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Tu ameeron ka khuda hai to gareebon ka khuda kaun

Posted on: October 15, 2017

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“Kaneez”(1949) was directed by Krishn Kumar for Caravan Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Shyam, Munawwar Sultana, Urmila, Kuldeep Kaur, Cuckoo, Tiwari, Ramesh Sinha, Shyama etc in it.

There were twelve songs in the movie. Eight of these songs have been discussed in the past.

Here is the ninth song from “Kaneez”(1949) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Zeenat Begam. Shatir Ghaznavi is the lyricist.

The song is picturised on Munawwar Sultana who plays the lead role of a rich heiress who is forced to live as a servant (Kaneez) in her own household becuase of the machinations of the villains, before justice is done and she is restored to her usual position.

The movie had Ghulam Haider and Hansraj Bahl as the two music directors. The music director of this song is not known. I have assumed that Ghulam Haider is the music director of this song. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us who is the music director of this song.

I have not been able to get a word right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help decipher that word.



Song-Tu ameeron ka khuda hai to gareebon ka khuda kaun (Kaneez)(1949) Singer-Zeenat Begam, Lyrics-Shatir Ghaznavi, MD-Ghulam Haider


tu ameeron ka khuda hai
tu ameeron ka khuda
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
to gareebon ka khuda kaun
tere majbooron ki fariyaad
sune tere siwa kaun

dar badar thokaren khaane
tere gamkhaar chale
tere bandon ne sataaya hai to
laachaar chale
naam rah jaaye tera
naam rah jaaye tera
chhod ke ghar baar chale
teri duniya mein sune
tere gareebon ki sada kaun
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
tu ameeron ka khuda hai to
gareebon ka khuda kaun
tere majbooron ki fariyaad
sune tere siwa kaun

teri chaukhat pe jo sar
apna jhukaaye to gareeb
naaj waale
tere sau naaj uthhaaye to gareeb
tere ?? ki
tere ?? ki kismat bhi banaaye to gareeb
laaj rakhe teri duniya mein
gareebon ke siwa kaun
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
tu ameeron ka khuda
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
tu ameeron ka khuda hai
to gareebon ka khuda kaun
tere majbooron ki fariyaad
sune tere siwa kaun

3 Responses to "Tu ameeron ka khuda hai to gareebon ka khuda kaun"

Atul ji,

You may be correct to assume that the MD of the song under discussion was Ghulam Haider. The combination of singer and the lyricist for this song supports that assumption. Two songs which were accredited to Hansraj Bahl were sung by Geeta Dutt and were written one each by Sarshar Sailani and Hasrat Lucknawi.

There is an interesting story behind the making of the film ‘Kaneez’ (1949). The film was earlier titled as ‘Tehzeeb’ which was produced jointly by Syed Attaaulla Shah Hashmi and Krishna Kumar under the banner of Caravan Pictures and was directed by K D Mehra. The dialogues and Lyrics were by Shatir Ghanavi. I have a copy of the advertisement of this film which appeared in February 1946 in a film magazine (I forgot to note down the name of the film magazine).

When shooting of the film was in progress, the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan was announced. Krishan Kumar, co-producer of the film migrated to Bombay (Mumbai) along with the negatives of the incomplete film. It is my understanding that since the film was a Muslim social, Krishna Kumar may have waited for the dust of the communal tension to settle down before he could think of completing the film and releasing it. Most probably, he must have extensively re-shot the film as except for Munawwar Sultana (heroine) and Zilloobai, he had replaced all other actors like Santosh (hero) and Manorama with Shyam and Kuldeep Kaur respectively. The title of the film was changed to ‘Kaneez’. Dialogues were originally written by Shatir Ghaznavi were re-written by Hasrat Lucknawi. Krishna Kumar himself directed the film which was released in 1949 both in India and Pakistan. The film was a box office hit.

I have a feeling that there may have been some understanding between Syed Attaulla Shah Hashmi and Krishna Kumar, the producers of the film ‘Tehzeeb’. The credit title of the film ‘Kaneez’ mentions that the film is Syed Attaulla Shah Hashmi presentation while Krishna Kumar has been credited as producer-director of the film. Probably, Syed Attaulla Shah Hashmi may have been financially compensated by Krishna Kumar by other means such as getting the distribution rights of the film in Pakistan.


Even I guessed that if Shatir Ghaznavi was the lyricist then the MD must be Ghulam Haider.

Thanks for the details about the makings of this movie as shared by you which are quite interesting.




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