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Dil aaj shaayar hai

Posted on: March 19, 2009

I have mentioned earlier that Dev Anand outlived his stay as a leading man in Bollywood movies. as a result, many stories with great ideas flopped just because Dev Saab insisted on playing the hero in those movies. In fact, legend has it that Prakash Mehra had wanted to cast Dev Saab in “Zanjeer”. Dev Saab liked the role, but he wanted Prakash Mehra to sell him the story so that he could make this movie in his own way ( and hopefully add one more flop to his CV). Thankfully Prakash Mehra refused and the rest, as they say, is history with Amitabh Bachchan playing that role.

Here is a song from “Gambler” (1970). This party- cum- piano song is such an outstanding song, with wonderful lyrics, nice music and Kishore Kumar at his sublime best. Too bad that this song got wasted on Dev Anand and Zaahida.



Song-Dil aaj shaayar hai (Gambler) (1970) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Neeraj, MD-S D Burman


Dil aaj shaayar hai gham aaj naghma hai
shab ye ghazal hai sanam
Dil aaj shaayar hai gham aaj naghma hai
shab ye ghazal hai sanam
gairon ke sheron ko o sunne waale
ho is taraf bhi qaram

aake zara dekh to teri khaatir
ham kis tarah se jiye
aake zara dekh to teri khaatir
ham kis tarah se jiye
aansoo ke dhaage se seete rahe ham
jo zakhm toone diye
chahat ki mahfil me gham tera lekar
qismat se khela jua
duniya se jeete par tujhse haare
yoon khel apna hua

hai pyaar hamne kiya jis tarah se
uska na koyi jawaab
hai pyaar hamne kiya jis tarah se
uska na koyi jawaab
zarrat hai lekin teri lau me jalkar ham ban gaye aaftaab
ham se hai zinda wafa aur hameen se
hai teri mahfil jawaan
ham jab na honge to ro ro ke
duniya dhoondhegi mere nishaan

ye pyaar koyi khilona nahin hai
har koyi le jo khareed
ye pyaar koyi khilona nahin hai
har koyi le jo khareed
meri tarah zindagi bhar tadap lo
phir aana mujhke qareeb
ham to musafir hain koi safar ho
ham to guzar jayenge hi
lekin lagaaya hai jo daaon hamne
wo jeet kar aayenge hi
wo jeet kar aayenge hi
wo jeet kar aayenge hi

16 Responses to "Dil aaj shaayar hai"

mom says,”the girl in the blue dress is zaheera(who later acted with vikram- the hero of julie – in aadmi sadak ka)
the other lady (in the saree) is zaheeda; who incidentally is the daughter of nargis’s brother (the character artiste anwar hussain). which makes her sanjay dutt’s cousin.
there is no priya rajvansh any where in the movie.
the movie which dev anand did with priya rajvansh was called saahib bahadur”


You and your mom are very correct, Peevesie. And interestingly, I had posted another song “Choodi nahin ye mera dil hai” from this movie earlier ( Link )where I had mentioned all these details about Zaahida and more. So in my case, left hand does not know what right hand is doing. I must be getting older and absent minded.


Mercifully, you are getting older! I wish you get a lot older than now. Thanks for this blog.


This is one of my all-time favourite Kishore songs.
For the lyrics alone – they are just outstanding. Neeraj’s poetry after all. Prem Pujari was my first acquantance with Neeraj’s poetry – and I have always had huge regard for him after that.

According to me, Zaheeda is Nargis’ niece. Which makes her Sanjay Dutt’s cousin.


A minor correction. The line in the second stanza reads not as ”zarrat hai lekin teri lau me jalkar ham ban gaye aaftaab”, but as “Zarra the lekin teri lau mein jal kar, ham ban gaye aftaab”
“Zarra” means a speck (not necessarily, of dust.)
Thanks for the wonderful posts you’ve been making. Your blog is a joy.


“Zarra the lekin teri lau mein jal kar, ham ban gaye aftaab” = I was just a speck, but after being burnt in your flame (of love), I became the sun!

What an amazing imagery! Neeraj is among the best!


Another gem SDB created for navketan films. These films should have done well on songs alone. This song is sheer poetry, one of the best rendered by kishore. Yes it is poignant, with a little bit of “sense of irony” and a promise in the end.

In the first stanza i think it is ” duniya se jeete par “khud” se haare” , meaing “though i conquered the world but couldnt win(heal) my own heart back.”.


” duniya se jeete par “khud” se haare” is not accurate. It’s “tujh” instead of “khud”, which means “I conquered the world, but lost to you”


Great Song. Dev Anand looks weird in mustaches.


You are doing us a great service through this blog.


pains me each time i hear 2 tis :(..but wat a song 😀


Atul, in the second stanza, shouldn’t it be “zarra the lekin” instead of “zarrat hai lekin”?


Sudhir : the good natured “villain-henchman” dies an anonymous death. He played the bad guy in movies like Haré Rama Haré Krishna (1971), Deewaar (1975), Baadshah (1999, which toplined Shah Rukh Khan). He has also portrayed Amitabh Bachchan’s brother in Satte Pe Satta (1982). –




In the last stanza ……ye pyar koi khilona nahi hai…….i think it is….. re (are) pyar koi khilona nahi hai


audio link:


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