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De Taali, De De De De Taali

Posted on: June 20, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

In one of his recent posts our Avinash ji has suggested that there should be a category of posts – ‘Post inspired by fellow Atulite’ or ‘Post inspired by Atulite WA group chat’. I would like to borrow a phrase from Sudhir ji ‘thank you for the nudge’ and direct it towards Avinash ji. If not for Avinash ji I would have written this post a month later. Don’t know how I mixed up dates. And there have been posts wherein Atul ji has credited me with being good at remembering dates. It is not so Atul ji, calendars also need reminders.

I am 100% sure that the followers of this blog and non-followers too will be aware of a movie that released in the 70s. 1975 to be exact. It went by the name ‘Sholay’. It was a multi-star-cast movie that ran for years in a single cinema hall in Mumbai. This blog has already covered each and every song possible from that movie with detailed posts accompanying them. I am sure, the readers are wondering, why I am revisiting the movie then? Well ‘Sholay’ is something like an ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ (1977) or any other formula movie. ‘AAA’ had a lost-and-found formula which was repeated in many movies after it. ‘AAA’ itself was a copy of numerous movies preceding it with the lost-and-found theme. It can be safely said that Indian movies thrive as much on the stories of the Ramayan and Mahabharata as they do on the lost-and-found theme.

So, where does ‘Sholay’ fit, in the scheme of things? Well, the ‘Thakur-Dacoit-Hired help’ formula has been repeated in a few movies too. Personally I have seen three movies on that story-line, there may be more. Two of them had a female for Thakur. That is, someone out to avenge the injustice meted out to her assisted by guys – ladies were SUPPOSED to be naajuk, bebas, etc. and a widow to add masala to the story. I am sure a woman of the new millennium will protest at the description of bebas, naajuk – even I will protest. There were Basanti and Radha as love interests in ‘Sholay’ – all the remakes also had ladies to distract the Veeru and Jai of the remakes.

Yesterday I saw ‘Army’ which had released on 28th June 1996 i.e. exactly 8 days short of 24 years ago. It was directed by Raam Shetty, produced by Nitin Manmohan and Mukul Anand and had music by Anand Milind. This is one of the ‘Sholay’ remakes that I spoke of in the previous paragraph. It has Sridevi playing a pregnant widow out to avenge her husband’s death for which she takes the help of five prisoners who are on the death-row. I hope the ‘Sholay’-connect has been explained. Explaining further- there it is two prisoners, here it is five. There the prisoners escape hoodwinking the ‘Angrezon ke zaamane ka Jailor‘; here Sridevi helps the prisoners get out of prison using sleep-inducing sweets. In ‘Sholay’; the thakur’s house was on a hillock overlooking the village, even that was replicated in ‘Army’. The prisoner’s are holed up in a secluded house that overlooks the area adjoining the palace of Sridevi’s tormentor. This was then the background of the movie from which I am presenting a song to our today’s birthday boy.

Coming back to the thoughts expressed in the opening paragraph, I asked Avinash ji if he was aware of the favourites of our today’s birthday boy. Favourite actor, singer, music director etc. Both of us thought hard and found that we don’t know much about his favourites but he knows all of us fairly well. What I do know, he has a ‘more than’ good knowledge about cricket and movies. He loves his pets and they are the family that live with him as his wife is working in a different town and daughter is a student elsewhere. Of late I have discovered that he has a love for the progresses that the country has made in the various sectors post the ’98 Pokharan tests. He is proud to be employed in the biggest service provider of the nation.

In addition to all that he has a unique sense of humor, which surfaces often on the blog in his posts and is given the title “Atulism” by our very own Rajaji.

Its is the birthday of the brain behind this blog, our Ranchiwala Gaanewala (Sudhir ji’s title for him). Wish you a very Happy Birthday Atul ji from your Army of contributors. We wish you all the best with lots of fun and music.

Today’s song is a lively song where the prisoners are having a party-like song and dance before escaping from the prison. It is sung by Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet and Vinod rathod. The two male singers are playback for Ravi Kishan. Ronit Roy, Sudesh Berry, Mohnish Behl and Harish who feed the jailor Kiran Kumar a laddo during the song and the favour is returned by the jailor. So when the song ends the rest of Sridevi’s Army have to bodily carry him out of the prison. It was an entertaining movie but becomes too violent towards the end. Whatever gory violence was snipped out of ‘Sholay’ found itself here.

Once again wishing our leader Atul ji a very Happy Birthday

Song – De Taali, De De De De Taali  (Army) (1996) Singer – Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet, Vinod Rathod, Lyrics – Sameer, MD – Anand Milind


hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho

chaudi chaudi sadak nahin
koi tadak ya bhadak nahin
oonche oonche ghar nahin
lafda jhagda darr nahin
shor sharabaa yahaan nahin
khoon kharaba yahaan nahin
kehne wale jail kahein
par yahaan badi khush haali
de taali de de de de taali
de taali de de de de taali

chaudi chaudi sadak nahin
koi tadak ya bhadak nahin
oonche oonche ghar nahin
lafda jhagda darr nahin
shor sharaba yahan nahin
khoon kharaba yahan nahin
kehne wale jail kahein
par yahan badi khush haali
de taali de de de de taali
de taali de de de de taali

aaaa aaaa aaaa

hansi udaaye yaar hamaari
baat koi na maane
hum kaise andar aayein hain
koi bhi na jaane
baahar jeena hai to yaaro paisa chaahiye
khaana peena hai to yaaro paisa chaahiye
naukri maangoon to sarkaar paisa maange
khaali ghoomoon to dost yaar paisa maange
taxi chalaoon hawaldaar paisa maange
ghar jo jaoon to parivaar paisa maange
kisi bank mein mera koi khata nahin
koi fokat mein khaana khilaata nahin
apna to yeh kehna hai
humko andar rehna hai
apna toh yeh kehna hai
humko andar rehna hai
yahan toh apni zindagi hai tension se khaali
de taali de de de de taali
de taali de de de de taali
hae haa ho
hae haa ho

bina degree ke kaam yahaan sab ko mile
kaam karte hi daam yahaan sab ko mile
yahaan time se roti sab ko mile
dal chaawal boti sab ko mile
bina bhaade ke kholi sab ko mile
arre yaar humjoli sab ko mile

haan haa haa haaa
hoo hoo oo
aaj ka din bhi achha din hai
sundar bada muhoorat hai
tum jaise logon ki pyaare
baahar bahut zaroorat hai
baahar jao
jaa ke duniya walon ko samjhao
subah shaam marne waalon ko tum jeena sikhlaao
jo bhi baahar jayega woh jeevan bhar pachhtayega
jo bhi baahar jaayega
woh jeevan bhar pachhtayega
baahar jaake milegi humko nafrat gurbat gaali
de taali de de de de taali
de taali de de de de taali

chaudi chaudi sadak nahin
koi tadak ya bhadak nahin
oonche oonche ghar nahin
lafda jhagda darr nahin
shor sharaba yahaan nahin
khoon kharaba yahaan nahin
kehne wale jail kahein
par yahaan badi khush haali
de taali de de de de taali
de taali de de de de taali
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho
hae haa ho

3 Responses to "De Taali, De De De De Taali"

Thanks a lot, Peevesie’s mom.
I was not aware of this movie and its song.
It is a curious coincidence that Ravi Kishan, the lead actor of this movie, is at present Member of Parliament from nowhere else but Gorakhpur !


I am glad to have found a movie that you have not seen or heard of.
Wish you a very happy birthday once again.
May u have a great day


Good post – had me guessing what the Sholay connection was. 🙂
I’ve seen Army, but I never somehow saw it as a Sholay-inspired film.
Found it quite an OK film.
Or maybe it was cos at that time Sridevi was on a downward trend, as Madhuri was on top.
So it was good to see Sridevi in a different type of role, compared to her earlier roles.
I don’t remember this song though.
The only song I remember is the title song.

Happy birthday once again, Atul.


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