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Piyaa binaa jal rahi main yahaan

Posted on: April 23, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Last year, this post of mine spoke of “Sholay” inspired movies. Today’s song is from another “Sholay” inspired movie.

“Aandhi Toofan” that released in 1985 was directed by B. Subhash and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. It had a cast of Hema Malini, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Kajal Kiran, Shatrughan Sinha, Mithun Chakravarthy, Shashi Kapoor (if I remember right, his was a special appearance), Danny, and Raj Kiran, Mac Mohan, Mazhar Khan, Tej Sapru, Sudhir etc. etc.

The cast of this movie has two actors who were part of the Hindi film industry since 1948:- (1) Sajjan who played Hema Malini’s father in “Johnny Mera Naam” was her servant in this one. (2) Raj Mehra who has played senior characters in many movies up till 1993 was Hema’s father in this.

The story was very very simple. Shashi Kapoor, a cop, arrests Balvir (Danny) who in turn wrecks havoc and kills the cop’s family. He then captures the cop who has gone on his trail, ties him up and when the new-bride goes to try and save him Balvir rapes her brutally in addition to killing the cop. The widowed wife (Hema) takes it on herself to seek revenge. She seeks help of two men Ballu (Mithun) and Raghu (Shatru) in this mission. The story is that simple.

I was reminded of today’s because of Prakashchandraji’s comment on this post. Exactly a year back I had a posted for “Gaana Kogile” (singing cuckoo in Kannada) or Isaikkuyil (as in Tamil for cuckoo) or the “Nightingale of South India’s” 82nd birthday. It is a year already and here we are wishing S. Janaki or Janakiamma, as her South Indian fans & film folks call her, on her next birthday. Here is wishing her health and happiness.

The song is a stage dance. We have Hema Malini performing almost like the Shiv-Taandav with flashbacks of the wedding and happenings that followed it. The song was written by Anjaan and Bappi Lahiri is the music director.



Song-Piyaa binaa jal rahi main yahaan (Aandhi Toofaan)(1985) Singer-S Janaki, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Bappi Lahiri

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

piyaa binaa aaa aaa aaaa
piyaa binaa aaa aaa aaa
piyaa binaa aaa aaaa aaa aaaa

jal rahi main yahaan
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa….aaaa…aaaaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaa…aaa
jal rahi main yahaan
jaley saari dharti ee
jaley saaraa ambar
jaley saari dharti ee
jaley saaraa ambar
jal rahey do jahaan
donon yahaan
jal rahi main yahaan…aan
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa….aaaa aaaaaa
piyaa binaa aaa aa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaa…aaa…aaa…aaa
jal rahi main yahaan

aisi sulgi jeevan mein
chingaari eee eee
chingaari eee eee
pal mein meri jal gayee duniyaa saari…ee…eee…eee…eeee
saari eee eee
sang jo mere
tu yahaan nahin
phir to kahin
kuchch bhi nahin
chain dil ko kahaan..aaan..aaan
tere binaa…aaa
jal rahi main yahaan
piyaa binaa…aaaaa
piyaa binaa…aaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa
jal rahi main yahaan

aise tujhko jis ne mujhse chheenaa…aaa..aaaa…aaa
hogaa mushkil ab uss kaa bhi jeenaa…aaa…aaa….aaaa
leke jo qasam
toone de dee jaan
poori main ussey ae
karoongi yahaan
teri kasam saajnaa…aaaa
de doongi jaan
jal rahi main yahaan
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa…aaa…aaaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaa…aaa
jal rahi main yahaan
jaley saari dharti
jaley saaraa ambar
jal rahey do jahaan
donon yahaan
jal rahi main yahaan…aan
jal rahi main yahaan..aaan
jal rahi main yahaan
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaaa….aaaaaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaaa…aaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaaa…aaa
piyaa binaa…aaa…aaaaa…aaa

6 Responses to "Piyaa binaa jal rahi main yahaan"

Lost the race, 🙂
Every year I used to sent the lyrics of this song from 2015 for S.Janaki`s Birthday :
(orignally sent on 22th April, 2015)
Happy to see that the song in the blog…… Last.

starcast:Hema Malini,Shatrughan Sinha,Danny Denzongpa,
Mithun Chakraborthy,Meenakshi Sheshadri,
Raj Kiran,Mazhar Khan,Kaajal Kiran,Mac Mohan,Sudhir,Goga Kapoor,
Tej Sapru,Om Shiv Puri,Sulochana Latkar,
Jagdish Raj,Raj Mehra,Sajjan,Paintal,Chaand Ushmani,
Manik Irani,Pinchoo Kapoor,Master Imran
Prema Narayan

Producer:Pahlaj Nihalani
production house:Vishal deep International`s


You have not lost the race. Your lyrics is what I relied on and just pointed it out to Atulji
Anyways we are not in any race we are here to enjoy music 😃


Your name is mentioned as the lyrics contributor.


Thanks Madam ji
For remembering me while writing the post………


From the story described by you, it could have been titled ‘Sholay returns’. But then there are many such movies, could have been imaginatively titled ‘Sholay turns’ Sholay returns’ Sholay re-returns’ and Sholay turns a corner’ etc.


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