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Haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa

Posted on: January 16, 2011

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor of articles to this blog

I think I will not be entirely wrong if I say that one of the reasons songs appeal to all of us is not just because of the song itself. This may be true for a large majority of songs but I am sure each one of us has his or her own bouquet of songs that are special mainly of memories these songs represent.

Memories of a different time, whether of childhood or college-going days or honeymoon or whatever. This makes the song extra special in that person’s eyes, even if it may be ordinary to other people.

Today I would like to share one such song with you. I’d like to think that this song is special not just because it belongs to my “memories bouquet” of songs but because of its intrinsic sweetness. And I do believe this song is amazingly sweet! At least, that is how I have always thought of it.

I first heard this song when I saw the movie “Boond Jo Ban Gaye Moti” (1967) in the early 1970s. Now this was an offbeat, idealistic movie about a school teacher and his experience in teaching children. It is a movie made by the renowned film-maker V. Shantaram and stars Jeetendra and Mumtaz.

Now Jeetendra had already starred in Shantaram’s “Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne” a few years earlier but for Mumtaz, if I am not mistaken, this was her first lead role in a “big” movie (she had of course had lead roles in several “B” movies, notably opposite the likes of Dara Singh and Feroz Khan). I understand Shantaram had planned this lead role for his daughter Rajshree but she walked out of the movie and Mumtaz stepped in.

Anyway, if you were going to the cinema hall looking at just the Jeetendra-Mumtaz cast and expecting a total masala movie with a lot of Jumping Jack action, you would be sorely disappointed. You would be well-advised to check the director too. V. Shantaram? Not much chance for masala but loads of idealism and lovely music.

Anyway, at that age when I first saw it (I was hardly 10), I had no clue who V. Shantaram was and what sort of movies he made. I do remember that this was the third Jeetendra movie I saw in my life , the first two being “Anmol Moti” and “Suhaag Raat”. (The reason I know this is that Jeetendra dies in “Suhaag Raat”. Then, when I saw him in BJBGM just a week later, I got a shock and asked my sister “But he died last week, didn’t he? How come he is alive?” My sister had to explain to me that in movies, when somebody dies, it is only acting. Oh, I was so naïve! 🙂

That was an aside. Coming back to the movie, it had a fairly popular song Ye kaun chitrakaar hai which has already been posted here. This song is one of my Mukesh favourites. But this movie also had this other song which is not half as well-known in my opinion, but has stayed with me almost 40 years.

It is “Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya”. From the first time I heard this song all those years ago, I fell in love with it. And even today, I find this song amazingly sweet. The picturisation, the lyrics, everything (yes, including Mumtaz).

This song and this movie bring back pleasant memories for me of my childhood (like the anecdote I mentioned above).

And now I take this opportunity to bring this song to you guys too. I hope you like it. Listen to it more than once and listen to the sweet lyrics – the song may grow on you.



Song-Haan maine bhi paar kiyaa (Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti) (1967) Singers- Mukesh, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas,MD-Satish Bhatia


haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kiyaa
bheegi-bheegi raaten, meethi-meethi baaten
aur maine dil ko nisaar kiyaa
haan, maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kiyaa
bheegi-bheegi raaten, meethi-meethi baaten
aur maine dil ko nisaar kiyaa
haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa

pyaar kiyaa kaliyon ke mahakte angon se
pyaar kiyaa maine gul ke gulaabi gaalon se
aahaa haa, aahaa haa, aaa aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa
pyaar kiyaa nargis ki nasheeli aankhon se
pyaar kiyaa badli ki rangeeli zulfon se
khuli chaandni mein
ahaa haa haa
khuli chaandni mein maine adhikaar kiyaa
haan, maine bhi pyaar kiyaa

thaam liyaa seene se uchhalti lahron ko
jhoom uthaa baahon mein pakad toofaanon ko
ahaa haa, ahaa haa, aaa aaa aaa
choom liyaa bijli se machalte honthon ko
loot liyaa maine mast ubharti bahaaron ko
raat ki dulhan kaa
ahaa haa
raat ki dulhan kaa maine singaar kiyaa
haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kiyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kiyaa
bheegi-bheegi raaten, meethi-meethi baaten
aur maine dil ko nisaar kiyaa
haan, maine bhi pyaar kiyaa
pyaar se kab inkaar kiyaa
hmm hmm hmm
aaa aaaa aaaa

7 Responses to "Haan maine bhi pyaar kiyaa"

Thanks for posting this, Atul.

Just listened to this song again – and it still sounds really sweet to me. I don’t know what it is – maybe it is the Mukesh + Suman voices, the picturisation itself (fantasy setting), the soft music, the lovely lyrics. Probably a combination of everything.

And the fact that this is not a very well-known song is one reason I wanted it to be on this blog.

Btw, you’ve mentioned Manoj Kumar on your tag – it needs to be Jeetendra. Manoj is not in this movie (though I admit that in scenes, Jeetendra looks like Manoj. :-)).


Jeetendra looks like Manoj. 🙂 ).

Actually I thought he was Dharam at first. You know in Yakeen Dharam wears the same hat.

But very nice sweet song. Never seen it before. Nice write up too.
Should check out this movie.


The song is too sweet to just grow on anyone, I could instantly connect to it and found it very romantic. But the real charm of the song is in its “allegory”. Apparantly it is talking about the beauty of the ‘nayika’ (heroine) but the real nayika is nature with whom the nayak(hero) was always connected to, as any one should have known while watching the movie.
Here he talks about nature which then combines with (simat ke) the beauty of the heroine and that makes it interesting.


Indeed it is a very sweet song to listen to. Most songs sung by Mukesh had that quality. and Suman Kalyanpur, to my mind , was female equivalent of Mukesh as far as singing sweet songs was concerned. No wonder this duet sung by them sounds so sweet.


lovely song..leaves me wit a 😀 each time i hear 2 it 😉


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