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Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin koi na koi to aayegaa

Posted on: July 27, 2011

When one listens to this song without being aware of the details, what does one guess about this song ? It is sung by Rafi and it is picturised on Dev Anand. This song is remininscent of several other Rafi- dev Anand songs and one may guess that this song is composed by S D Burman. But surprise, surprise ! This song is not composed by S D Burman. This song is a Madan Mohan composition !

Madan Mohan had in the past composed songs in the style of other music directors, viz O P Nayyar for instance. And in the coming years, Laxmikant Pyarelal would compose a few songs in Madan Mohan style. Imitating the musical styles of other music directors may have been a conscious decision. I know that Laxmikant Pyarelal had adopted Madan Mohan style in a few songs at the insistence of Lata. So, Madan Mohan may have decided to compose in S D Burman style either on his own or at the request of someone. May be there is some story behind it.

This song is from “Sharaabi” (1964). It is written by Rajinder Krishan.

It is a superb composition, but the movie suffered the usual fate of a Madan Mohan movie, viz it flopped at the box office and once again the hard work of Madan Mohan as a music director went waste.

Fortunately, now with the passage of time, at least a few music lovers are digging up these songs and savouring them and appreciating the genius of the people behind these songs. And these artists deserve every bit of praise that we can shower on them.

The lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra. I have provided the audio as well as the video link of this song. The audio link is slightly longer than the video link.



Song-Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin koi na koi to aayegaa (Sharaabi) (1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega
apna mujhe banaayega
dil mein mujhe basaayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi tho aayega

kab se tanhaa ghoom raha hoon
duniya ke veeraane mein
khaali jaam liye baitha hoon
kab se is maikhaane mein
koi to hoga mera saaqi
koi to pyaas bujhaayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega

kisi ne mera dil na dekha
na dil ka paighaam sunaa
mujhko bas aawaara samjha
jisne mera naam sunaa
ab tak to sabne thukraaya
koi to paas bithaayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega

kabhi to dega sannate mein
pyaar bhari aawaaz koi
kaun ye jaane kab mil jaaye
raste mein hamraaz koi
mere dil ka dard samajhkar
do aansoo to bahaayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega
apna mujhe banaayega
dil mein mujhe basaayega
kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin
koi na koi to aayega
koi na koi to aayega

4 Responses to "Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin koi na koi to aayegaa"

Wow! This song was not posted yet? Lovely rendition by Rafi saab. Love this song. You are right – it is very much in SD Burman’s style that Madan Mohan has composed this. 🙂 Much like “saathi na koi manzil” of Bambai Ka Babu or “Hum bekhudi mein” from Kaala Paani. 🙂


Like wise, MM’s ‘Dil dhoondata hai phir wahi fursat’ from MAUSAM has Rahul Dev Burman touch especially second stanza ‘Jaado ki narm dhoop aur aangan mein let kar’.

By the way the name of MD appearing below the audio link needs to be corrected.


I personally often tend to get confused between “Aandhi” (music by R D Burman) and “Mausam” (music by Madan Mohan), Both these movies were released in the same year, viz 1975.


What a song ! SDB style song by Madan Mohan has to have the best of both worlds. Another indication of SDB style is the rapid way the stanza is sung with no line being repeated. This way a song having 3 antra’s will get over within three minutes.

As for songs of mausam they sound very much like RDB’s especially “Ruke ruke se qadam”. Gulzar’s lyrics also had a role to play in that.



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