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Phoole paarijaat re

Posted on: March 22, 2017

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“Shrikrishn Satyabhama”(1951) also known as “Paarijaatak” was produced by P K Pathak and directed by Raja Paranjpe for Manik Studio, Poona. This mythological movie had Shahu Modak, Poornima, Hansa, Anant Marathe, Nimbalkar, Vasantrao Pahalwan etc in it.

This obscure movie had six obscure songs in it, and all of them were female solos.

Here is the first song from “Shrikrishn Satyabhama”(1951) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Malti Pande, who makes her debut as a singer in the blog with this song. Mukhram Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Keshavrao Bhole.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the song. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections as applicable in the lyrics.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

With this extremely rare song, “Shrikrishn Satyabhama”(1951) makes its debut in the blog.

Song-Phoole paarijaat re (Shrikrishn Satyabhama)(1951) Singer-Malti Pande, Lyrics-Mukhram Sharma, MD-K Bhole


phoole paarijaat re ae ae
phoole paarijaat re
angna hamaar re
angna hamaar re
phoole paarijaat re
swarglok ka vrikshraaj ye
swarglok ka vrikshraaj ye
dharti pe aaya hai aaj ye ae ae
dharti pe aaya hai aaj ye
dwaarika ke dwaar re ae ae ae
phoole paarijaat re

seenchen mil ke donon raani
seenchen mil ke donon raani
prabhu charnon ka nirmal paani
prabhu charnon ka nirmal paani
gaayen geet malhaar re ae
phoole paarijaat re ae ae

sone ki suhaani daali ee ee
sone ki suhaani daali ee
patiya re markat (??) waali
ho o o
patiya re markat (??) waali
markat (??) waali
chhaayenge ghar baar re ae
phoole paarijaat re

moonge ki danthhal aayen aen
moonge ki danthhal aayen
moti ki pankhudiyaan aayen aen
moti ki pankhudiyaan aayen aen
amrit ke ras dhaar re
phoole paarijaat re ae

phool hamaare
dor tumhaari
phool hamaare
dor tumhaari
hil-mil goonthhen
aao dulaari
hil-mil goonthhen
aao dulaari
piya gale ke haar re ae
phoole paarijaat re ae
phoole paarijaat re ae


6 Responses to "Phoole paarijaat re"

Did Malti Pande became Mrs. Sudhir Phadke after marriage?

No. Lalita Deulaker became Mrs. Sudhir Phadke after the marriage.
By the way, Malti Pande did sing for Sudhir Phadke in ‘Malti Madhav’ (1951)

Atul ji,

Malti Pande was a very famous and popular Marathi Bhavgeet and chitrapat sangeet singer from 1940 to 1955 or so. Many of her Bhavgeets and Marathi film songs are iconic in Marathi. Her unique song, ” Tya tithe palikade tikde, majhiya priyeche jhopde ” from Marathi film ‘Lakhachi Gosht’- 1952 is popular even today. This song was copied in Telugu film ‘Vaddante Dabbu’- 53 by tune and lyrics in Telugu. I have both these songs with me,on my Mobile.
The story of Parijat flower tree is famous in Bhagwat puran. It seems, Satyabhama brought this tree from the Swarga-The Heavens- and planted in her courtyard. ( This is in this song lyrics above also). When the tree started flowering in its season , all its flowers fell into the neighbour’s courtyard-in which Srikrishna’s another wife Rukmini was living. Satyabhama became very sad. There is a very popular Marathi Bhavgeet “Baharla Parijaat daari, phule kaa padti shejari ? ” referring to this story.
The above song is when the tree was planted in Satyabhama’s courtyard. The film “Srikrishna Satyabhama”was a bilingual film, made in Hindi and Marathi.

She also sang in Hindi films Seeta swayamvar,maya Bazar,Malti madhav and Shri Vishnu Bhagwan.

Thanks for the invaluable details.

?? is correctly written as ‘markat’ provided it is pronounced as ‘मरकत’, meaning emerald. ‘मर्कट’ would mean a monkey.

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