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O mere dil ke chain

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Many of R D Burman’s songs in 1970s were fast paced songs that were loud, party songs. But when the sitauation demanded, R D Burman could come up with soft, sensitive romantic songs too.

Here is a lovely romantic song from “Mere Jeewan Saathi” (1972). If someone is familiar wit this song and he goes through the lyrics, he may wonder what the fuss is all about and how a song with this kind of lyrics can ever become popular. But this song did not just become popular, it stayedpopular and went on to become a timeless classic.

This song is picturised nicely on Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja. This movie is full of superb songs, and this song is perhaps the most popular of them all, and deservingly so.

Song-O mere dil ke chain (Mere Jeewan Saathi) (1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


hmm hmm hmm
o mere, dil ke chain,
o mere, dil ke chain,
chain aaye mere dil ko duaa kijiye
o mere, dil ke chain,
chain aaye mere dil ko duaa kijiye

apnaa hi saayaa dekh ke tum jaane jahaan sharmaa gaye
abhi to ye pahli manzil hai, tum to abhi se ghabraa gaye
meraa kyaa hogaa, socho to zaraa
haay aise naa aahen bharaa kijiye
o mere dil ke chain
chain aaye mere dil ko duaa kijiye

aapkaa armaan aapkaa naam, meraa taraanaa aur nahin
in jhukti palkon ke siwaa, dil kaa thikaanaa aur nahin
janchtaa hi nahin aankhon mein koyi
dil tumko hi chaahe to kyaa kijiye
o mere dil ke chain
chain aaye mere dil ko duaa kijiye

yoon to akelaa bhi aqsar, gir ke sambhal saktaa hoon main
tum jo pakad lo haath meraa, duniyaa badal saktaa hoon main
maangaa hai tumhen duniyaa ke liye
ab khud hi sanam faislaa kijiye
o mere dil ke chain
chain aaye mere dil ko duaa kijiye
o mere dil ke chain
o mere


4 Responses to "O mere dil ke chain"

This was my favourite song at that time. There were plenty of Kishore songs that I used to like a lot but this was the one that became my favourite.

Yes, I remember when you could hear this song all over the place at all gatherings. It is definitely one of R.D’s greatest songs, and yes, it was my favorite at that time, partly because I too had been swept up by the Rajesh Khanna fever at that time, and partly because the song itself is a great, hummable one.

Thanks, Atul!

This song was picturised very beautifully on Super Star Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja and it was super hit movie during 1972.

Song Title : O Mere Dil Ke Chain, Chain Aaye Mere Dil Ko Duaa Kiijiye

Movie : Mere Jeevan Saathi – 1972
Singer : Kishore Kumar
Music : R D Burman
Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri
Star cast : Super Star Rajesh Khanna & Tanuja.

Lyrics :

O mere, dil ke chain, chain aae mere dil ko duaa kiijiye

apanaa hii saayaa dekh ke tum jaane jahaa.N sharamaa gae abhii to ye pahalii ma.nzil hai, tum to abhii se ghabaraa gae meraa kyaa hogaa, socho to jaraa haay aise naa aa.Nhe.n bharaa kiijiye o mere dil ke chain…

aapakaa aramaa.N aapakaa naam, meraa taraanaa aur nahii.n in jhukatii palako ke sivaa, dil kaa Thikaanaa aur nahii.n ja.nchataa hii nahii.n aa.Nkho me.n koI dil tumako hii chaahe to kyaa kiijiye o mere dil ke chain…

yuu.N to akelaa hii aqasar, gir ke sambhal sakataa huu.N mai.n tum jo paka.D lo haath meraa, duniyaa badal sakataa huu.N mai.n maa.ngaa hai tumhe.n duniyaa ke liye ab Kud hii sanam faisalaa kiijiye o mere dil ke chain…

beautiful song no doubt..1 of kishore da’s evergreen songs 🙂

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