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Duniya mein rehna hai to kaam karo pyaare

Posted on: July 19, 2012

I have mentioned it in the past that I am quite absent minded when it comes to remembering important dates. There were occasions when I turned up at my work place, only to realise that it was a holiday. But more importantly, I tend to be absent minded about important dates of personal importance too, viz birthday of my spouse etc, which is never a good idea. Fortunately, my daughter, who always keeps track of such dates comes to my rescue.

It was the same for me with this blog too in the past. This blog started on this very day four years ago on 19 july 2008. This date passed unnoticed the next year. With passage of time, the blog has added more and more regulars and a few of them are much better organised when it comes to remembering important dates. They not only tell me about important dates, they send me contributions for these occasions too. Moreover, I too have tried to mend my ways. Believe it or not, I remembered this date this time 🙂

completing four years on internet ! Four years is regarded as a lifetime on internet and that way we can be proud of the fact that we have not only come through unscathed during these years, but we in fact have grown up nicely during the four years. It has become a meeting ground of like minded music lovers. The regulars of this blog share certain common values, even though these values have not been written down anywhere in the blog. They are all generous, knowledgeable, intelligent, mature and well settled individuals, whose love for the common cause is deep and long lasting. By interacting with them online, one feels that the interaction is taking place face to face. One can make guesses about them based on these online interactions. When one finally meets them face to face, it does not appear that we are meeting with a stranger. I was fortunate to meet two regulars of this blog, namely Raja and Sudhir ji, and I found them exactly what I had thought them to be, based on my online interactions with them, viz, extremely intelligent, kind, considerate, and humble. That way, the online interaction here is different from many social sites where people often create fake profiles. Here in this blog, what we percieve is what we get. That to me is one of the biggest achievement of this blog. This blog has helped create a close knit online communuity of like minded individuals, who share common interests, and in fact, they share in each others’ joys and sorrows too.

Working is such congenial online atmosphere naturally leads to collaboration among them voluntarily and willingly. Yes, this blog has now become an online collaboration where we are adding up valuable information about Hindi movie music. Quite a good deal of information contained in this blog was first made available on internet in this blog. Many lesser known songs and artists are being brought to the public domain after decades here. All this information will hopefully serve as a valuable and authentic reference material in future.

When my love affair with Hindi movie music began in late 1960s as a pre teen kid, I was not aware that one day, more than four decades later, I will have a music blog where I will have the company of such like minded individuals on a daily basis. Those days few people were aware of computers and internet was non existent. The computers themselves used to be huge four storey building sized machines and only big organisations could afford them.

When I was growing up in late 1960s, one day I heard a song called “Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Mein” on radio. I loved the song, and I was told by my Mama (maternal uncle) that the singer was Kishore Kumar. Later I heard several songs of Kishore Kumar. A few months later, the songs of “Aradhana” became the rage of the nation. Most songs of this movie were sung by Kishore Kumar. I came to know that Rajesh Khanna was the hero of that movie. Rajesh Khanna as an actor and Kishore Kumar as the male playback singer became the hottest property in Hindi movies.

It is mentioned by many (and I read it today in newspapers too) that Rajesh Khanna was a heart throb of females. But to say that Rajesh Khanna was not a heart throb of others is incorrect. He was a heart throb of everyone, age and gender no bar. “Haathi Mere Saathi” (1971) was a Rajesh Khanna movie which was tailormade for kids like me. The movie had Rajesh Khanna and a few elephants in it who would follow the commands of Rajesh Khanna and perform tricks. What more does a kid want ? And the movie had awesome songs too. Kids like me were not into romantic songs or sad songs from this movie, but into songs like “Chal Chal Chal Mere Saathi” and “Duniya Mein Rehna Hai to Kaam Karo Pyaare”.

This movie in fact is a hit with pets too. Memsaab has mentioned in her blog that her late dog Gemma enjoyed watching this movie with her. I have not tried watching this movie with my dogs, but I will not be surprised if they too watch this movie with interest. The flip side is, they may then become addicted to watching movies, and I do not want my dogs to become lazy couch potatoes. 🙂 I will then need to tell my dogs that one needs to work hard in this world to supvive, be it humans or elephants or dogs. See how the elephants are performing in this song. If the dogs are like my daughter, all this advise will fall on deaf ears though. 🙂

Watching the picturisation of this song again after four decades, I once again felt the need to have pets like elephants. If one can have pets like cat (miniature version of tiger) then why we do not have miniature version of elephants. If a portable sized animal that was a miniature version of wild elephant existed then it would have become one of the most popular pets with human beings, I feel.

On the occasion of this blog’s anniversary, as well as on the occasion of the sad demise of Rajesh Khanna, here is this much loved song from “Haathi Mere Saathi” (1971). The song is sung by Kishore Kumar and it is picturised as a roadside tamasha song where people gather and watch elephants performing tricks alongwith Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Junior Mehmood etc.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

On this occasion, I thank all the visitors, regular and well wishers of this blog who have helped make this blog a much loved place on the cyberspace. I hope that the blog will continue to get the same love and affection and blessing from music lovers. We still have a long and enjoyable musical journey ahead of us and I hope that we will be able to see many more anniversaries of this blog in future.

Song-Duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare (Haathi Mere Saathi)(1971) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


arre khel dekho khel

one two three up

duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare
haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare
haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
warna ye duniya jeene nahin degi
khaane nahin degi peene nahin degi
khel koi naya subah shaam kar pyaare
duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare
he haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
warna ye duniya jeene nahin degi
khaane nahin degi peene nahin degi
khel koi naya subah shaam kar pyaare
he duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare

paise bina duniya mein roti nahin milti
ee ee ee ee ee ee
roti nahin milti
langoti nahin milti ee
paise bina duniya mein roti nahin milti
roti nahin milti
langoti nahin milti
naam apna na badnaam kar pyaare
haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
he duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare

ek din tere mere khwaab honge poore
ae ae ae ae ae ae
aisi koi baat kar chal o jamoore
ek din tere mere khwaab honge poore
aisi koi baat kar chal o jamoore
reh jaayen sab dil thhaam kar pyaare
haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
he duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare

ooparwaale ko yaad kar
taange mein lagi jaise ghodi chali jaaye
ae ae ae ae ae ae
rassi pe gori aise daudi chale jaaye
taange mein lagi jaise ghodi chali jaaye
rassi pe gori aise daudi chale jaaye
chal ghar chalen
raam raam kar pyaare
duniya mein rehna hai to kaam kar pyaare
haath jod sabko salaam kar pyaare
warna ye duniya jeene nahin degi
khaane nahin degi peene nahin degi
khel koi naya subah shaam kar pyaare


27 Responses to "Duniya mein rehna hai to kaam karo pyaare"

Atul ji,
CONGRATULATIONS on completing 4 years.
Like you said rightly,the company of likeminded companions makes the journey more enjoyable.
This musical yatra is a great treasure,for it not only consists of songs,info and comments from the knowledgeables,but it is woven with sweet memories of meeting the right kind of people and conducive environment too.
Thanks to you for making this platform available and wish you many more milestones and a total satisfaction.

Thanks a lot. Meeting the right kind of likeminded people is an invaluable and great feeling that one gets here.

Congrats. I have no words to describe the great service of documentation of Hindustani Film Songs by you. May god bless you. regards.

Thanks a lot.


– What can one say when a colleague, a most important member of the fraternity, younger than you passes away..Rajesh Khanna no more !
– I stand mute in front of his still body, with nothing crossing my mind … just disbelief, and a reverence to his departed soul !!
– The word ‘superstar’ was invented for him, and for me it shall ever remain his, and no others .. !!
– His generation and the generations that follow, shall never be able to describe, or understand his phenomena .. !!
– Just the mere mention of his name ‘Rajesh Khanna’ sent myriad images of fanfare, awe, and reverential mention !!
– At his home earlier today, someone close came up and told me, his last words were ‘time up ho gaya – pack up !!’

Thanks for sharing it.

Atul ji,
Congratulations on raising this blog four years “young”. With your love, nurture & passion, every day and so by every year, it will become more younger and younger unlike living things, jo umra ke saath purana/budha hota jata hai. We may be growing old by biological age, but with the joy and happiness you are showering on us makes us feel like a happy/worry free four year child! I don’t have any words to say thanks for your dedication and love. May Thy give you all the strength to correct all my spelling mistakes in lyrics I send, to add more information in my posts and above all, more patience to “tolerate” my comments. 🙂
Thanks again,
Love & Regards,

Life mein kabhi aisa bhi hota hai ki aap jis ka image banate ho, wo aap ki expectation se bilkul alag ho. You are fortunate with Sudhirji and Rajaji. Hope you will be lucky with……….. Ask Sudhirji about his experience of expectation v/s reality when he talked to me just on the phone during his last visit to US. Waise aapko nightmare deneka iraada nahin hai mera, lekin phir bhi, just preparing you. 😆
“Life is beautiful, just enjoy and cherish each and every moment of it’s journey which is a biggest gift from Him”
BTW, I loved the song you have selected for this occasion of celebrating fourth b’day of this blog and at the same time paying tribute to the first Superstar of Hindi Cinema.

Do not worry. I will find you much better than my expectation. Only the reverse may not be correct.

Comments are the encouragements that one needs to continue, so it is not patience, but happiness that I feel when reading comments. I am happy to get lyrics. There may be a few errors in lyrics, including in lyrics noted down by me, which is normal and natural. The good thing is that these errors are pointed out by someone and then they are rectified.

Atul ji,

A great milestone accomplished today. Congratulations.

The wonder of what this blog has grown up into is simply un-put-down-able.

I wish and pray – we will grow from strength to strength. A vast treasure still awaits us out there.

Cheers and regards

Wonderful write-up, Atul, full of Atulisms. I loved this one in particular “If the dogs are like my daughter, all this advice will fall on deaf ears though.” 🙂

Congrats on the blog’s fourth birthday. Like has been said, this blog is indeed now THE go-to place for info on lots of yesteryear songs and artistes. That is its biggest contribution for posterity. And the job is still far from done – lots of songs still to find their way here. Which is not a bad thing! 🙂

happy birthday to all of us & thank you to Atul for bringing all of us together.
but a sad day as i was watching RK’s last journey on TV earlier today.
and a nice song to remember him by
R.I.P. dearest Rajesh Khanna

Yes, it is a sweet sour day for us today.

Atul ji,
CONGRATULATIONS on completing 4 years.i have been following your blog for the last 1 n half years .I also wrote a mail but there was no reply.
please atulji could i have your cont no or any place i could meet u in person.MY EMAIL ID IS n cont 983338991.Awiting your reply in anticipation….regrds dinesh shah

We in this blog have interacted with each other for a long time before the opportunity to meet face to face arose. In online life like in real life, we first get familiar with people and find something in common with and it is then that one meets up. Meeting just for the sake of meeting to satisfy your curiosity without knowing anything about you- I am not comfortable with this idea.

Many congratulations Atul. May this blog jeye hazaron saal, saal ke din hon pachas hazar.

Many thanks.

Oooh! Do you think Gemma has been able to meet Rajesh, now they are wherever we all go, and tell him what a big fan she is? 🙂 I hope so. Congrats on four years and many many many songs and fans later 🙂 Hugs to you Atul.

Thanks a lot ! A star who appealed to humans and pets alike. So he was rightfully a superstar.

Rajesh Khanna, was a very good actor. May be being a superstar gave him the choice and opportunity of doing some very fine films. I shall always remember him in “Anand”, ‘Safar” and “Khamoshi”.

He was touted as a sensational find even before “Aradhana”. Quite apart from his star value and mannerism(which no one has tried to copy), he remains the most versatile charismatic superstar, who could act very well.

And miniature elephant would be “appu” . May be you should try and find one 🙂 .

Cats are miniature tigers. There should have been miniature form of elephants too. Unfortunately nature did not create such miniature elephants.

Many many returns on the 4th birthday of your second child!! Albeit belated …
Thanks for making the world more beautiful with your beautiful blog Atulji!! Your dedication deserves tons and tons of appreciation.

Left out a word in my previous comment 😦 I meant:
Many many happy returns on the 4th birthday of your second child!!

One of my favorite songs from my favorite actor’s – Rajesh Khanna’s film.
Rajesh Khanna in his full glory , style and mannerisms !! this film is a special of that ‘phenomena’ !!
I have watched this movie umpteen times. And whenever it is on TV I do watch it and enjoy it. I ensure that my daughters too watch it with me and feel it , but as Atul ji said I find “all my advice falling on deaf ears” whenever I insisted them to watch old movies (the important, popular, path breaking, trend setting etc- which I feel everyone should watch in their life time).
And enjoy the passionate write up by Atul ji and the comments too which are full of love and admiration for this blog.

So, today , start with reading this lovely post on our blog !!! thanks,

A very late message.. but let me join the party too :). Many happy returns to our blog, the best in the whole world! If there was only one site / blog I was asked to restrict myself to follow, this would undoubtedly be it :).

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