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Neel gagan par udte baadal aa aa aa

Posted on: August 1, 2011

It was pointed out to me by readers that songs of “Khandaan” (1965) were conspicuous by their absence in the blog. Not just that, I was gently given the hint to discuss the songs of this movie with the lyrics of songs to this movie being e mailed to me. I have succumbed to the persuasion 😀 and as many as two songs from this movie have been discussed in the blog so far.

Here is another song from this movie. This song is a joie de vivre genre of song where Sunil Dutt and Nutan are in their fields and are happy with the results of their hardwork done on their fields. In this song, the invoke the clouds to come and provide shade to their fields. They also advice the birds to fly away from the fields as the grains available in the field now are green, and they better come back when they get ripe !

The lovely lyrics are written by Rajinder Krishan. The song is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. Music is composed by Ravi.

Today is the first of august 2011. Oh, so today is the day for the song Din hai suhaana aaj pahli taarikh hai ! Well, I think it is a good time to reflect on the past month’s performance for the blog.

The month of july 2011 was a very fruitful and record breaking month for this blog. Several records were set in this month. Here are a few of them:

1. The blog turned three years old.
2.The blog clocked 1.5 millions visits.
3. The month saw as many as 206 songs getting discussed, which is a new record for a month, beating the previous record of 194 songs in may 2009.
4. As many as two centuries were scored in this one month, which is a first for a month.
5. The 42nd century (viz song nos. 4101 to 4200) came up in 14 days, which is the quickest ever century for this blog.
6. Record number of visitors in a day was broken thrice in the month. The record now stands at 3060 visitors in a day.
7.This month saw a record number of visitors for the blog. As many as 85,192 visits were recorded in the month, which works out to an average of 2748 visits per day, or 114 visitors per hour. It is not bad for a labour of love blog on a non populist topic like old Bollywood movie songs.

Statistics aside, there were many intangible factors that are far more satisfying. The exchange of information , not available elsewhere on internet, among extremely knowledgeable readers, has become a welcome feature of this blog, and the comments in this blog are worth their weight in gold. They are adding immensely to the knowledge base of music lovers.

Analysis of the heavy duty lyrics and their interpretation by Sudhir has added immensely to the knowledge of readers . The fact that most such analysis has been done for K L Saigal songs is even more praiseworthy. I am hopeful that such efforts will not only enable readers to understand the meaning of the lyrics, buit they will also be able to appreciate the greatness of K L Saigal and his contemporaries.

We have discussed over 4300 songs, and as we all know, our journey is nowhere close to its end. It is a long journey with no end in sight. I hope we will continue to have many more centuries , and that will include many many gems and all this while we will continue to add immensely to our knowledge about the songs discussed here.

I once again thank all the wellwishers of this blog for their patronage, blessings and encouragement.



Song-Neel gagan par udte baadaal aa aa aa (Khandaan) (1965) Singer-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Ravi

Lyrics (Provided by nahm)

o o o o
o o o
o ho o
o ho o

neel gagan par udte baadal aa aa aa
dhoop mein jalta khet hamaara
kar de tu chhaayaa
chhupe huye o chanchal panchhi ja ja ja
dekh abhi hai kachcha daana
pak jaaye to kha

neel gagan par udte badal aa aa aa
dhoop mein jalta khet hamaara
kar de tu chhaayaa
chhupe huye o chanchal panchhi ja ja ja
dekh abhi hai kachcha daana
pak jaaye to kha

behta behta kyaariyon mein
thhanda thhanda paani
behta behta kyaariyon mein
thhanda thhanda paani
choom na le kahin paaon tere
o kheton ki raani
choom ke maile paon mere
wo bhi hoga mailaa
main hoon kheton ki daasi
tu kheton ka raaja

neel gagan par udte baadal aa aa aa
dhoop mein jalta khet hamaara
kar de tu chhayaa

hari bhari in khetiyon ki
raam kare rakhwaali
hari bhari in khetiyon ki
raam kare rakhwaali
wo chaahe to laakhon daanen
degi ik ik baali

mehnat waalon ki sunta hai
wo ooparwaala
khol ke rakhiyo apni jholi
bhar degaa daata
chhupe huye o chanchal panchhi ja ja ja
dekh abhi hai kachcha daana
pak jaaye to kha

neel gagan par udte badal aa aa aa
dhoop mein jalta khet hamaara
kar de tu chhaayaa

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Thanks a lot for your kind words.


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