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Tu aisa kaisa marad

Posted on: May 18, 2023

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Hullo Atuldom

“Aakrosh” (1980) was directed by Govind Nihalani. Produced by Devi Dutt & NFDC. It had Vijay Tendulkar & Satyadev Dubey as writers; which meant that the film was either an Art film (meaning audiences fed on fantasy & escapist stories would not buy a ticket to see it) or at least a middle of the road film (meaning it showed the realities of the times in a not-so-harsh manner). I have never seen the film, so I don’t know what category it falls under. But various sites on the internet have classified “Aakrosh” as crime – drama.

The film had a cast of Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, Achyut Potdar, Amrish Puri, Mohan Agashe, Arvind Deshpande, Vinay Apte, Reema Lagoo etc.; indicating that the film must have been a performance-filled film complete with heavy & hard-hitting dialogues. Almost bordering on stage-like feel looking at the super actors present in the film. The songs were written by Vasant Deo & Suryabhanu Gupt. Ajit Verman was the music director, the film had three songs.
The film was based on some real-life incident of those times and was part of Vijay Tendulkar’s series of works based on explorations on violence. It was a scathing satire on the corruption in the judicial system and the victimization of the underprivileged by the able & the powerful. It showed the public prosecutor (I think Naseeruddin Shah played this part) discovering the harsh realities of the scheduled tribes of India, in the 1980s, when defending the case of a tribesman (Om Puri) accused of murdering his wife (Smita Patil).

I was sure with such a stark subject, there would have been no scope for any song-n-dance sequence in this film. But I was wrong. I discovered that there was a dance number; which would have been tagged as an item-number in today’s parlance. I discovered this song on 18-May-2017. What was so special that I remember this date so vividly?

That was the date, when the news channels broke the news of Reema Lagoo’s death. She was one of the many artists who was popular in all the entertainment formats- stage, films, television etc. She was born Nayan Bhadbhade and her mother Mandakini Bhadbhade was a stage actress. Nayan took to acting on stage as a student and her professional stage assignments continued even when she took employment. She became Reema Lagoo after her marriage to Vivek Lagoo in 1978. Reema and Vivek Lagoo have a daughter who is also an actress and theatre actress.

Reema debuted in films in 1979 with Jabbar Patel’s ‘Sinhasan’. If I am not wrong, “Aakrosh” was her Hindi debut, where she performed in the song with today’s post. ‘Kalyug’ produced by Shashi Kapoor was her next in Hindi which was followed by a few more until ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ (QSQT) & ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (MPK) came along in 1988 & 1989 (respectively) and she became the lovable sweet mother who is always in support of her children. Along with these films, she was seen on Doordarshan in serials like ‘Khandaan’ but her portrayal of Kokila Kulkarni in ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ (1994-1999) & Devaki Verma in Sachin Pilgaonkar’s (a.k.a Master Sachin) ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ (1994-2000) made her a darling of the audiences. And to think, she was just around 30 years of age when she played a mother to Juhi Chawla (QSQT) or Salman Khan (MPK).

Thinking of this lovely, sweet, cute lady whose career was cut short by her untimely death. She was busy shooting for serial till the previous day.
Today’s song is sung by Madhuri Purandare (never heard this name before), written by Vasant Deo and composed by Ajit Verman. The song shows that Reema Lagoo could dance too.

Song-Tu aisa kaisa marad (Aakrosh)(1980) Singer-Madhuri Purandare, Lyrics-Vasant Deo, MD-Ajit Verman
Unknown male voice
Female chorus


ho o

aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aaa

tu aisa kaisa marad
kaun ga
barf sa sarad
are re re re re re
toone kya thhaani ee ee
haan aan aan aan aan

tu aisa kaisa marad
barf sa sarad
toone kya thhaani
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaaa aa aani
tu aisa kaisa marad
baraf sa sarad
toone kya thhaani
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani
zara dekh ke iski garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aaa aani

chauthhe roz naha ke main to badal rahi thhi saadi
ho badal rahi thhi saadi
chauthhe roj naha ke main to badal rahi thhi saadi
tu aaya ke main ghabrai
ke haay fisal padi meri saadi ee ee
vo aaya
ke ye ghabraayi
ke haaye phisal padi ee saadi

tu aankh meench ke khada aa aa
bana munh aisa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
gunguna raha
jo o o o
hanuman chaalisa
main beech se kat gayi
ho gayi paani paani paani ee ee
arre paani paani paani
main beech se kat gayi
ho gayi paani paani paani ee ee
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani
tu aisa kaisa marad
baraf sa sarad
toone kya thhaani ee
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani
zara dekh ke iski garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani

?? jale to hota
saaree raat ujaalaa
arre saaree raat ujaala
bina prem ke karm khule na
bin chaabhi ke taala
arre bin chaabhi ke taala
mujhe ang laga lo aas rahe na koi ee ee ee
?? ye na kahe koi ee ee
ye khili kunj mein sej piya ??
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani
zara dekh ke iski garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaa aa aani
tu aisa kaisa marad
barf sa sarad
toone kya thhaani
zara dekh ke meri garam mom si pighli jaaye jawaaa aani

7 Responses to "Tu aisa kaisa marad"

Young Aravind deshpande, Achyut Potdar and Dr.Mohan Aghashe can be spotted in the song video


Nalini Ji,
Thanks for the post. Noted the early life and years of Reema Lagoo. This is the first time I am coming across her dancing skills. I also recall an erotic role played by her in Aruna Raje’s ‘Rihaee’. Otherwise she has a screen image of a family type woman


There is another bold role by Reema Laagoo in Pranlal Mehta murder mystery Rajkumar starrer Police Public


Thank you Prakashchandraji for pointing to “Police Public”. I have seen it in Malayalam.
I have put it on my to-be-seen movie list.


Thank you Shenoyji for liking my selection.
yes, Reema Lagoo did have a clean image & played mothers that were different from the mothers that actresses of the previous generation like Nirupa Roy, Leela Chitnis, and to some extent Leela Mishra played. mothers played by Beena Bannerjee, Reema Lagoo Smita Jaykar, Himani Shivpuri etc played were friendly to their on-screen children


Thanks Peevesie’s Mom ji for this post and remembering Reema Lagoo.
Thanks for introducing this movie and this song on the blog.
HFGK mentions this movie as a ‘social genre’ movie.
Yes, this was Reema Lagoo’s Hindi movie debut.
I have also not watched this movie and this is a movie with ‘A’ (or restricted viewing) certificate.


thank you for confirming that this was Reema Lagoo’s Hindi debut.
even if this was not a movie with an “A” certificate I doubt if my father would have gone to see a movie with such a stark story. So if he didn’t go obviously I couldn’t have tagged along.
maybe at some time if this appears on some channel I may see it. 🙂


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