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Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro

Posted on: July 5, 2019

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2009-19) – Song No. 38

Today’s song is from the movie ‘Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal-1965’. This movie was introduced on the blog on this day ten years back viz on 5th July 2009.

The movie ‘Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal-1965’ is known mainly for its ‘epic song’ ‘Caravan guzar gaya’ written by Neeraj. The movie made its debut in the blog with this song.

Whenever I come across ‘milestone movies’, ‘epic movies’, or ‘the movies which have left a mark in the annals of Hindi film history’, I feel the urge to find out more about such movies and to share its songs on the blog if the opportunity for that still exists. I get an opportunity to share a song from this mvie today. I think that it is the first opportunity for me to cover a song composed by Roshan, one of my favourite music directors.

Though only one song from the movie is supposed to be left over, I found out that the number of leftover songs is not one but two.

As per HFGK this movie had seven songs (including one multiple version song) only. Movie information on wiki listed eight songs for this movie.

The one song not mentioned in HFGK is a song which plays in the background when the titles of the movie keeps rolling, and this is the song we are going to present here today.

The other remaining song from the movie is penned by Manmohan Tiwari according to HFGK. However, the movie titles only mention the name of Neeraj ji as lyricist for this movie.
So I guess that the today’s song is also written by Neeraj ji.

(I would request our editors and knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs.)

Now, for all such movies and their songs where we wish to cover the relevant details, trivia or biographical information about the ‘cast and crew’ of that movie we always have few posts which comes with such information.
Details of this movie and its songs, including trivia etc are covered in posts on the songs , viz.

Mero sainyya gulabiyo ko phool
Isko bhi apnaata chal usko bhi apnaata chal
Caravan guzar gaya gubaar dekhte rahe

After today’s post, just one more song from the movie is left to be covered. I can say that the remaining song will waiting for an appropriate occasion before that song gets covered. 🙂

Looking back at this date ten years back, songs from following movies were covered on the blog on 05th July 2009;

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‘Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal-1965’
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‘Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal’ was directed by R. Chandra for Shri. Vishwabharati Films. It had Tanuja, Rajeev, Leela Chitin, Shobhna Samarth, M.A. Latif, Renuka Rai, S.K. Prem, Ulhas, Bhalla, Raj Kishore, Khurshid Bawra and others.

Music for this movie was composed by Roshan and lyrics were written by Neeraj and Manmohan Tiwari (one song).

Today’s song is sung by Bhupinder Singh. It is a background song that plays with titles rolling on the screen. This song also has a second part which appears at the end of the movie.

Today’s song is a motivational song that seeks to inspire the new generation to bring about a positive change in the society for the upliftment of all. Thisis is in complete contrast to the debut song of this this movie ten years back on the blog, which was a ‘melancholic song’ (as Atul ji mentioned in his post ten years ago).

Let us now listen to today’s song …

Video (Part I)

Video (Part II)

Song-Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro (Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal)(1965) Singer-Bhupinder Singh, Lyrics-Neeraj, MD-Roshan


Part I
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaro
Khilo phalo is tarah ke
Poore chaman ka poora libaas badley
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaro

Likho jawaani ke naam khat wo
Ke phool ban jaayen khaar saare
Be-roshni ki lagaao kalmen
Zameen pe ugne lagen ae sitaare
Badaldo pichchhle hisaab aise
Ulat do gham ke naqaab aise
Ke sab ki sab ye zameen badley
Ke sab ka sab ye aakaash badley
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaro
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaro]

(Part 2)
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaro
Khilo phalo is tarah ke
Poore chaman ka poora libaas badley
Nayi umar ke naye sitaaron
Nayi fasal ki nayi bahaaron

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
(भाग -1)
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो
खिलो फलो इस तरह के
पूरे चमन का पूरा लिबास बदले
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो

लिखो जवानी के नाम ख़त वो
के फूल बन जाएँ खार सारे
बे-रौशनी की लगाओ कलमें
ज़मीन पे उगने लगे ए सितारे
बदलदो पिछले हिसाब ऐसे
उलट दो ग़म के नकाब ऐसे
के सब की सब ये ज़मीन बदले
के सब का सब ये आकाश बदले
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो
(भाग -2)
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो
खिलो फलो इस तरह के
पूरे चमन का पूरा लिबास बदले
नयी उम्र के नए सितारो
नयी फसल की नयी बहारो

2 Responses to "Nayi umar ke naye sitaaro"

Avinash ji,
This film was shot in Aligarh Muslim university campus. The plot of the film, as given on Wiki is…
” This is a story of a student, who in the prime of his career, gets ruffled up, become impulsive and is inclined to go against the discipline of the University. He and his enthusiastic friends are led away and misguided by an outside agency for personal motives. This is opposed by the Heroe’s own fiance – college girl in the same University, along with other supporters including his own brother. But before the realization dawns on the students, harm to the prestige of the community and harm to the family was done. Ultimately, it is realized that patriotism is not politics and the students can be patriotic and help the Mother Land in one and thousand ways without being politicians themselves, so long they are pursuing their studies. After having completed their studies, their whole life is before them. If this film is appreciated in its true perspective by the students and their parents it has served its purpose. (Extract from the statement of the Prime Minister of India Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri delivered in Allahabd and published in The Times of India dated 18 December 1965).”


Thanks for this information Sir. Actually this I read on wiki and YT link of the song/or the movie. I was looking for info on one song by Manmohan Tiwari and about this song which is not mentioned in HFGK. May be it is mentioned in the appendices/Corrigendum in HFGK which I am not able to refer and that I mentioned to Sudhir ji in message.
Thanks again,


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