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Nanhi si gudiya aafat ki pudiyaa

Posted on: April 17, 2017

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“Maasoom” (1960) was directed by Satyen Bose for Bani Roop Chitra. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Sarosh Irani, Aziz, Honey Irani, Anuva Gupta, Manmohan Krishna, Mohan Choti, Chaman Puri, Bhagwan Sinha, Keshto Mukherjee, Master Nissar, Jeevankala, Gautam, Bir Sakuja etc in it.

This movie was made on the topic of children. Today, this movie is known mainly because of its iconic song viz. Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye .

This song has sadly overshadowed other songs of the movie. There were si songs in it, and all of them were nice songs to listen to.

Four songs from the movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the fifth song from “Maasoom” (1960) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Robin Bannerji.

The song is picturised as a lullaby song. Picturisation shows a mom (my guess is that she is Anuva Gupta, a pure guess going by the cast) singing this lullaby to her young kid, while two older kids (perhaps the elder siblings of the baby, or may be neighbourhood kids) are trying to take a batter look at the baby from outside the home, taking care not to be seen by the mom.

This picturisation must have taken place in 1960, so even the sleeping baby in the picturisation must be in his/her late fifties by now. 🙂 How time flies.

I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the actors in this picturisation.

I became aware of this lullaby song just now. What a lovely “lori” song it is, and it definitely deserves to be better known among HFM lovers. May be this song is already well known among music lovers, except me. 🙂


Song-Nanhi si gudiya aafat ki pudiya (Maasoom)(1960) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Robin Bannerji


nanhi si gudiya
aafat ki pudiya
nanhi si gudiya
aafat ki pudiya
soye rahi nindiya mein
khoye rahi re
nanhi si gudiya
aafat ki pudiya
soye rahi nindiya mein
khoye rahi re ae
nanhi si gudiya

o gori gori
nanhi si lori
ga ga ke tujhko jhoole jhulaaun
aaye jo nindiya
chanda ki bindiya
tujhko laga ke ye geet gaaun
ye geet gaaaun
nindiya ki raani
nindiya ki raani
teri deewaani
sapnon ki maala piroye rahi re ae
nanhi si gudiya

thhandi hawaaon
gul na machaao
nanhi ke kamre mein dheere se aao
bagiya ke toton
shaitaan ke poton
jo geet gaao
dheere se gaao
dheere se gaao
bistar bichha ke
bistar bichha ke takiya lagaa ke
chhoti si laado raani soye rahi re ae
nanhi si gudiya

jo kuchh padhhaaya
jo kuchh likhaaya
o meri banno
mat bhool jaana
powder lagaa ke
basta uthha ke
tadke hi tadke
school jaana
school jaana

2 Responses to "Nanhi si gudiya aafat ki pudiyaa"

Sleeping baby is Honey Irani & 2 older kids are, one Sarosh Irani & other mostly Aziz. Anuva Gupta is singing lullaby.


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