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Chaley pawan ki chaal

Posted on: March 14, 2011

“Doctor” (1941) is a movie that was simultaneously made in Bangla and Hindi and this movie catapulted Pankaj Mullick to the zenith of his career. In this movie, he acted, sang as well as composed the music.

There are several songs in this movie that became hugely popular. I have discussed three songs from this movie included the rail song Aayi bahaar aaj aayi bahaar . It warms the cochles of my heart to watch a narrow guage train with EIR (East Indian Railways) written in it running through the tracks in Bengal. This guage and this railway no longer exists in those parts of the country.

Here is another song from the same movie picturised on another mode of transportation. This song too evokes strong sense of nostalgia in me since this mode of transportation is no longer used. Here Pankaj Mullick is riding a horse driven carriage and driving away. And while doing that, he bursts into a joyous song. In future movies, this horse driver carriage would give way to a horseless carriage called car(the word car derives from the word “carriage” in fact) and actors of Hindi movies would drive the car instead and sing along.

This song, which is a must watch song for its picturisation also shows a rail track going parallel to the road and a narrow guage train races past the horse carriage. Train running adjacent to the road ! Those were the days of empty roads and railway tracks running parallel to the roads. One can still find it in Darjeeling Hill railways where slow moving Narrow guage trains run parallel to the road and people can merrily get aboard the train / alight from it while it is still on the move. This train is seen running at a rather rapid speed, though.

This song is written by A H Shor. Apart for that, it is almost an one man show, with this song being sung by Pankaj Mullick and picturised on himself. And of course, the music is composed by him as well as already mentioned.

Here is this song, which is a must watch for nostalgia buffs.



Song-Chale pawan ki chaal (Doctor) (1941) Singer-Pankaj Mullick,Lyrics-A H Shor,MD-Pankaj Mullick


chaley pawan ki chaal,
jag mein chale pawan ki chaal
yahi chaal hai jag sewaa kaa yahi jeewan sukhpaal
jag mein chale pawan ki chaal
chaley pawan ki chaal,
jag mein chale pawan ki chaal

is nagri ki dagar-dagar mein
laakhon hain janjaal
is nagri ki dagar-dagar mein
laakhon hain janjaal
sakhti narmi sardi garmi
ek saanche mein dhaal
jag mein chale pawan ki chaal
chaley pawan ki chaal,
jag mein chale pawan ki chaal

dukh kaa naash ho sukh kaa paalan
donon bojh sambhaal
chubhhte kaante pis pis jaawe
phool na ho paamaal
phool na ho paamaal
kat na sake ye lambaa rastaa
kat na sake ye lambaa rastaa
katen hazaaron saal
jahaan pahunchne par dam toote
hai wahi kaala kaal
jag mein pawan ki chaal
chale pawan ki chaal,
jag mein pawan ki chaal

5 Responses to "Chaley pawan ki chaal"

Thank you,Atul ji.
This song is a fabulous melody.
You have not taken even 24 hours for giving this song after we discussed it.


There seems to be some problem with the VDO,its not showing.


Thanks for pointing it out. Now it should work.


problem with audio & video


Atul ji,

Based on information researched by Arun ji and myself, the lyricist of this song is AH Shor. Please make the correction.

So actually, the name AH Shor as a new lyricist is already there on this blog for some months now. 🙂



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