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Duniya hanse hansti rahe

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Here is a song that was highly popular during its time when I was an impressionable kid in my pre teens. For a change, I knew which movie this song was from. This song was the title song of “Ganwaar” (1970). The voice of Rafi was unmistakable.

Those were the days when Radio Ceylon would broadcast short advertisements of movies accompanied by excerps of songs. If movies had title songs in them then it made the job of the announcer (typically Ameen Sayani) in advertising the song. The radio ads were quite simple and straightforward those days. Here is this movie with Rajendra Kumar and Vyjyanti Mala.Here is an excerpt to its songs. That should be enough for the listener to come and watch the entire song (and the movie).

The songs of this movie were quite popular and I think that the songs carried the day for the movie. This was perhaps the last hit movie of Rajendra Kumar as a hero. After that the new generation sensation Rajesh Khanna swept everything before him and old generation heroes were no longer the heart throbs of movie goers.

Here is the title song of “Ganwaar” (1970) which was written by Rajinder Krishan and the music is composed by Naushad. This song has the ability to sweep its listeners off their feet even today. Here is this song. enjoy !

Song-Duniya hanse hansti rahe (Ganwaar) (1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Naushad


duniyaa hanse hansti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
kuchh bhi kahe
kehti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
duniyaa hanse haa haa
hansti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar

nagri-nagri gaataa chal
apna raag sunaataa chal
pyaar sanam hai pyaar Khudaa
duniya ko samjhaata chal
sune naa sune koi teri pukaar
duniyaa hanse
hansti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
kuchh bhi kahe
kehti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
tumse bhi pyaar
inse bhi pyaar
Raam se bhi pyaar hai
Rahim se bhi pyaar

naa main saadhu-sanyaasi
naa jogi na vanvaasi
ghoom aayaa Gangaa-Jamnaa
lekin ab tak hai pyaasi
man ki dholak tan kaa sitaar
duniyaa hanse hansti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
kuchh bhi kahe haan haan
kehti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar

haay he he he he
kitne hi dhanwaan mile
dharti ke bhagwaan mile
ek tamannaa baaqi hai
inmein koi insaan mile
jisko salaam karoon sau-sau baar
duniyaa hanse hansti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar
kuchh bhi kahe
kehti rahe
main hoon ganwaar
mujhe sabse hai pyaar

4 Responses to "Duniya hanse hansti rahe"

This song brings back a lot of memories. I remember seeing it as a young boy. In particular I remember that song from this movie “mehka mehka roop”.

Indeed this was during the fag end of Rajendra Kumar’s career. But he still did manage a big hit, Gora Aur Kala (1972) after this. I was very young then but I do remember him in Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayi, Tangewaala and Lalkaar – all of which had good songs and did ok but were not really big commercial hits quite like Gora Aur Kala.

If I remember right, Ganwaar was effectively Vyjanthimala’s sign-off movie as heroine. Supposedly disillusioned by the commercial failure of Amrapali (1966), she decided to quit the industry and began cutting down on assignments. Ironically, she had a string of commercial successes after this – Suraj, Chhoti Si Mulaqat, Jewel Thief, Saathi, Duniya, Pyar Hi Pyar, Prince, closing with Ganwaar (1970). I must say though that in many of these movies she did not really look like the Vyjanthi of old (I have seen them all. :-)).

In a way, it is a surprise that Ganwaar was a hit, considering it had two aging stars as hero-heroine. I do not remember the story now – need to see it again. 🙂


Rajendra Kumar and Vyjyanti Mala managed to have so many hit movies towards late 1960s and early 1970s !


hi everybody
the story of this movie was very simple.
Rajender Kumar plays a rich man (raja or zamindar) who is oblivious to the state of his kingdom or whatever it is zamindars looked over in those prehistoric times. (actually i suppose this movie is set in pre independence era or just after independence times) so this character played by RK returns to his home, from wherever the rich sent their kids to study in those times, to find the villain (it might be Prem Chopra or Pran who cares) running his estate with the idea of usurping it. and the poor carrying hatred to the Raja or zamindar (as the case was). so our hero decides to get in to disguise and stay with the poor to get first hand knowledge of what is happening. but he is a “Ganwar” meaning “idiot” as far as the realities of the world is concerned (in the movie). also he is playing a villager- a “Ganwar” as far as urban people are concerned.
now i don’t know how the movie travels for 3 hrs. because those days when one used to watch movies on doordarshan we used to ve a break at 7.30p.m. for the local news. and that used to be the curfew time for us students to get back to studies. now i am waiting fror lalitha or sophy or prakashchandraji to complete the story for me.


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