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Manzil wohi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye

Posted on: December 1, 2008

Here is a song sung by a singer who is hardly known today. The singer is called Subir Sen and here he sings for a forgotten movie called “Kathputli” (1958). Lyricist is Shailendra and music direction is by Shankar Jaikishan.

The song is picturised on Balraj Sahni and Vyjyanti Mala. The picturisation shows the lady doing a jig or two, and the gentleman is singing on a piano.

I have heard this song for the first time just now, and discovering songs only 50 years after they were recorded is nothing new for me. 😉 After listening to this song a few times, I must say that the song is finally growing up on me. It is so refreshing to listen to a different singing voice for a change.

I am very impressed with the lyrics too. They are quite philosophical. You could count on Shailendra to pen such beautiful lyrics.

I am beginning to love this song.



Song-Manzil wohi hai pyaar ki (Kathputli ) (1958) Singer-Subir Sen, Lyrics- Shailendra, MD- Shankar Jaikishan


manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye
sapnon ki mahfil mein ham tum naye
sapnon ki mahfil mein ham tum naye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye

duniyaa ki nazron se door
duniyaa ki nazron se door jaate hain ham tum jahaan
us desh ki chaandni gaayegi ye daastaan
mausam thaa wo bahaar kaa dil khil machal gaye
sapnon ki mahfil mein ham tum naye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye

chhup na sake mere raaz
chhup na sake mere raaz, naghmon mein dhalne lage
rokaa thaa phir bhi ye dil, pahloo badalne lage
yo din hi kuchh ajeeb the jo aaj kal gaye
sapnon ki mahfil mein ham tum naye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye
manzil wahi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye

7 Responses to "Manzil wohi hai pyaar ki raahi badal gaye"

Speaking of little known singers, do you know anything about Kabban Mirza who sang beautifully in Razia Sultan (Khayyam, one of my favorite soundtracks)?

I read somewhere that he was a radio DJ, but haven’t been able to find much more than that. His singing kind of reminds me of SD Burman’s—just very different, and perfect for those songs that he did sing.


I have heard that Kabban Mirza song in Razia Sultan and I liked that song too.



Nice song!! Long forgotten sonh, once heard on Vividh Bharati. One of my recollections of Subir Sen is his duet with Lata in Chhoti Behen — “Main Rangeela Pyar Ka Raahi”, picturised on Mehmood, I think.


What a lovely voice, it seems like a mix of Talat and Mukesh. I kind of remember listening to this song, it is very pleasing to listen to. Thanks for posting.

Also, this song would qualify as a Piano Song.


I was sad to watch an 2013 inrterview of Subir Sen I believe in his home at Kolkata. (It’s on YouTube). He shot to fame after singing this song and became quite popular in early 60’s both in Bombay and Kolkata. In music line, you have be Hemanta, Lata Rafi etc to be well off at the end of your career.




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