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Dekhat waako hi roop prem ka pujaari

Posted on: May 15, 2011

“Chandidas” (1934) is a movie that was produced by Calcutta’s New Theatre. It is one of the earliest Hindi talkie as it came just three years after movies began to talk in India in 1931. This movie is a landmark movie in the annals of Hindi movies because K L Saigal came into prominence for the first time with this movie.

In this movie, starring Saigal, Uma Sashi, Nawab, Pahari Sanyal etc, Saigal sang several songs. Here is one of the lesser known songs from this movie. I do not recall ever listening to this song in Radio Ceylon’s “Puraani Filmon ke geet” programme where the last song (at the stroke of 8 AM) was reserved for a K L Saigal song.

This song is written by Agha Hashra Kashmiri. R C Boral is the music director. This is a gem from the distant past which I heard for the first time just now, some 77 years after this song was created.



Song-Dekhat waako hi roop prem ka pujaari (Chandidas) (1934) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Agha Hashra Kashmiri, MD-R C Boral


Dekhat waako hi roop
prem ka pujaari
dekhat waako hi roop
prem ka pujaari
dekhat waako hi roop
mukh par yoon roop rang
jaise Shiv ki ??
mukh par yoon roop rang
jaise Shiv ki ??
rom rom ang ang
rom rom ang ang
?? jaghaari

waako hi rahat dhyaan
sowat jaagat hairaan
waako hi rahat dhyaan
sowat jaagat hairaan
jeewan ka madhur swapn
jeewan ka madhur swapn
jeewan ka madhur swapn
jeewan ka madhur swapn
waaki chhab pyaari

5 Responses to "Dekhat waako hi roop prem ka pujaari"

Dear Atul ji,
As I was out of Mumbai,I could not write earlier.
You have made a mention of Radio Ceylon.Similarly,many of our readers,from time to time,mention Radio Ceylon.
Radio Ceylon,or Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation,completed 60 years of playing old film music on 30-3-2011.
Even today,there are people who enjoy old songs thru’ SLBC,but as this broadcast is available on short wave,the reception is unpredictable and unsatisfactory.
There is GOOD NEWS for these listeners !
This service is now available on INTERNET also(same service which is available on 25 and 45 meters).The timing is 5.50 to 8 a.m.(IST) daily.
Just go to
On the home page,on bottom left hand corner you will find”connect to world”(listen live).Click on it and enjoy.
Asia English is available at 9 to 10 p.m..
The programme is called “Namaste India”
Atul ji,I thought our readers may like to use this info.


Arun ji,

This really is a great piece of information. Thanks for sharing.



Infinite Salutations to R C Boral Pankaj Mullick, K L saigal.!


Two changes in the lyrics (to replace the ??) :

lines 7 & 9: jaise Shiv sheesh gang

line 12: sarva tej dhaari


I remember this film’s name ‘Chandidas’ because I know Saigal Saab has sung in this film.
I am listening this song first time, but at the recording center which I used to visit regularly in 1985-86 music lovers of that era were always looking for Saigal Saab’s songs and get it recorded specially then from the LP’s available there.


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