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Wo chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte rahen

Posted on: November 29, 2011

“Jahaan Ara” (1964) is a movie that was a resounding flop at the box office which came as a severe jolt to Madan Mohan who had composed some fantastic songs in this movie.

With time, the movie has been consigned to the dustbin of obscurity but songs of the movie have lived on.

I have discussed three songs from this movie. Here is another song from this movie.

This ghazal is sung by Lata and it is picturised on Minu Mumtaz. Bharat Bhushan, Aruna Irani and Om Prakash are also visible in the picturisation.

Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist of the song.

Lyrics of this song were first sent to me by Prakashchandra, and afterwards by another contributor which shows that this song continues to be popular among discerning music lovers.



Song-Wo chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte rahen (Jahaan Ara)(1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Woh chhup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte hain
woh chhup rahen tho mere dil ke daag jalthe hain
jo baat kar le aa aa aa
aa aa aa
jo baat kar le tho bujhte chiraag jalthe hain
woh chhup rahe to mere dil ke daag jalte hain

kaho bujhe ke jale
hum apni raah chalein ya tumhaari raah chalein
kaho bujhe ke jalen
bujhe to aise ke jaise kisi gareeb ka dil
kisi gareeb ka dil
jale to aise ke jaise chiraag jalte hain
woh chhup rahe to mere dil ke daag jalte hain

ye khoyee khoyee nazar
kabhi to hogi idhar yaa sadaa rahegi udhar
ye khoyee khoyee nazar
udhar to ek sulagta hua hai veeraanaa
hai ek veeraanaa
magar idhar to bahaaron mein baag jalte hain
woh chhup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte hain

jo ashq pee bhi liye
jo honthh see bhi liye to sitam ye kispe kiye
jo ashq pee bhi liye
kuch aaj apni sunaao kuch aaj meri suno
kuchh aaj meri suno
khamoshiyon se dil aur dimaag jalte hain
woh chhup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalthe hain
jo baat kar le to bujhte chiraag jalte hain
woh chhup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte hain

5 Responses to "Wo chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte rahen"

JAHAN ARA-1964,was a Light and Shade Movies’ film produced by Omprakash Bakshi and Directed by Vinod kumar,who also wrote its story,s/play and dialogues.
JahanAra came when the magic of Bharat Bhushan was already waning and people were fed up seeing him in the role of a broken hearted poet.Though Madan Mohan’s songs were superb,but then songs can be heard outside the theatre too,and this is what exactly the audience did.In the period post JahanAra,films with different stories with Bharat Bhushan were accepted by people.
Unfortunately for Madan Mohan,such failure movies somehow came to him with miraculous regularity,like a magnet !
Jahan Ara (Mala Sinha) was the daughter of Shahjehan (Prithviraj Kapoor) and Mumtaz (Indrani Mukherjee),famous for Tajmahal.she was called Begum Sahiba.From childhood,she loved poetry,especially of Mirza Yusuf Changezi (Bharat Bhushan),the court poet.As the years passed by,they fell in love,but Mumtaz fell ill and before dying she took a promise from Jahanara that she will not do anything tarnishing the image of their family.After Mumtaz died and the Taj was built,Aurangzeb usurped the throne and kept Shahjehan in jail.Karuna(Shashikala)the fast friend of Jahanara had promissed a meeting of the lovers,to Mirza,but Jahaara was bound by her promise to mother.Shahajehan dies and the lovers meet only to separate for ever.
With such kind of story and lacklustre acting by BB,no wonder,clever audience rejected the film within a week !


I love every song from ‘Jahan Ara’! Madan Mohan was never given his due by the Hindi filmdom! My personal favourite from this movie is the soulful, “Main teri nazar ka guroor hoon..”. Talat was just marvellous in this song!






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