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Aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen

Posted on: April 11, 2010

For those who are into trivia, here is an interesting bit of information. Hemant Kumar sang just four songs under the music direction of Shankar Jaikishan. All these songs were sung in 1953 and 1954. One of these songs was in “Shikast” (1953)- “Ham kathputle kaath ke” and another was in “Patita” (1953)-“Yaad kiyaa dil ne kahaan ho tum”. These songs are already posted in this blog.

The remaining two songs that Hemant Kumar sang for Shankar Jaikishan were in “Baadshah” (1954) which was a movie starring Pradeep Kumar, Usha Kiran and Mala Sinha.

Here is one of these songs from “Baadshah” (1954). This song is in fact a duet, with Lata also singing.This song is written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

Like the other songs sung by Hemant Kumar for Shankar Jaikishan, this song too is a gem. And indeed, the fourth song (I will post that song too) is also a classy song. Just four songs ! What a pity.

Song-Aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen (Baadshah) (1954) Singers-Lata, Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen
hil-mil ke pyaar kaa iqraar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen

ye shaam ki belaa ye madhur mast nazaare
baithe rahen ham tum yoonhin baahon ke sahaare
ye shaam ki belaa ye madhur mast nazaare
baithe rahen ham tum yoonhin baahon ke sahaare
wo din naa aaye intazaar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen

do jaan hain ham aise mile ek hi ho jaayen
dhoondhaa kare duniyaa hamen ham pyaar mein kho jaayen
bechain bahaaron ko gulzaar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen

tu maang kaa sindoor tu aankhon kaa hai kaajal
le baandh le daaman se kinaaron se ye aanchal
saamne baithe raho singaar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen
aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen

14 Responses to "Aa neele gagan tale pyaar ham karen"

Absolutely a GEM of song. As I have always said, Lataji and Hematda’s voice compliment eachother fantastically. Though the movie was not that successful, the songs especially this one and one by Hemant Kumar, Rula kar chaldeya are still as popular after 50 odd years.
Over last many years, every time I have heard this song, I have never been able to grasp the meaning of the verse sung by Lataji.
Tu maang ka sindhoor tu anankhon ka hai kajal(vermilion on forehead and kajaal in eyes) Thats fine but what does the poet mean by
Le baandh le daaman se kinaaro se ye aanchal. Could you shed light?


one of my favorite song


why don’t we have songs like these jewels nowadays ? Is it really so diffucult to compose, write and sing such beautiful songs?


Was in the mood to listen to this song today. So Hemant Kumar sang just four songs for S-J? That too, he stopped by 1954?

Any story behind this sudden end to their association? The songs were all very good (and pretty popular too).

Is it that S-J felt Mukesh, Rafi saab and Manna Dey were giving them what they wanted, so they did not feel a need for Hemant Kumar? I think even Talat began losing out with S-J by the mid-50s if I’m not mistaken.

Hopefully somebody will throw some light on this.


Raja ji,
Hemant kumar,though started as a singer,was more into Composing once he came to Bombay.In 1953 and 1954,after singing 4 songs with
S-J,he became so busy from 1954 to 1960,that he gave music to about 35 films and inbetween his contribution to Bangla films was also continued in this period.
From 1954 to 1960,he did sing songs for AB,SDB,CR,Ravi(maximum),Chitragupta,MM,KA,Salilda,S.Mohinder and some others.
His relations with all composers in Bombay were very cordial and he regularly attended the meetings of Music Directors’ Assn in Bombay.
There is nothing on record to suspect any ‘story’ in not singing for S-J.
One must also realise that during this period the type of S-J’s music also was changing and may be not suitable for Hemant da.


Thank you very much, Arunji. This is very informative. Hemant Kumar’s voice suited a certain type of song and like you say, increasingly, S-J’s music was moving away from that type. It is good to know that Hemant Kumar had very cordial relations with all composers. I think he doesn’t get enough credit for his own composing skills – I quite like a lot of his compositions. He composed several hit / evergreen songs too – for Nagin, Bees Saal Baad, Jagriti, Kohra, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, Anupama, Miss Mary…to name just a few. I’m sure there are many more.


for hemantda so much said but to add to this one sentence from the lataji top the list is ”when i hear the hemantda , i feel that there is one pujari who is doing prayer for the bhagwaan and that is the best” u do not have to prove ‘u r too good’ hemantda was the best and remain the best. it is ironical that s\ j-=hemantda asso. did not last for a long time otherwise it would have been diff. history in hindi sangeet.


Very nice song I play this songs frequently, I love it .i like old songs of


I have a request for the knowledgeable gurus of this blog: Does anyone know how on whom this song was filmed, and the context of the song? The words and the melody is such that the lack of a video (of the picturization) of the song leaves a void…


I watched this film in 1954-55. Tried to find DVD/VCD in recent years but it is not available.
I believe actor Ulhas was shown as a hunchback and some kind of slave, who feels for a young woman (Usha Kiran) raised by some gypsies. There was a nice dance in the open (Gul muskura utha – ranked in Binaca annual numbers in 55) picturised on Usha Kiran.
“Aa neel gagan tale” was picturised on Usha Kiran and Pradeep Kumar (sitting at night on the ghats of some lake or a river). I think he betrayed her and married Mala Sinha (probably her first film). Ulhas takes some kind of revenge.

I read somewhere that “Rulakar chal diye” was picturised on Pradeep Kumar but I seemed to have read few years ago that it was not so (can’t locate the reference).


Thanks the info. Was curious about this movie because of its unforgettable, spellbinding music.


Thanks for the information, but are you sure this song was picturisd on Pradeep Kumar and Usha Kiran, because for long I was waiting for this information as the movie is not available.


Thanks for the info. I often wondered about the picturization of this song and expected a more romantic setting!




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