn of Punjab to bat, they lose their first wicket at 60 and the second at 267. Yuvraj Singh, who comes in to to bat at one down is the third batsman to get out with the score reading 608 ! He himself has scored 358, one run more than the entire Bihar team.

When the team for under-19 world cup is announced, the team reads- “Md Kaif(captain), R S Rikhy, Manish Sharma, R S Sodhi, Arjun Yadav, Yuvraj Singh, Venugopal Rao, Niraj Patel, Ajay Ratra (wk), Shalabh Srivastava, Mrityunjay Tripathi, Mihir Diwakar, S Vidyut, Anupam Dave.

Three more names which were discussed but not selected were Gautam Gambhir, Amit Deshpande (wk) and Rakesh Dhruv.

Dhoni is not even in the selectors’ radar. MSD’s friends are disappointed, but MSD is not. He takes it as a lesson to do better, because he realises that he would need to work harder and perform much better if he has to force his way into national team.

MSD’s next big opportunity is his selection for a Duleep Trophy match, but he is not aware and the Bihar Cricket Board based at Jamshedpur could be least bothered. MSD comes to know about his selection at night and he is required to reach Calcutta by next morning to catch the flight to Agartala. His friends hire a Tata Sumo at night and drive by road throughout the night. At one place their vehicle gets shut down. By the time their vehicle reaches the airport, the flight has already left.

The movie shows that MSD lost a big opportunity. In reality MSD caught the next flight to Agartala and arrived there in the afternoon and he joined the team in the reserves. Dhoni accompanied the team in their next match (against West Zone) and there too he was not in the playing XI. In any case, Dhoni had made his Ranji debut just the previous year and being considered for Duleep Trophy in the very next season shows that Dhoni’s performances were being noticed.

All these facts have not been mentioned in the movie though. The movie shows that MSD is heartbroken on losing this opportunity. As discussed, he would have remained in the reserves even if he had joined the team in time. His time for higher level of cricket had not yet arrived by 2000.

Then the scene shifts to Kharagpur. DRM (Divisional Railway Manager) of Kharagpur, Mr Animesh Kumar Ganguly (role played by Kali Prasad Mukherji), is a cricket enthusiast and he is seeking to build a strong team for his organisation South Eastern Railway. He has Satyaprakash (role played by Sanjay Dadhich), a Ranji Trophy player from Jharkhand in his team on sports quota. DRM has heard about MSD and he gives the task of recruiting MSD for Railways to Satyaprakash.

Satyaprakash visits MSD’s parents at Ranchi and gives this offer. The parents are only too pleased that their son would join as a Ticket Collector in Railways.

MSD reports at Kharagpur. DRM sahab, a keen bowler himself, is in the habit of testing the calibre of a new batting recruit himself. He bowls all varieries of deliveries and MSD is equal to the task. Satisfied, DRM sahab offers him the job of TC in Kharagpur.

It is shown that MSD goes for selection for Railway team where he is given just three balls to show his wicket keeping skills and other three balls for showing his batting skill and he is not selected.

I think that the movie is being quite economical with facts. By the time MSD joined Railways at Kharagpur, he was already a Ranji trophy player and in fact a Duleep Trophy player as well (non playing one of course) because he was called up for east zone team in Duleep Trophy (as shown in the movie). So he was already among the cream of east zone first class cricketers. It is highly unlikely that a Duleep Trophy player would get treated that shabbily in Inter Railway trials.

The picturisation shows Dhoni rather disturbed during his stay at Kharagpur because he has to spend first half of the day in Kharagpur Railway station and it is only in the second half that he gets to practice. How was he going to improve his game, Dhoni wonders. Here too I think the movie misrepresents facts just for dramatic effect. A railway employee participating in national level sports does not have to report for duty on those days. In any case, Dhoni was regularly playing in Ranji Trophy for Bihar (later Jharkhand) while he was posted at Kharagpur. Kharagpur is located between Calcutta and Jamshdpur, the two major cricketing centres of East Zone, and so MSD was quite conveniently located. Majority of first class cricketers in India are employed with some organisations or other and Railways are one of the major employers of sportsmen, including cricketers.

MSD played in Bihar / Jharkhand team which is traditionally populated with players of modest abilities and even lesser drive and ambition. Bihar, traditionally the number two team in East zone behind Bengal had regressed to third and sometimes even fourth place in the east zone after the emergence of Orissa and Assam. His Ranji team rarely won any matches, still MSD was gradually catching attention of zonal selectors.

The movie conveniently (or may be because of insufficient research) omits the fact that MSD became a regular in East Zone Deodhar Trophy team from 2002-03. In the next season 2003-04, MSD was in the east zone team as a pure batsman. He caught the imagination of fans in this season and East zone actually lifted Deodhar Trophy. Dhoni scored heavily in almost all matches. His best performance was a century against Central Zone. Karsan Ghavri, the east zone coach, was highly impressed and he predicted big things for MSD after this knock. This was a career defining knock for MSD.

The movie shows MSD dejectedly seated in a bench in Kharagpur Railway station. DRM comes up to him and gives him a pep talk to cheer him up. In reality, MSD was creating waves in Deodhar Trophy (the premier domestic one day tournament in India) at that time. 🙂

Nevertheless, DRM Sahab gives a pep talk to a disillusioned MSD, who then perks up. MSD then decides to participate in local soft ball cricket so that he could improve his limited overs batting skill. The two are seen standing up and leaving the platform.

Aur tum ye chool kyon nahin kaat’ta hai” (why don’t you get your hair cut) ?- DRM asks.
Hum badhaane ka soch rahe hain” (I am thinking of growing them).-MSD tells him.

Another sage advice-“Apna spoken English thheek karo. Aage kaam aayegaa” (Improve your spoken English. It will come handy in future.)”

It is then that the third song of the movie makes its appearance. MSD is seen participating in the local league, wearing the jersey of “Durga Sporing”, and the song plays in the background “Parwaah Nahin”. The song sounds a bit like “Eye of the Tiger” and it is just as inspiring to listen to.

So here is this third song from “M S Dhoni- the untold story. The song is sung by Sidharth Basrur. Lyrics are by Manoj Muntasir. Music is composed by Amaal Malik.

Audio (full)


Song-Parvaah nahin (M S Dhoni the untold story)(2016) Singer-Siddharth Basrur, Lyrics-Manoj Muntasir, MD-Amaal Malik


patthar ke hain sab raaste
parwaah nahin
dhundhle hain chehre khwaab ke
parwaah nahin
?? rehne do o o
ab jo bhi ho
parwaah nahin

sanki hua jaata hai dil
mann ki kiye jaata hai dil
kadke betahaasha ye
bijli hua jaata hai dil
sanki hua jaata hai dil,
mann ki kiye jaata hai dil
kadke betahaasha ye
bijli hua jaata hai dil
baadal mein dhoodhe hausle
pagla gaye hain hausle
gir jaaye ya ude
ab toote ya jude
parwaah nahin
parwaah nahin
ho o
hey yeah ae ae
parwah nahi yeah
ae ae ae ae
parwaah nahin ee ee ee ee
ye ah yeah

jhoothe hain ya sachche hain
sapne aakhir sapne hain
saare taare tumhi rakh lo
saare jugnu toh mere hain
jhoothe hain ya sachche hain
sapne aakhir sapne hain
saare taare tumhi rakh lo
saare jugnu toh mere hain
roke ruke na dil jale
pagla gaye hain hausle
ziddi hain dhadkanen
ab bigde ya bane
parwaah nahi
wo o o o
parwah nahin
ho o o o ho
parwaah nahin
yeah, ae ae ae ae
parwah nahi ee ee ee ee ee
yeah eh

saanson mein jo bhatti hai,
wo raat aur din dehakti hai
paani waani toh dhoka hai
yeh aag aag se bujhti hai
aaye toh aaye zalzale
pagla gaye hain hausle
sholon pe hum chalen
ab pighle ya jalen
parwaah nahin
o o o o
parwaah nahin
ho o o o o
parwaah nahin
ho o o o
parwaah nahin ee ee
yaeh aa aa

4 Responses to "Parwaah nahin"

When it comes to ‘Cricket’, Atulbhai can write such a long and interesting write-up, that even I with very limited knowledge and interest could enjoy and read at one stretch, shows his first huge love. (His second love is my foremost and ‘THE ONLY’ love.)


Equally interesting.
Looks like the movie has distorted some facts under the garb of ‘cinematic liberty’. Generally things are twisted to increase the importance of the hero, but here the makers seem to have hidden some good points ( for example, Dhoni reached calcutta and took another flight to the venue etc). May be their idea was to increase the suspense.
In any case, the write up being so interesting, I never felt it to be long at all.
Instead of ‘Untold story’ I hope it was not Unhappened facts !

on to the next episode now…..



I am also amazed at the minute details Atul ji knows about Dhoni’s life and career, in reality !!!


Very well played, Atul ji!
Such nuggets of information – real gems indeed.
Warm regards,
Avadh Lal


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