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Paschim se aazaadi aayi fashion ki shahzaadi aayi

Posted on: March 22, 2022

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Today’s song is a foot tapping song from the film Fashionable wife-1959.

Nepotism,Corruption and Lack of Nationalism are the 3 ills common to most Indians.These things have been so common that not only now they are deep rooted in our behaviour, but also we have stopped considering them as vices anymore. They are a part of our life in many ways.

Corruption at every level of every aspect of our living is practiced unabashedly. From giving bribes to a policeman for breaking a traffic rule to giving bribes to get a Govt. Contract has become an easy way to replace discipline and hard work. After 15th August and 26th January, torn Indian Flags on the road and in the dustbins as well as stealing Govt. property from Railway Coaches and Govt. offices is a routine sight we come across. The plum jobs going to close relatives of big officers is no longer considered a crime !

These are very irritating matters when they concern and trouble us. If it is not concerning us, we take them philosophically !

In India these 3 criminal vices are spread to all walks of life and are found in almost every department. Can our Film Industry be far off from this ? Certainly Not !

Those already successful and adorning a high pedestal position in the film line, try to push their children or siblings into this line, irrespective of whether they have the talent or not. For others ” The Casting Couch” is seen as a kind of corruption or ‘wilful’ bribing. Making films with distorted History intentionally and glorifying the historical characters who looted India and did unlimited harm to Indians is nothing but a lack of Nationalism !

Nepotism is one ill which has been there in the films from the beginning. Bringing sons and daughters-even the wife- as actors has been there always. The Heroine of the First Indian Talkie film “Alam Ara”-1931, Zubeida had her 2 sisters and mother in the film line. One of the actors of this film- Prithviraj kapoor practically became the father of Indian films. His all sons, Grandsons, great grandsons and daughters came into films.

Acting is not a Genetic quality. It is not necessary that every successful actor or director’s children can become successful actors automatically. More often than not the star sons and daughters have (luckily) failed, saving the audience the trauma of bearing their stony presence on the silver screen. There is a long list of such failed stars, star sons and star daughters, but I quote here only a few examples.

It is said that ‘No trees can grow under a Banyan Tree’. This is absolutely true and applicable in Film industry. Except in cases like the Kapoor family, i.e. Raj,Shammi and Shashi,who made their bright careers despite the shadow of their Father and other Brothers, we find that many of the sons,daughters,brothers or sisters of many popular and famous film stars were failures and never made it big in Hindi cinema.

We know cases like Suneil Anand, Nasir Khan, Tony Walker, Naina Sahu, Meera Joglekar, Ajit Chitnis, Rajendranath, Narendranath, Anup Kumar, Mallika, Khursheed Jr., Simple Kapadiya, Shivangi Kolhapure, Preeti Ganguly, Radhika and many more. In spite of having all the backing of famous family members, these and so many others just did not make it, because Talents are not always hereditary !

They all were given fair opportunities to display their talent on the screen , but unfortunately despite their honest effort their skill could not come out & the viewers were left unimpressed . They were selected by big banners and well experienced directors were there to guide them. But their talent remained hidden inside them and with their nonexistent artistry they disappointed their mentors. Non-actor Sohan Kapila was in the romantic lead of Filmistan’s Babar , which was released in 1960. Hemen Gupta , distinguished director ,who earlier had directed Anand Math for Filmistan ,directed the movie and it also had the winning combination of Sahir & Roshan. Dependable character actor Gajanan Jagirdar did the role of great Moghal Emperor Babar . But the movie flopped ,as the new hero failed pathetically to register any emotion on his face. A big jolt for Seth Tola Ram Jalaan ,who was already facing financial problems. Mr. Kapila appeared in 2-3 movies in inconsequential roles and disappeared from the scene forever . His daughter Padmini Kapila also pursued a film career ,but could not achieve much success .

There were many other actors like him ,who got a chance to appear opposite illustrious heroines , unfortunately their effort did not make any impact on the cine loving public. Watching their miserable performance on the screen , no film maker came forward to sign them . Out of sight is out of mind ,it was a matter of time when the public as well as the film industry forgot them.

Malhaar, as the name suggests, is a musical film produced by great singer Mukesh in 1951 . It had a story by veteran actor S K Prem & its evergreen music was composed by Roshan . The movie had newcomers Arjun & Shammi (Nargis Rabadi ). Arjun did get another chance in Daku Ki Ladki to please the viewers with his emoting before the camera, but could not succeed and it was the end of his career.

Rattan Chopra the lucky boy was selected for films , among hundreds of aspirants . Mohan Kumar had suffered a huge setback when Aman flopped .He took the newcomer for Mom Ki Gudia ,opposite Tanuja, with great hopes. Unfortunately , Mom Ki Gudia failed to dispel the gloom and sank to the rock bottom. Acting was not his cup of tea ,Rattan Chopra understood & wisely opted out of the race of stardom.

K. Amarnath introduced new comer Vijay Kumar in his 1954 offering Alif Laila opposite Nimmi & Asha Mathur . Sohan Kapila and Vijay Kumar had impressive physiques , but had no clue about acting. The movie had lilting music by Shyam Sunder ,which was his last contribution towards the film industry . Helen for the first time got a chance to perform solo in the movie & for many decades she remained on top. But for Vijay Kumar it was his first & last chance.

Another non actor Premendra was introduced by old timer Vijay Bhatt in Holi Aayee Re (1970),which was directed by his younger sibling Harsukh Bhatt. It was pathetic to watch Premendra unsuccessfully trying to showcase his imaginary ability in the field of acting .The movie flopped phenomenally & a huge investment made by Bhatt Brothers went up in a cloud of smoke. Premender with Kumud Chhugani in Holi Aayee Re.

There were some more like Pratibha Sinha, Archan Gupta, Jayant Gupta, Ashok Sharma, Nusrat Kardar, Rajeev kapoor, Manish kumar, Navinchandra, Aroop kumar, Prashant, Shalini, Kaycee Mehra, Vikram, Shekhar Suman, Deepak kumar, Ajay, Som Dutt and many more.

Among them, some film names which I remember off hand are Arjun in Malhar-51, Rattan Chopra in Aman-67,Mom ki Gudia-72, Vijay Kumar in Alif laila-54,Premendra in Holi aayee re-70, Deepak kumar in Aabroo-68, Ajay in Wapas-69, Som Dutt in mann ka meet-68, Vikram in Julie-75,Rajeev Kapoor in Raam teri Ganga maili-85, Shekhar Suman in Utsav-84, Kaycee Mehra in Chhabilee-60 and Mem Didi-61, Prashant in Sehra-63, Ashok Sharma in Hamari yaad aayegi-61, Ajit Chitnis in Aaj ki baat-55, Nusrat Kardar in Dard-47, Manish in SaraswatiChandra-68, Rajiv in Nayi umar ki nayi fasal-65, Aroop kumar in Bezubaan-62 etc etc.

All this came to my mind when I saw the film cast of Fashionable wife. The cast included Jaymala, Abhi Bhattacharya, Anup Kumar, Radhakishen, Manorama, Leela Mishra, Daisy Irani and many others. heroine Jaymala was the wife of the producer, director and the owner of the banner ‘Adarshlok’, Bombay – B.K.Adarsh. This was her Debut film as a Heroine. At first glance, one will tend to feel that being the director’s wife must have been her way to be the film’s Heroine. But to be fair, she was already in the film line before marriage, though not as a Heroine.

Jaymala was born on 21-8-1938 at kasur, Punjab. She always craved to become an actress. She came to Bombay along with a relative and got a small role in the film Mandir-1948.

Her first major film was Hazar pariyan-1957. Some of her films were Ramudada, Durga pooja, Harshchandra Taramati, Love and Murder, Spy in Rome, Rambha Haran, Balak, Sampoorna Teerth Yatra, Veer Arjun, Babruwahan, Aaj ka ye Ghar etc.

She acted in 24 films. She even sang a song in the film Fashionable wife-1959.

After marriage with Adarsh Lok,she debuted as a Heroine in FASHIONABLE WIFE-1959. She had a double role in this film.Then she continued with Adarsh Lok’s films as a Heroine only. After husband’s death, she managed his production company. Her last film was Private Life-1983, as a Heroine and a Producer. Her son Taran Adarsh is a famous film critic.

She died on 27-7-1997 in Mumbai.

It is a coincidence that my last post was also on a film where sisters were seen in double roles. Today’s film also has sisters in double roles again. The film story is…

FASHIONABLE WIFE-1959 was produced and directed by Adarsh Lok, the Music Director was the duo of Suresh-Talwar ( Assistant Johnny Gomes) and the lyricist was Bharat Vyas. Story,Screenplay and Dialogues were by Waheed Qureshi. The cast was Jaymala, Abhi Bhattacharya, Anup Kumar, Leela Mishra, Iftekar, Nazir Hussain, Achala Sachdev, Radha Kishen, Manorama etc.

Girdhari and Susheela were a couple who continuously fought over only one point-how to bring their twin daughters. Susheela wanted them to be traditional and Girdhari was keen on making them ultra modern” to face the new World’. Finally the couple separated with Ragini opting for the traditional Mother and Kamini staying with her Modern Papa.

Ragini marries Balraj(Abhi Bhattacharya) and she is very happy. However her Mother in law(Leela Mishra) is not happy with her and there are daily fights, culminating in Ragini leaving her house and doing social work independently.

Kamini marries Natwar(Anup Kumar), her Dance trainer and happily lives with him, enjoying life. She has no time for any household responsibilities. She spends quite a lot arranging frequent parties. Due to all this her young devar Raju runs away from the house and Natwar is also fed up with her.

In short both the girls have a spoiled family life.

There is comic relief in the form of Manorama and Radha Kishen, who are the neighbours.

After many twists, coincidences and meaningless happenings, the girls learn their lessons. The film tries to stress that Traditional ways are always better, but they also must mix a little modernity in keeping with the times.

At the end Girdhari and Susheela unite,so do Kamini-Natwar and Balraj and Ragini.

Today’s song is sung by Jaymala and chorus. This is the only song which she ever sang in films. With this song she makes her Debut as a singer,on our Blog.

In the second half of the 50’s decade, films were deeply influenced by Rock N Roll music. This song is also like that.

Song- Paschim se aazadi aayee fashion ki shehzaadi aayee (Fashionable Wife)(1959) Singer-Jaymala, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Suresh Talwar
Unnown male voice


paschim se aazaadi aayi
fashion ki shahzaadi aayi

hey hey ae
paschim se aazaadi aayi
fashion ki shahzaadi aayi
oonchi aedi bikhre baal
lovely lovely chaal

wo lad gaye log puraane
ha ha
ab aaye naye zamaane
ha ha
ye rang badalti nayi hawaayen
gaaye naye taraane
la lar la lar la lar la lar la la la

wo beet gaye afsaane
aa haa
ab geet hain naye banaane
aa haa
ye saadi aur salwaar badalkar
frock pant pahnaane
jhat se baal karo ye down
madam sar se pahno gown
madam m m m
ha ha ha ha ha
hey paschim se aazaadi aayi
fashion ki shahzaadi aayi
oonchi aedi bikhre baal
lovely lovely chaal

ye ghar ke jhanjhat tyaago
aa haa
picnic ke liye kahin bhaago
aa haa
bandhan ki kadiyaan tod phod
dharti ki pariyaan jaago
la la la lar la la la
la lar la la la la la

makeup har waqt sambhaalo
aa haa
sheesha har baar nikaalo
aa haa
in laaj bhari do aankhon par ek kaala chashma daalo
madam munh mein lo cigarette
khula hai aazadi ki gate
madam m mm
ha ha ha ha ha
paschim se aazaadi aayi
fashion ki shahzaadi aayi
oonchi aedi bikhre baal
lovely lovely chal

honthon pe lagaao laali
baalon pe chadhhaao jaali
nakhoon badha ke sister
jhatpat dhoondho apna mister
ha ha ha ha ha
aa ha ha ha

kho jaao dance mein
ho ho
haay romance mein
kho jaao dance mein
haay romance mein
very good
mast bahaaron se ye aati hai sada
banke fashinable wife
bana do aaj kisi ki life
banke fashinable wife
paschim se aazaadi aayi
fashion ki shahzaadi aayi
oonchi aedi bikhre baal
lovely lovely chaal

2 Responses to "Paschim se aazaadi aayi fashion ki shahzaadi aayi"

It sounds nice and lovely to hear the song – SURESH TALWAR music in films are quite melodious. It is very disappointing that videos of their songs like TEERATHYATRA ETC. – HAMARE TEERATH NYARE HAIN – are not available and JAYMALA has sung quite sonorously. Your write up interspersed with information simply marvellous. Thanks for introducing to the song and details.


Manohar Lal Dave ji,
Thanks for your comments and appreciation.
I hope you are aware that Suresh – Talwar was a pair of Suresh kumar Shah and Talwar…2 Music Directors together as a team.


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