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Chaandi ki deewaar na todi

Posted on: March 13, 2011

I think I may have decoded the formula for the inclusion of Hindi movie songs in mainstream movies of the golden era. 🙂

It was a standard formula in Hindi movies of the past for the hero to be poor and the heroine to be from a rich family. The first encounter between the two would typically be unsavoury, what with the hero singing an eve teasing song. But somehow, the heroine would manage to fall in love with him, and that would lead to a romantic duet, typically sung in a garden, running around the trees. Then there could be a rain song too.

Hero’s mother will sing a bhajan and then there would be a Helen cabarat which will have no relevance to the plot of the movie.

As the movie begins to reach its business end, Heroine’s baap will decide to marry his daughter to the son of a wealthy businessman. The engagement ceremony will be held in a big hall with a piano kept near the staircase. And guess who will be asked to sing a song on the occasion. The heartbroken hero of course !

How the hero is allowed in the ceremony by the baap of the heroine in every money despite the baap being totally against the hero seeing his daughter is never explained. And how he is allowed to sing a song on the occasion also beats everyone. In the song, he condems the heroine for her bewafaayi,and the heroine looks suitably chastened, but neither the baap nor anyone goes up to the hero and tells him to shut up. Everyone stands up like a statue waiting for the song to end before taking any action. And by that time the hero has managed to taken the moral high ground, at least as far as the gullible movie watchers are concerned.

Here is just the kind of song I just described. This song is from “Vishwaas”(1969). Here Jeetendra is shown singing this piano song in the gathering where Aparna Sen and her mother Kamini Kaushal, as well as the guests in the gathering are silent witnesses as Jeetendra merrily castigates Aparna Sen for preferring money in favour of love and breaking his heart full of love, much to the cheer of the movie watchers.

If you ask me now, I disapprove of such simplistic songs. In those days, being rich was considered bad and being poor was considered good. And the poor hero seeking to marry a rich girl and making her spend a life of poverty was considered good and desirable.

What rubbish ! This is my observation, taking full benefit of hindsight. 🙂 Instead of singing romantic song and then such bewafaayi song, why cannot the hero work to improve his economic condition to rise above poverty ? But no, he would like to remain poor and make others poor and miserable too. One popular political slogan of those days was “Gareebi Hataao” (Abolish poverty). The slogans of succh movies could well be ‘Gareebi Badhaao” (Increase poverty) by forcing the rich heroine to marry poor hero and join the group of poors.

Coming to the song, this song is sung by Mukesh with his customary Midas touch, which has made this song a timeless classic. Gulshan Baawra is the lyricist and Kalyanji Aanndji composed the music.

This song is quite a milestone for this blog too. this is the 300th song of Mukesh as a singer in this blog. Mukesh sang just over 1000 songs all, including non movie songs. He may have sung about 800 songs in Hindi movies and this song features nearly one third of all Mukesh songs that he sang in Hindi movies. This is quite a good number and with time more Mukesh songs will get added of course. There may not be too many places on internet that one can find so many Mukesh songs in one place and we in this blog should justly take pride in this fact.

Here is this 300th Mukesh song in this blog.



Song-Chaandi ki deewaar na todi (Vishwaas) (1969) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics- Gulshan Baawraa, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa

chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa
chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa
ek dhanwaan ki beti ne,
nirdhan ka daaman chhod diyaa
chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa

kal tak jisne qasmein khaayin,
dukh mein saath nibhaane ki
aaj wo apne sukh ki khaatir,
ho gayi ek begaane ki
shehnaayiyon ki goonj mein dabke
rah gayi aah deewaane ki
dhanwaanon ne deewaane ka,
gham se rishtaa jod diyaa
ek dhanwaan ki beti ne,
nirdhan ka daaman chhod diyaa
chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa

wo kyaa samjhe pyaar ko jinkaa,
sab kuchh chaandi sonaa hai
dhanwaanon ki is duniyaa mein,
dil to ek khilaunaa hai
sadiyon se dil tootataa aaya,
dil ka bas ye ronaa hai
jab tak chaaha dil se khelaa,
aur jab chaaha tod diya
ik dhanwaan ki beti ne,
nirdhan ka daaman chhod diyaa
chaandi ki deewaar na todi,
pyaar bharaa dil tod diyaa

5 Responses to "Chaandi ki deewaar na todi"

What a beautiful song, and how sarcastic/viscious the attack on old Indian cinema (of the 50’s and 60’s) by Atul!

I did see the movie at the time (and then promptly moved over to the US in Jan 70 – no coincidence to be assumed!) and many a time hummed he song to myself, even after several years. Thanks to Atul for re-discovering these gems, albeit with a sardonic recommendation.

In many cases, one should avoid criticizing a set of circumstances from a bygone era, with current mores and standards. How does the song from Chitralekha go –

yeh paap hai kyaa, yeh puNya hai kyaa,
reetOn par dharm kee mohare hain

har yug me badaltE dharmOn kO
kaisE Aadarsh banaaOgE

I could say more, but will stop for now.


Ah! The capitalist has awoken. Note that this was barely a few years after Nehru’ death and socialism was alive and doing well.
watch Namak Haram for an elegant case for it.

But I have listened to the song that Krishna mentions and was impressed that the song did not make waves when released. Does anyone know how it was recieved… Considering it insults the sadhus and sants in the movie who probably had a higher standing then and do still command a lot of respect.


The movie “Chitralekha” flopped badly. None of the songs of this movie made any waves whatsoever in Binaca geetmala, the barometer of popularity of songs at that time.


I think this is a beautifully melodious song, and the movie sounds exactly the same as thousands of others at the time. I take issue however at the interpretation of the message. It does not sound like a condemnation of money, but of choosing money over love. You make it sound as if it is an easy matter to just work hard and improve ones economic situation. Grinding poverty was the norm in those days, jobs were horribly scarce, people did, and were willing to work hard, but opportunities were almost non-existent. That is the context of that era. By the way one can also say that maybe the rich businessman parent can also create an opportunity for the poor hero and bring him out of poverty.


My comments like this are often made in a lighter vein and they are required to be taken as such. Please read my disclaimer on the “about” page.


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