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Sansaar se bhaage phirte ho

Posted on: August 1, 2011

It is a song that I thought was already discussed but that was not the case. I am thankful to Prakashchandra for sending the lyrics of this song and thus reminding me that this song is yet to figure in the blog.

This superb song is from the musical masterpiece “Chitralekha” (1964) which was a labour of love for Roshan and he had high hopes for the music as well as the movie. Unfortunately the movie flopped, and with it, the prospects of the songs becoming popular with the public reduced. And it is a fact that the songs of this movie failed to create any ripples on Binaca geetmala. And Roshan was heartbroken, as a result.

I have mentioned it in the past that Indian movie watching public at that time did not have the sophistication to appreciate movies and even music that differered from the then existic formulae applicable for creating them. And all that happens despite the fact that such movies win critical acclaim and rave reviews.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, one may wonder how the songs of this movie failed to click with the public. We have to keep this fact into mind that those days music could only be affordably heard on radio and loudspeakers. Buying and owning songs as records was the privilege of only the richest people. Most people could not afford it. And seeing how few records actually got sold, record companies manufactured their records based on the popularity of songs at that time. We are at least fortunate that the records of “Chitralekha” (1964) were created and that the prints of this movie still survive. Now, when music as well as VCD/DVD are within reach of ordinary public, these movies and their songs can be enjoyed by discerning public to their hearts content. and I would like to believe that the number of discerning audience too may have increased by now.

Here is this superb song sung by Lata and lp synced by Meena Kumari. The picturisation also shows Asho Kumar, Achala Schdev, Minoo Mumtaz, Bela Bose and Sabeena.

I had not paid much attention to the lyrics of this song earlier. This time, when I listened to the lyrics, I realised that Sahir Ludhianvi has come up with some awesome philosophical stuff in this song. I will try and find time to translate this song some time. In brief, in this song, Meena Kumari challenges the philosophy of renouncing theworld that the monk Ashok Kumar practices. According to her, one cannot hope to find God by running away from the world. If he cannot fit in this world, then he is likely to be a misfit in the other world too that he seeks to attain. It is all very nicely put in simple enough words.

Indeed, this song has Lata, Sahir Ludhianvi and Roshan at their very best. and the result is this masterclass.



Song-Sansaar se bhaage phirte ho (Chitralekha)(1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Roshan

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

Sansaar se bhaage phirte ho
Bhagwaan ko tum kyaa paaoge
is lok ko bhi apnaa na sake
us lok mein bhi pachtaaoge
sansaar se bhaage phirte ho

ye paap hai kyaa ye punya hai kyaa
reeton par dharm ki moharen hain
ye paap hai kyaa ye punya hai kyaa
reeton par dharm ki moharen hain
reeton par dharm ki moharen hain
har yug mein badlte dharmon ko
kaise aadarsh banaaoge
sansaar se bhaage phirte ho

ye bhog bhi ek tapasya hai
tum tyaag ke maare kya jaano
ye bhog bhi ek tapasya hai
tum tyaag ke maare kya jaano
tum tyaag ke maare kya jaano
apmaan rachayita ka hogaa
rachna ko agar tukraaoge
sansaar se bhaage phirte ho

hum kehthe hain ye jag apnaa hai
tum kehthe ho jhoothaa sapnaa hai
hum kehthe hain ye jag apnaa hai
tum kehthe ho jhoothaa sapnaa hai
tum kehthe ho jhoothaa sapnaa hai
ham janam bitaakar jaayenge
tum janam ganwaakar jaaoge
sansaar se bhaage phirhe ho
Bhagwaan ko tum kya paaoge
sansaar se bhaage phirte ho

9 Responses to "Sansaar se bhaage phirte ho"

Is it “tum tyaag ke maare kya jaano” or should it be “tum tyaag ke maane kya jaano”?


DK ji,

The word is “maare” and not “maane”. In this song, the dancer Chiralekha is addressing the tapasvi muni Ashok Kumar. This particular line is directed at him – “tum tyaag ke maare kyaa jaano”, meaning “you are so smitten with the concept of renunciation” or “your belief in renunciation is so dogmatic, what would you know . . .”



Only a couple of days back I noticed that this song was missing from your listing under ‘Chitralekha’.I am very happy that this song has made it to the list.

I rate this song the best among all other beautiful songs in this movie. The song is not only philosophical but also a veil sarcasm on the society – for example ‘Ye paap hai kya ye punya hai kya reeton par dharm ki moharen hain……’

When I first came to know that this song (also other songs in this film) was penned by Sahir Ludhianvi, I was pleasantly surprised to find lyrics in pure Hindi. As I noticed later, Sahir had earlier written some lyrics in pure Hindi, the one I instantly remember is ‘Phaili hui hai sapano ki bahein’ in HOUSE NO.44.



aapke gaanon ka anuvaad aur gaane ke baare mein lekhan, hamesha mere tho hosh udaa dethi hai. Translation are TO THE POINT hoti hai.
Itna convey karne ke liye mujhe dekho aap, kitne bhaashaoon ka sahaara lena padtha hai

Par AAP tho AAP Hai, Jhooti tareef nahin kar raha hoon, Sachmuch, HATS OFF TO YOU.

Let me tell you, if you are nearer to me, I would have been definitely after you pestering, for tution regarding the nuances of langauages.



Prakash ji,

Itni tareef ke kaabil nahin hoon mein, yeh to aap ki aur aap jaise aur hum-khayaal doston ki meharbaani hai. Sach mein, aap logon ke comments se hi hausla hota hai kuchh likhne ka. Puraane gaane mujhe bahut azeez hain, aur jab aisa shauk rakhnewaale itne log miley, to sach kahoon, dil bahut hi khush hai. Sharing on this forum is such a pleasure. 🙂

Heartfelt thanks for your note.



New video link :


I enjoy your site very much. Here is my commentary on this song…






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