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Gori tere chalne pe mera dil qurbaan

Posted on: May 14, 2011

In late 1970s, I had watched a movie called “Dada”. In that movie, Amjad Khan, then typedcast as Gabbar Singh following his role in “Sholay” (1975) played a baddie who turns over a new leaf thanks to a young blind girl (whose father he has murdered). this movie moved the audience a lot. The movie went on to become a reasonable hit. Vinod Mehra and Bindiya Goswami were the hero and heroine of this movie, but Amjad Khan was the real star of the movie.

I was told by some knowledgeable movie watchers that “Dada” was a remake of “Faislaa” and in that movie Sheikh Mukhtaar played Amjad Khan’s role.

Those were the days when I, with majority of movie watchers, had a low opinion of B grade movies that “Faislaa” obviously was. I in fact passed over an opportunity to watch this movie when it was being shown for free in a nearby ground at night. Yes, those were the days when enterprising people in colonies/ housing societies etc would arrange to show old movies (that could be arranged at affordable cost) in their localities. Other movies that I similarly passed over watching for free were “Samadhi” (1972), “Haqeeqat” (1964) etc. Though in case of “Haqeeqat” (1964), I gave up watching after a couple of hours. I recall watching “Shaheed Bhagat Singh” (1965) almost entirely in one such open air movie show.

To cut a long story short, here is a song from “Faislaa” (1965) , which served as the inspiration for “Dada” (1978). In Dada, the romance between Vinod Mehra and Bindiya Goswami was the side plot, 🙂 and as a part of this side plot, they sing a song Dil ke tukde tukde karke muskuraa ke chal diye (Dada) , which became hugely popular.

Here is the equivalent song from “Faislaa” (1965).From the star cast (Jugal Kishore, Vijayalakshmi, Sheikh Mukhtar, Helen Jeevan Jagdeep ,Jagdev,Niranjan Sharma Sulochana Chatterji) ,I can guess that that this song is picturised on Jugal Kishore and L Vijaylaxmi. I am of course open to corrections if any. 🙂

Here is this lovely song from “Faislaa” (1965) which is sung by Mukesh. Asad Bhopali is the lyricist. Music is composed by Usha Khanna, who incidentally went on to composed the music of “Dada” (1978) as well.



Song-Gori tere chalne pe mera dil qurbaan (Faislaa) (1965) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Usha Khanna


gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan
teraa chalnaa teraa ruknaa
teraa mudnaa taubaa
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan

paayal bajnaa
us pe lahraanaa lachaknaa
paayal bajnaa
us pe lahraanaa lachaknaa
zulfen udnaa aur meraa door se taknaa
kamsini mein ye qayaamat na uthaao
na uthaao
mera dil qurbaan
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan

teraa deewaanaa
teri aarzoo kartaa hai
teraa deewaanaa
teraa saudaai tere naam pe martaa hai
zaraa tham jaa
zaraa ruk jaa
teraa hogaa ehsaan
meraa dil qurbaan
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan
teraa chalnaa teraa ruknaa
teraa mudnaa taubaa
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan
gori tere chalne pe meraa dil qurbaan

5 Responses to "Gori tere chalne pe mera dil qurbaan"

I think this is the same Jugal Kishore who starred in
“Laal Bangla(1966)”(that starred Sujith kumar and Jayanthi(famous kannada movie heroine)(and had songs like rafi`s Haseen wadiyon, fizaaon se keh do”and Mukesh`s “Chaand ko kya maloom, chahta hai use koi chakor”)(Music:Usha khanna). He looks like the villain Goga kapoor , I am not able to identify his name till today, thanks you have helped me.


Vijayalaxmi or Jayanthi-she is lovely.


Atul ji

Lovely rememberance; the visual and the actors may not be up to the song, but the song itself is just wonderful.

Once again, underscores the fact you have been writing often; the so called B grade music directors deserve much more recognition than they have received. Usha Khanna is another such talented music director, and has so many wonderful scores to her merit.



Atul ji,
Your observation that DADA was almost a remake of FAISLA is absolutely right.
Both these movies were produced and directed by Jugal Kishore and both had music by Usha Khanna.Jeevan and Jagdeep acted in both films.The story and song situations were identical.
However,the lead role in Faisla was of Jeevan and Helen as Hero and Heroine,though they had no songs,while in Dada,main leads had songs.
Shaikh Mukhtar did the role of Fazloo,the murderer turned kind guy,who finally sacrifices his life for the adopted daughter.Same way,Amjad Khan died in Dada.




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