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Moorakh baithha aaj ki soche

Posted on: October 31, 2020

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31/10/2020 – Remembrance day of S D Burman

Sab kahan kuchh laala-o-gul mein numaayan ho gayin
Khaak mein kya sooratien hongi jo pinhaan ho gayin

Yesterday I was at the farewell function for officers retiring in my office. Many people were there, and the officers were felicitated with customary shawl and coconut, bouquet and token gifts etc. All attendees were wearing masks and photos were clicked. While all this was going on, there flashed the second line of the above sha’ir by Ghalib. With a change of one word, the sha’ir perfectly suits the situation, as is:

Sab kahan kuchh laala-o-gul mein numaayan ho gayin
“Mask” mein kya sooratien hongi jo pinhaan ho gayin


We commemorated 114th birth anniversary of the Dada Burman or Burman Da, as he was affectionately called by colleagues and friends, senior and juniors alike, a month ago. Now it is his 45th death anniversary today. He formed an immortal dynasty with son R. D. Burman, which is unparalleled. As a father, he is bound to have a bigger hand in forming RDB, the musical phenomena than vice versa.

I have been a die-hard fan of S. D. Burman’s songs, whether they are by Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Talat Mehmood, Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhosle. I want to list my favourite by each of these singers, here it is:

Singer Song
Kishore Kumar Dil aaj shaayar hai
Mukesh Chal ri sani ab kya soche
Talat Mehmood Jalte hain jiske liye
Lata Mangeshkar Ab to hai tum se
Asha Bhonsle O panchhi pyaare saanh sakhaare
Geeta Dutt Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam
Hemant Kumar Jaane wo kaise log the inke

(Not including the favourite Rafi songs and duets, saving it for another post)

A few trivia found on the net about the song of “Pyaasa” listed above:

• Jane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila – The tune of the line “Humne to jab kaliyan maangi” in this song may have been S.D. Burman’s adaptation of the line “Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha” from the Indian national anthem composed by Rabindranath Tagore.
• Jane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila – This was the only song in the film in which the voice of a male singer other than Mohammed Rafi was used. S.D. Burman’s decision to use Hemant Kumar for this song may have been to fulfill a promise he had made to the singer to give him at least one song a year – a promise Hemant Kumar himself reminded the composer of. Additionally, the fact that the song was influenced by Rabindra Sangeet may have swung the decision in favour of Hemant Kumar, a seasoned practitioner of this form of music.

I cannot talk about S. D.Burman and not rewind immortal songs of Abhiman, Guide, Tere ghar Ke saamne, Sujata, Bandini, Bambai ka babu, Pyasa, Kaaghaz ke Phool, Sharmilee, Paying guest, kaala bazaar, Kaala Pani, Jewel thief, Prem Pujari, Gambler, Talaash, Sharmilee etc.

The total songs composed by S. D. Burman are 666 in 87 movies. Out of these 666 songs which must include non-film songs too, 637 are already posted in the blog. This tally must exclude the songs composed for Bengali/Assamese and Oriya films. 23 songs sung by S. D.Burman are posted in the blog, so they may include some Bengali songs too. With less than 30 songs to complete the tally, it was bound to be a tough task to find a song to post. Still I did find a 50’s song, a solo by Shamshad Begum from the film “Chaalis Baba ek chor”. Lyricist is Pyarelal Santoshi. Eight songs from this film are posted out of 12 songs. I have only the audio of the song, which appears with to be in two parts and it is mentioned as two separate songs elsewhere. So there may not be 12 songs in this film.

The song itself appears like a kid is singing this song, with family members. Trying to make light of the financial problems, the singers all are enjoying making fun of their own situation. This is a feat, not easy to achieve, however worse or bad are the times.

Myswar is mentioning 4 solos by Shamshad Begum. One of those songs is titled “doodhwala bhaiyya aaya maange rupaiyya”, this seems to go with the theme of this current song which refers to sethani(land lord), dhobi, darzi etc. so dhoodwala coming and asking for his money is in same vein. Some links on youtube are giving name “darji hai kapda chor”. But I couldn’t find the “doodhwala bhaiyya” song, and it is not part of the links that I heard of the current song.

Shamshad Begum, is one of the most prolific playback singers of her generation. As per the stats page, she has sung 1273 songs in her career, 695 of which are posted in the blog.

Song-Moorakh baithha aaj ki soche (Chaalis Baba ek Chor)(1954) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-S D Burman
Unknown male voice


Ae ji moorakh baithhaa aa
aaj ki soche
aur kal ki soche siyaa..aanaa
kaal ke pankh pasaare dekho
udtaa aa aaa
jaaye zamaana aa

ae ji hafton se
ae ji maheenon se
ae ji barson se
apni ye gaadi rahi chal
aaj nahin kal baba
aaj nahin kal
baba aaj nahin kal
baba aaj nahi kal

shor machaati wo aayi sethhaani
naam hai baby
baby ee
haan haan baby raani
bigdi deewaani
budhiya naani
kehne lagi ee
kehne lagi ee
de do kiraaya yaa
jaao nikal
ham ne kahaa
aaj nahin kal baby
aaj nahin kal
uss ne kahaa aaj
nahin kal
aaj nahin kal
baby aaj nahin kal
baby aaj nahin kal
baby aaj nahin kal

ae ae ae
chor chor chor chor
darji hai kapda chor
hamaara darji hai kapda
chor chor chor chor
darji hai kapda chor
hamaara darji hai kapda chor
dil ka chhotaa
neeyat ka khotaa
kapda diya thha knicker banaane
laaya banaa ke langotaa
ultaa machaave shor
machaave shor
o kapda
chor chor chor chor
darji hai kapda chor
hamaara darji hai kapda
chor chor chor chor

dhobiye ne dhobi dhobi
dho dho dho
dho dho dho

dhote to ho betaaj (?)
ae ji dhobi ke jhoote thaathh
ghar mein
tooti taati khaat
tooti taati
tooti taati

tooti taati khaat
bichha kar
soye puraana taat
gadhe par
baitthaa jaave ghaat
gadhe par
gadhe par
gadhe par

dhobi ke dekho thhaath
kisi ki pant
kisi ka coat
pehan kar bana
governer laat

3 Responses to "Moorakh baithha aaj ki soche"



Wah ji, you found the link of the other version, with the stanza ‘dhoodhwala bhaiyya aaya maange rupaiyya”. I was looking for this. This has atleast 2 different antara’s from the posted song.

Thanks and regards.


Thanks for the detailed post with rare trivia, enjoyed very much reading it, thanks Madam ji


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