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Muskuraa laadle muskuraa

Posted on: April 14, 2010

I was not aware of this song (so what is new ?) till now. I accidentally stumbled upon this song when I was looking for some other song. And what a find this song is for me !

The song is from “Zindagi” (1964). It is a song sung by Manna Dey. This song is picturised on Rajendra Kumar who is shown singing this song for a small kid less than a year old, much to the glee of his older siblings. Mother of the kid (Vyjyantimala) too watches surreptitiously from behind a door. This reminds me. In olden days, women would not come out and meet stranger men (Gair mard) in case they visited a place. Instead they would peer from behind a door. Vyjyantimala peering from behind the door and window and taking pride over the fact that Rajendra Kumar is adoring her kid, is very sweet to watch.

I wonder why Vyjyantimala watches the proceedings from afar. Was Rajendra Kumar a “gair mard” for her in this movie ? I have not watched the movie, so I am clueless. May be someone who had watched this movie or who is familiar with the story of this movie can throw light on this matter.

The song is written by Hasrat Jaipuri and music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan. This song is a gem (even if a forgotten one). I am happy that I stumbled upon it. This song is one that deserves to be better known.



Song-Muskura laadle muskuraa (Zindagi) (1964) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


muskuraa laadle muskuraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa
koyi bhi phool itnaa nahin khoobsoorat
hai jitnaa ye mukhdaa teraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa

teri ye muskaan koyi na chheene kabhi
ho phool ki sej soye jawaani teri
maalik se hai ye duaa
hai ye duaa
koyi bhi phool itnaa nahin khoobsoorat
hai jitnaa ye mukhdaa teraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa

tujhko jo dekhaa wo din yaad aane lage
aankhon ke bujhte diye jhilmilaane lage
main tere jaisaa hi thaa
aisaa hi thaa
koyi bhi phool itnaa nahin khoobsoorat
hai jitnaa ye mukhdaa teraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa

bach ke tu chal laadle hai buraa ye jahaan
ban saanp danstaa hai apnaa hi saayaa yahaan
ban saanp danstaa hai apnaa hi saayaa yahaan
har koyi hai bewafaa
hai bewafaa
koyi bhi phool itnaa nahin khoobsoorat
hai jitnaa ye mukhdaa teraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa
muskuraa laadle muskuraa

7 Responses to "Muskuraa laadle muskuraa"

Thanks for the song, Atul! I always loved the baby in this song, and wondered where they got such beautiful babies to act in movies!
Incidentally, Vyjayantimala is Rajendra Kumar’s wife in this movie, she was forced to leave him (his father paid her to do so, as was usual in those days!), and this is his baby, but he does not know about it. I do not remember how the movie ended, but I am sure it ended on a happy note, with the family’s reunion. I saw the movie for Vyjayantimala’s fantastic dances and this song. Thanks for the treat.


The two older children belong to the family with whom Vyjayantimala has taken shelter.


Thanks for the information. Now the picturisation makes perfect sense.


It is remake of a Tamil movie Vazhkai(Life). We had a world class lyricist called Kannadasan who could match a thousand Gulzar’.Here is the song written by him for the Tamil movie. Match with your Hindi version:

Chinna Chinna Kannanukku
Tamil movie Vaazhkai(Zindagi)
Lyrics by Kannadasan: Music: Viswanathan-Ramamurthi.
Singer: P B Srinivas

Oh, My Little Kanna, what a beautious smile
Are your eyes two lotus leaves
Oh Kanna which shining cheeks

I was also like you when I was a child
I was dressed in silk and I lay in a cradle
When I think of those days, I forget my age
I wish I could become a child again and play with you

One person’s passion is a poetic outburst
Two persons’ passion is a baby
There are ever so many languages but which
can match the beauty of a baby talk
It is so innocent and it is the voice of God

Even a soft heart can hide pretension
Even the smile can be sham
It is an ungrateful world
That’s the lesson I’ve learnt
If you remain a child all your life
there will be no sorrow


I think this the first and may be last time that Manna Da lent his voice to Rajendra Kumarji . Similar to the song ” Tujhe Suraj Kahu Ya Chanda ” , in which he sang for Balraj Sahniji from ” Ek Phool Do Maali ” .




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