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Khudaa nigehbaan ho tumhaaraa

Posted on: April 15, 2010

“Mughal e Azam” (1960) was a mega block buster in all respects, be it the movie, or its music. There were several songs in this movie and almost all of them have gone on to become evergreen iconic songs.

Personally, I am aware of the “more popular” songs of this movie, but I am unaware of the “less popular” songs because I have not watched this movie. So I become aware of these songs only when I get farmaishes for these songs for inclusion in this blog.

I was not aware that there was a song called “Khuda nigehbaan ho tumhaaraa” in this movie. Of course, there is this song, and here it is. It is sung by Lata and picturised on Madhubala, who is incarcerated in a dungeon and is condemned to death for her crime of falling in love with the prince. Her end is near, and the poignancy of the situation is captured wonderfully well in this song. What vivid description of her feelings by Shakeel Badayuni, what poignancy in Lata’s voice, and what music by Naushad ! I know this is a movie, and the story could well be a figment of public imagination ( Official Mughal history has no mention of Anarkali) and in any case this is supposed to have taken place more than 400 years ago, but the picturisation is such that one’s heart goes out to the hapless Anarkali.

And the picturisation is spectacular, especially the picturisation towards the end of the song, when armed guards take Anarkali to her doom via a big door in the palace. All the figures marching in formation, gradually become smaller and smaller in a distance, and the big door through which they leave, gets shut, and the door merges with the background viz the walls of the palace, as if the door never existed there.

What imagination, and what spectacular picturisation !



Song-Khudaa nigehbaan ho tumhaara (Mughal e Azam) (1960) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD- Naushad


woh aayi subahaa ke parde se maut ki aawaaz
kisi ne tod diyaa jaise zindagi kaa saaz
aaa aaa

Khudaa nigehbaan ho tumhaaraa
Khudaa nigehbaan ho tumhaaraa
dhadakte dil kaa payaam le lo
dhadakte dil kaa payaam le lo
tumhaari duniyaa se jaa rahe hain
utho hamaaraa salaam le lo
utho hamaaraa salaam le lo

uthe janaazaa jo kal hamaaraa
qasam hai tumko, na denaa kaandhaa
uthe janaazaa jo kal hamaaraa
qasam hai tumko, na denaa kaandhaa
na ho mohabbat hamaari ruswaa
ye aansuon kaa payaam le lo
ye aansuon kaa payaam le lo
Khudaa nigehabaan ho tumhaaraa
dhadakte dil ka payaam le lo

4 Responses to "Khudaa nigehbaan ho tumhaaraa"

Your description has made me want to watch all the songs from this movie again1


Thank you for explaining the picturisation to me. I’ve been watching it on repeat for the last hour and I discover new things every rewatch. The only problem I have is that my Hindi is very weak. And though I can piece together the gist of it, I don’t understand the finer points. Could you provide or point me to a translation for it?


hy wakte fursat gale laga lo
khata e bhi aaj baksva lo …….2

na ho mahobat hamari rushva
jara mahobat se kaam le lo

utho hamara salam lelo




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