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Hawa udaa kar laayi saawan ke sapney

Posted on: February 4, 2012

I have discussed songs from “Taqdeer” (1943) as well as “Taqdeer” (1967) in this blog. It turns out that there was a movie with this title in 1950s too.

“Taqdeer” (1958) was a Neela Production movie. It was directed by A S Arora. The movie had Karan Dewan, S. K. Prem, Helen, Shyama, Asha Mathur, Madan Puri etc in it.

Here is a delightful joie de vivre genre of song from “Taqdeer” (1958). This song is sung by Suraiyya. From the starcast, we see that Suraiyya’s name does not appear in it. If that is the case then this song must be one of the rare songs sung by Suraiyya that were not picturised on her. As only the audio of this song is available so it is difficult to guess how and on whom this song was picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to tell us about the picturisation of this song.
PS-Now thanks to the details provided by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, we know that this song was originally recorded by Dhaniram for a 1955 movie called “Apna Khoon”. This song was later used by Dhaniram in “Taqdeer” (1958) where this song gets played in the background and is not lip synced by any actor.

Verma Malik is the lyricist. Music is composed by Dhaniram.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.

Song-Hawa uda kar laayi saawan ke sapne (Taqdeer)(1958) Singer-Suraiyya, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Dhaniram

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

hawa uda kar laayi
saawan ke sapne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne
hawa uda kar laayi
saawan ke sapne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne

palkon ne hain pankh phailaaye
door nazariya ud ud jaaye
palkon ne hain pankh phailaaye
door nazariya ud ud jaaye
beete din yaad dilaaye
o meri uljhi lat ne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne

lo ghata ke bikhre bikhre gesoo
kaise karun main dil par qaaboo
lo ghata ke bikhre bikhre gesoo
kaise karun main dil par qaaboo
ab phoolon se bhanwra bhi
aaya hai lipatne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne

mehki hawaayen mast bahaaren
ae ae
jhoom jhoom ke tujhe pukaaren
mehki hawaayen mast bahaaren
jhoom jhoom ke tujhe pukaaren
paaon ko choom kar paayal
ab lagi jhanakne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne
hawa uda kar laayi
saawan ke sapne
ho ho
dil laga tadapne
ho aa ja saajan apne


11 Responses to "Hawa udaa kar laayi saawan ke sapney"

It’s Suraiyya. Can’t be less than the best.
Here is the link again as it’s not working.

Can you give me some info on The MD Dhaniram? Recently I am listening to so many of this “Not Famous for Me” singer. Thanks.

Khyati ji,
MASTER DHANIRAM was born in 1917 at Sikandarabad,in north India.he joined the film industry as an all-rounder.He was a singer,Lyricist,Story/ writer,editor and finally a composer.from 1933 to 1948,he did all types of film related works.
In 1948,he first gave music to Papiha re and till 1962 (Meri Behan),he gave music to about 20 films.His Apna Khoon and Awara Ladki remained unfinished.
Atif ji has already given his filmography.
he died in 1982.

Music Director Dhaniram Prem’s filmography.

Not very prolific. Associated with mostly B grade obscure movies. Sometimes worked with Naresh Bhattacharya.

Aankh Ka Nasha
Aawara Ladki
Baaje Ghungroo
Daak Babu
Gul Bahaar
Meri Behen
Papiha Re
Roop Basant
Shahi Bazaar
Shahi Chor

Out of these, I would say Daak Babu is the most well-known (or least obscure). This was a 1954 Nadira, Talat Mehmood starrer. These two songs from this movie surface to mind:
– Yeh kya hai dhang zamaane ka (Talat Mehmood)
– Ghir ghir aaye badarwa kaare rang bhare (Talat Mehmood, Mubarak Begum).

Also notable is Hemant Kumar, Shamshad Begum duet from Shole (1953, with Ashok Kumar, Beena Rai).

– Ae dil tu kahin le chal


Thanks Atifji. I know only three movies from this list- Daak Babu, Ladki and Taqdeer.

Atul ji,
Record no. N-51743 which has 2 Suraiya songs,1.Hawa uda kar layi and 2.Aankh puranam labon par,was recorded by Dhaniram in 1955 for the film APNA KHOON.
tThese 2 songs were later used in film Taqdeer-1958.
they were played in background and not on any artist.

Thanks for this interesting information. What was the fate of “Apna Khoon” ? Was this movie actually released (with these songs in it) or this movie remained unfinished/shelved ?

Atul ji,
APNA KHOON was never completed and was shelved.

Arun ji,

As I checked with the Geet Kosh, two additional items of information are available. The name ‘Apna Khoon’ is listed as an alias for the film ‘Taqdeer’ (1958). The possible implication is that when the film was originally planned, it was titled ‘Apna Khoon’. Later, because of delays, and possible change in people involved, the film title was changed to ‘Taqdeer’ – the title with which it was finally released in 1958. It is possible that Suraiyyaa was signed up originally for ‘Apna Khoon’.

Further, two records were originally recorded for ‘Apna Khoon’ in 1955. N-51743 which you have already discussed, and N-51744 which contains one solo song each by Shamshad Begum and Geeta Dutt. Both the records were re-released with the film name ‘Taqdeer’ also, retaining the same serial nos.


Sudhir ji,
I had also seen the HFGK entries,before writing the above note.
While reading about Master Dhaniram,the Music Director of this film in the book,” Rahen na rahen hum ” by shantaram Mankikar-published Dec-2006- it is mentioned that APNA KHOON was an uncompleted film,for which Dhaniram had recorded Suraiya’s 2 songs and that these songs were used in Taqdeer-1958 as the composer was I believe,it was a separate film itself.
The HFGK says that these songs were commissioned again in the name of Taqdeer also (Taqdeer ke naam se bhi jaari kiya gaya tha).
In the song list of Suraiya,these songs feature as Taqdeer songs only.
I did not mention about the other recorded song of Shamshad and Geeta,because the discussion was about Suraiya’s song.
Thanks for your follow up which helps to clarify matters.

Here is the video of this beautiful song,

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