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Nainon mein darpan hai

Posted on: January 15, 2009

This is a duet sung by Lata and Kishore Kumar,two of the biggest names among playback singers. But the same cannot be said about the lyricist and the music director, both of whom were debutants. Maya Govind was the lyricist. She was arguably the first female lyricist in Bollywood. Bhupen Hazarika, known more for his playback singing was the music director of this movie.

The song belongs to an era when most people in India could only afford a bicycle. And those days bicycles were properly equipped with front and rear lamps, and there used to be a license for a bicycle too ! And traffic police those days used to check the papers of a bicyclist with the same seriousness with which they check the papers of a motor cyclist those days. 😉

This song is a bicycle song and Vinod Khanna is seen carrying Saira Bano on the front bar of his bicycle. That makes this song a romantic song as well.

This song was from a movie called “Aarop” (1973) and for some reason this song is very difficult to locate. Finally I have located it and so here is this song which was a long standing farmaish from Raja.

Song-Naino mein darpan hai (Aarop) (1973) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar,Lyrics-Maya Govind, MD- Bhupen Hazarika


Nainon me darpan hai
darpan me koyi
dekhoon jise subaho shaam
bolo ji bolo ye raaz kholo
ham bhi sunen dil ko thaam
ya to hai dharti ya hai gagan
ya to hai sooraj ya hai pawan
uska to saajan hai naam
Nainon me darpan hai
darpan me koyi
dekhoon jise subaho sham

he e
ho o
masti me gaayen dil ko lubhaaye
kaano me mishri bhi ghole
bolo ji bolo ye raaz kholo
mera manwa bhi dole
ya to koyal ki hai raagini
ya to paayal hai ya to baansuri
uska to sajni hai naam
naino me darpan hai
darpan me koyi
dekhoon jise subah o shaam

hmm hmm
ha aa ha aa
bahki bahki chaal hai uski
jhoome wo awaara
bolo ji bolo ye raaz kholo
kiski taraf hai ishaara
bolo kiski taraf hai ishaara
ya to jogi hai ya paagal
ya to baadal hai yaa anchal
uska to preetam hai naam
naino me darpan hai
darpan me koyi
dekhoon jise subah o shaam

12 Responses to "Nainon mein darpan hai"

Very nice song. It reminds me of the other song, “Nainon mein…Kajra hai, zulfon mein … gajra hai …” from a movie with Rajesh Khanna and Nanda (I think), as well as “ankhon mein kya ji …” I guess the pattern is the same in all these songs.

Thanks for all these great songs from yesteryears.


Yessssssssss !!!!
Finally you managed to locate the video !
Thanks a lot, Atul.
I knew that the only reason you would not have posted it is because of not finding the video. Some of these songs are not easy to locate.

Enjoyed listening to it now – and watching the video.
Thankoo, thankoo, thankoo.


There are quite a few of your farmaishes where finding the video is such a tall order. But once I am able to locate it, it feels like such an achievement. And I enjoy that feeling of discovery.


Bhupen Hazarika, known more for his playback singing was the music director of this movie.





What a song !!! so melodious ! The feel of the song speaks about the ambience. I salute the music director – Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. I have always been a great fan of this music legend from Assam. Do not understand why did he not work more in Hindi movies that time. His music was always original, heart touching and simple. Apart from that, he has got such a great voice – sweet, unique, bold like a thunderstorm which could actually express the spirit of music. He worked less in Hindi films – but those few movies he worked with will always be memorable for their music . Some of them I know are – “Aarop”, “Ek Pal”. “Rudaali”, “Mil Gaya Manzil Mujhe” ( only music released), “Gajgamini”,”Daman”,”Kyon”. I collected his album “Mein aur Mera Saaya” from a music store in UK. I wish him good health, longevity and of course some more music from him.


That was some tribute to Bhupen Hazarika ! Yes, I agree that he deserved to get more opportunities to show his talent in Hindi movies.


Can you add another gr8 song from this (Aarop) film – which goes “Dhin chak dhin chak …sab kuch mila, tu na mila” – it’s a cabaret song – a bit rare.


can you add another lovely song from this movie – ” Haath Mere Hai Madhu Ka Pyala” sung by Manna Dey


Lovely song. Bhupen Hazarika always reminded me of Doordarshan for some reason :). Second Lalitha ji’s comment, its like a Q&A kind of songs.




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