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“Phulwaari”(1984) was produced by Tarachand Barjatya and directed by Mukul Dutt for Rajshree Productions. The movie had Shashi Puri, Debashree Roy, Rakesh Bedi, Iftekhar, inesh Hingoo, Ashok Saraf, Mohan Choti, Pallavi Dutt(Introducing), Benjamin Gilani, Jankidas, Viju Khote, Sulochana Latkar, Mehmood Junior, Ram Mohan, Kumari Naaz, Jayashre.T., Shivraj, Rajinder Nath, Kishore Kapoor, Pardesi, Chaand, Vinod Chauhan etc in it.

The movie had seven songs in it.

Here is the first song from “Phulwaari”(1984) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Haimanti Shukla, Yesudas and chorus. Govind Moonis is the lyricist. Music is composed by Raj Kamal.

The song is picturised on Debashree Roy, Shashi Puri and Kishore Kapoor. It is a situation of a lady making her beloved jealous by making advances on another man. I can identify Debashree Roy, but I have no idea who is Shashi Puri and who is Kishore Kapoor in the picturisation. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

With this song, “Phulwaari”(1984) makes its debut in the blog.

Song-Mausam kitna pyaara hai (Phulwaari)(1984) Singers-Haimanti Shukla, K.J.Yesudas, Lyrics-Govind Moonis, MD-Raj Kamal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
jee ?
jee kyaa
toh ?
main keh rahi hoon
mausam kitna pyaaraa hai ae
bolo naa
bahut hi pyaaraa hai

laalaaa la la laaaaa
laalaaa la la laaaaa

aur zaraa aayiye naa paas mein
thhaamiye haath meraa haath mein
ye ye kyaa hai ?
arrey zara hansiye na
ab zaraa hansiye
kis liye
main jo kehti hoon
iss liye
hansne se aap bade achche lagte hain
log kehte hain ke phool jhadthe hain
mujhe binaa baat ki hansi nahin aati
baat hai museebat ki
jo peechhe chali aati hai
kaun kaun kaun hai ?
ab toh zaraa hansiye yaaa
gaayiye ae ae
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai

baar baar yahaan wahaan
jaati hai nazar kahaan
chhodo na zamaane ko
goli maaro (gun shot sound)
goli maaro
jaane do
saath mere gaao naa aa aa
pyaar ka taraanaa
baar baar yahaan wahaan
jaati hai nazar kahaan
chhodo na zamaane ko
goli maaro
jaane do
saath mere gaao naa…aaaa….aaa
pyaar ka taraanaa
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
bolo naa
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaraa hai

hum apni uljhan mein
padaa aapko uljhaanaa
mujhe maaf toh kar denge
kahin buraa toh nahin maanaaa
ye thhi meri khush-naseebi
aisse mauke ka aanaa
shukriyaa aapkaa jo
mujhe iss kaabil jaanaa

phool phool
kali kali

rut hai bahaar ki eee

baat karo pyaar ki

nainon mein tumhaare meet
dekhin maine aaj preet
chhod doon zamaane ko
saath teraa paane ko
safar zindagi kaa aaaa
banegaa suhaanaa aaa

ooo oooo ooooo
nainon mein tumhaare meet (aaaaaaaa)
dekhin maine aaj preet (aaaaaaaa)
chhod doon zamaane ko (aaaaaaaa)
saath teraa paane ko (aaaaaaaa)
safar zindagi kaa…aaaa..haaa (aaaaaaaa)
banegaa suhaanaa (aaaaaaaa)
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
mausam kitnaa pyaaraa hai
pyaaraa hai

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Today’s song is a Parody song from film Phoolwari-46. It is sung by Mohantara Talpade. Jayashree T and Meena T were her brother’s daughters, I believe. Mohantara was a major female playback singer in the 40s. Starting with film Mamaji-42,she sang 117 songs in 54 films, till Inaam-55. Though she got married in 1950 to Dr. Ajinkya, she continued with using her maiden name to avoid confusion. Mohantara was a popular Bhavgeet and film singer in Marathi also.

In Hindi films we find a variety of songs. Love songs, Happy songs, Sad songs, Comedy songs, Birthday songs, patriotic songs, Chorus songs, prayers, Lories, Bhajans and many more types.

However there is one type of songs which is a sure hit with all viewers and that is a PARODY SONG(in Hindi it is called VIDAMBAN song – विडंबन ). Normally a Parody song is equated with a medley of old popular song tunes, set to new Lyrics, enacted by someone else.

While this is right to a great extent, the actual definition of a Parody song is ” A song which involves changing or copying well known musical ideas or lyrics or copying a particular style of a composer or an actor or even a general twisted style of Music ”.

Our friend AK ji of Songs of Yore says, “As is commonly known, parody is an exaggerated imitation of a person, song, literature or performance to produce a comic effect. It seems parody has existed from the earliest days of dramatic performance. Wikipedia states that according to Aristotle, Hegemon of Thasos was the inventor of a kind of parody; by slightly altering the wording in well-known poems he transformed the sublime into the ridiculous. In ancient Greek literature, a parodia was a narrative poem imitating the style and prosody of epics “but treating light, satirical or mock-heroic subjects”. The ancient Indian treatise on dramaturgy, Natyashstra by Bharat Muni, is of similar antiquity. Though it mentions Prahasan as one of the ten types of play, from its definition it seems to be a low form of performance – something like burlesque – and not quite parody as we know today.

Where do parody songs in Hindi films fit in the above general description? Parody songs do not have any pretensions of being art. They are not intended to mock the original either. Very simply, these songs are a recognition of the original’s popularity. They include a large number of such songs. Broadly classified Parody songs are in two types: one, parody based on a single song, and the other, a medley of songs. There could be some more subtle variations within these broad categories.” (adapted, with thanks, from his article on Songs of Yore dt.2-3-2018)

The very FIRST Parody song in Hindi films came as early as 1936. It came from a film called ” Sunehara Sansaar”-1936. It was a Parody of a famous patriotic song by Dr. Iqbal-” Saare jahan se achha Hindosta hamara…” The parody song was ‘ Saare jahan se achha saabun bana hamara,hum kishtiyan hai iski…’

The lyricist was Vijay Kumar, B.A. and the Music Director was K C Dey.

When the song was released, instead of becoming popular, it drew people’s ire for distorting a patriotic song. There was criticism and several protests.

Another Music Director Master Mohd. (who was well known for composing many patriotic songs in those days, in his films) decided to make a Parody of K C Dey’s famous song, ‘Jao jao aye mere sadhu…’ from Pooran Bhagat-1933.

He included this parody song in same year in his film ‘ Miss frontier Mail ‘-1936. The lyrics for this song were- gaao gaao aye mere aye mere sadhu…’.

It was sung by Minu,the Mystique in the film.

This Minu was actually Minoo Cooper, a regular singer in Bombay city Parsi circles. He used to sing in many Hotels in those days. He has also sung a few more songs in Hindi films later.

This retaliatory Parody song was well received by the audience and it became popular too.

This song has been posted on this Blog, by our dear SUDHIR ji, on 29th June 2012.,along with a very interesting write up, for which he is known.

So, parody songs entered Hindi films with an interesting History behind them !

I can recall that during our younger days, it was our hobby to twist the popular songs with comic lyrics. Even today I still remember a few of them…

1) Jiya beqarar hai
Nargis ko bukhar hai,
Aja be Dilip kumar
tera intejar hai.

2) Dhoti chhod ke mat jaana
Dhoti saath mein le jaana
kasam tujhe mere Pehelwanki….

3) Bhaiya mere, saambaar mein Idli na dubaana

4) Ek saal pehle,tum to Bekaar the
Gadhe pe sawar the,
aaj bhi ho,aur kal bhi rahoge…

5) De gayi bill, budhiya dukaan ki… etc etc

I am sure many of the readers also must have done this,in their times. These song Parodies added spice to our lives. So when some film had a Parody song, we used to see that film without fail !

Making a Parody song is one of the easiest matters for the Music Directors and many Music Directors have resorted to Parody songs at least once, except probably serious composers.

The cast of the film Phoolwari was Motilal, Khursheed, Dikshit, Tiwari, Himmat Sharma (brother of Kidar Sharma), Leela Shinde, Baby Anwari etc etc. The film was made in Ranjit studios. Ranjit was almost like a factory, churning out films after films continuously. The studio had 6 shooting floors. When a Ranjit film was not shooting, the floor would be given on hire to other producers. When film Phulwari was being made, there were other five films shooting in Ranjit , on other floors. They were Prabhu ka Ghar, Chaand Chakori, Dharati, Rajputani and Seeta Haran. In this list, Khurshid had 2 films, Trilok kapoor was in 2 films and Mumtaz Shanti also had 2 films being shot there at the same time. In other films actors like Jairaj and Surendra were acting. By the way this was Khurshid’s last film at Ranjit Studios.

The film was directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi. Chaturbhuj Doshi (1894–1969) was a Hindi and Gujarati writer-director of Indian cinema. He was one of the top Gujarati screenplay writers, who helped script stories for the Punatar productions. He is stated to be one of the leading figures who launched the Gujarati film industry with work on notable films like Gunsundari (1948) and Nanand Bhojai (1948). He was well known for his family socials and had become a celebrity in his own right. He made a name for himself as a journalist initially and was referred to as the “famous journalist” & publicist by Baburao Patel, editor of Filmindia.

His debut film as a director was Gorakh Aya (1938), produced by Ranjit Movietone, though he joined Ranjit in 1929, as a scriptwriter. In 1938, he directed another film for Ranjit, a social comedy, The Secretary, and both films were box-office successes for Doshi. His forte was socials, regularly adapting stories and novels for films. He worked initially on comedies like Secretary and Musafir (1940), but then “shifted to more significant films”.

Chaturbhuj Anandji Doshi was born in 1894 in Kathiawad, Gujarat, British India. He was educated at the University of Bombay, after graduation he started work as a journalist for a daily, Hindustan (1926), working for editor Indulal Yagnik. His entry into films was working as a scenarist in the silent era for directors like Jayant Desai, Nandlal Jaswantlal & Nanubhai Vakil. He joined Ranjit Movietone in 1929, and wrote stories and screenplay for several of Ranjit films.

Film Gorakh Aya (Gorakh has come) in 1938, was the first film directed by Doshi. It was produced by Ranjit Movietone with screenplay by Gunvantrai Acharya & dialog-ues by P. L. Santoshi. The music, termed “good” was composed by Gyan Dutt. The Secretary (1938), was a “riotous comedy”, starring Madhuri, Trilok Kapoor. Charlie. The music was composed by Gyan Dutt, became a regular in most of the films directed by Doshi. Musafir in 1940 was a comedy costume drama, which had Charlie playing a prince.

Bhakta Surdas, a devotional film directed by Doshi in 1942, is stated to be the “most famous” of the several versions made. It starred K. L. Saigal and Khursheed “the singing idol(s) of millions”, winning “unprecedented popularity” everywhere.

Maheman (1942) starred Madhuri, Ishwarlal, Shamim and Mubarak. Music director Bulo C. Rani had come to Bombay in 1942, and joined Ranjit Studios assisting Khemchand Prakash in music direction.

Doshi helped enormously in the development of the Gujarati cinema. During 1948-49 he directed three successful Gujarati films which “brought immense success to the industry”. The success of the Gujarati film Kariyavar in 1948, directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi from a story by Shaida, called Vanzari Vaav, helped establish the Gujarati film industry along with other films like Vadilo Ne Vanke (1948) by Ram chandra Thakur and Gadono Bel (1950) by Ratibhai Punatar. His next Gujarati film was Jesal Toral (1948) based on folk-lore, which proved a big box-office success. In 1949, Doshi directed another Gujarati film, Vevishal, an adaptation of Meghani’s novel of the same name.

He also wrote stories, and one of his stories Pati Bhakti was used in the Tamil film En Kanawar (1948) produced by Ajit Pictures, which starred the Veena maestro, Sundaram Balachander, who was also the debut director and music composer for the film. In all he directed 24 Hindi films. His last Hindi film was Sanskar-1958. He had also written few songs in film Maya Bazar-32.

Chaturbhuj Doshi died on 21 January 1969 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Filmography-1932: Narasinh Mehta (Writer), 1934: Sitamgarh (Writer), 1938: Gorakh Aya, Secretary, 1939: Adhuri Kahani, 1940: Musafir, 1941:Pardesi, Sasural, 1942: Bhakta Surdas, Dhiraj, Mehmaan, 1943: Chhoti Maa, Shankar Parvati (Director, Writer), 1944: Bhartrahari, 1945:Murti, 1946: Phulwari, 1947: Bela, Kaun Hamara, 1948: Jesal Toral, Kariyavar (Director, Writer), Sati Sone, 1949: Bhakta Puran, Vevishal, 1950: Akhand Saubhagya, Kisi Ki Yaad, Ramtaram, 1954: Aurat Teri Yahi Kahani, 1956: Aabroo, Dashera, Dassehra, 1957: Khuda Ka Banda, Shesh Naag, 1958: Sanskar, 1960: Mehndi Rang Lagyo (Writer, Lyricist) (Thanks to Gujarati articles provided by Harish Raghuwanshi ji and Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema).

In the cast, you will find a name Dikshit or Dixit. In the olden films Dixit and Ghory was a comedy pair, which became very famous. Some times they even acted singly in different films. Phoolwari-46 was one such film for Dixit.

Manohar Janardhan Dixit was born on 12-11-1906 at Sinner in Nashik district,Maharashtra (Bombay state at that time.) His comedy career started with silent film ‘Sparkling youth’-1930. His first day of work in a film was 14-11-1929. He did 3 more silent films with Navjivan Films and then joined Ranjit studio. Here he met his mate Nazir Ahmed Ghori,born on 11-8-1901 at Bombay.He was the senior of the two,having started in 1927. He worked till 1931 in silent films of various companies and then joined Ranjit studio in 1931 Here too he did 4 silent films.

He paired with Dixit first time in Char Chakram-1932,directed by Jayant Desai.The film was a terrific hit and the pair did many films together like, Bhutio mahal, Do Badmash, Bhola shikar, Bhool bhulaiya, Vishwamohini, Nadira etc. They worked together till 1947,doing solo films also in between. Unfortunately none of their films have survived and we know about their acting only through Photographs,interviews and articles. However Dixit’s solo films like Pehle Aap-44, Jeevan yatra-46, Aap ki sewa mein-47 and Pugree-47 are still available. In film Pugree,his name was Ramu kaka and the very fat Dixit (222 pounds) carried the world’s smallest dog-Chikoo in the film. Later comedian Omprakash did this role in the remake of the film in Dil Daulat Duniya-1972.

Dixit acted in 66 Talkie films and 8 silent films in 17 years. He died on 29-6-1949 due to a massive heart attack. His partner Ghori migrated to Pakistan and did 8 films there till 1960,without much success. He too died on 9-12-1977 at Karachi. (Thanks to book Ina Mina Dika by Sanjit Narwekar.)

Music was by Hansraj Behl, for this Ranjit movie. I have heard many many parody songs, have seen also many, but this must be the only time when the singer of the original song is also in the same film in which that singer’s song is ‘parody- ed’. Today’s song is a parody of the famous song of Khurshid from film Tansen-43 ” Ghataa ghanghor ghor, Mor machaave shor “. I wish I was able to this film.

Song-Hawaa chale saany saany (Phoolwaari)(1946) Singer- Mohantara Talpade, Lyrics- Pt Indra Chandra, MD- Hansraj Behl


hawa chale saany saany
hawa chale saany saany
kauwa kare kaany kaany
more sajan jaago o
more sajan jaago o

murga jaaga
murgi jaagi
jaage khel kabootar
murga jaaga
murgi jaagi
jaage khel kabootar
bhadak bhadak kar jaagi bhainsan
jaage saanp chhachhundar
bhadak bhadak kar jaagi bhainsan
jaage saanp chhachhundar
chhodo piya chaarpaayi
chhodo piya chaarpaayi
garma garam chaai laayi
more sajan jaago o
more sajan jaago o

dhanna dhobi ganga teli
natkhat nanda naai
dhanna dhobi, ganga teli
natkhat nanda naai
chhagan sambholi laaya goli
koot raha halwaai
chhagan sambholi laaya goli
koot raha halwaai
chaukwa khaska de bhaiya
chaukwa khaska de bhaiya
wahaan dekho jaaya(?) sainya
more sajan jaago o
more sajan jaago o

daal chadhi choolhe per meri
garam masaala laao
daal chadhi choolhe per meri
garam masaala laao
main talti hoon bhajiya bhaaji
tum bacche nahlaao
main talti hoon bhajiya bhaaji
tum bacche nahlaao
raho piya ?? joda
raho piya ?? joda
rahe jaise ?? ghoda
more sajan jaago o
more sajan jaago o

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“Phulwaari”(1946) is a by now obscure movie. It was directed by Chaturbhuj Doshi. The movie had Motilal, Khursheed, Madhubala, Ramayan Tiwari etc in it.
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