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Zara man ki kewadiyaa khol

Posted on: July 24, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

KOHINOOR (1960) was a block buster film produced by Dr V N Sinha and directed by S U Sunny. Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari were the lead actors in the film.

There is an interesting story about this movie which I had heard in my younger days and now read on some websites as well. After working in a series of movies like ‘Deedar’ (1951),‘Daag’ (1952), ‘Amar’ (1954), ‘Devdas’ 1955) in which he had tragic roles, he went into depression. His doctors advised him to do only those films for sometime which had light roles for him. I do not know whether this was a marketing gimmick for promoting this film or it was a fact. But knowing that those days one seldom came across producers and actors resorting to marketing gimmicks for their films the way they do it now, the story may be true. Anyway, under this dispensation, Dilip Kumar acted in one of his light roles in ‘Kohinoor’ which became a super hit.

It is interesting to note that Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari who were known in those days as ‘tragedy king’and ‘tragedy queen’ respectively, acted together in ‘Azaad’ (1955) and ‘Kohinoor’(1960) in light roles . Both these films were fairy tales with melodious songs which became runway hits. These movies established the fact that both these legendry actors were equally adept in doing light roles as a pair. However, despite success, they had no occasion to work together again after ‘Kohinoor’.

About a month back, I watched this movie. It is a fun movie which is enjoyable provided one tucks away rationality from his mind while watching the movie. As many as nine songs from this film have already been discussed in this blog. The only remaining song to be discussed is ‘zara man ki kiwadiyaa khol’ sung by Mohammed Rafi. The song was written by Shakeel Badayuni and set to music by Naushad. The background of this song in the film is that after Chandramukhi (Meena Kumari) rejects Senapati (Jeevan)’s overtures to marry him, she is under house arrest. After a few days she goes into depression which worries the Senapati. His henchmen advise Senapati to invite musicians to cheer her. That’s when Devendra (Dilip Kumar) in the guise of a hermit-singeralongwith his men as musicians get entry into Senapati’s palace.

The song has been beautifully worded by Shakeel Badayuni which in way is a double entendre song giving subtle hint to Chandramukhi and at the same time giving a different meaning to Senapati. The song is picturised on Dilip Kumar who with his hand gestures and mudras typical of a kathak dancer translates the song very effectively. He was perhaps influenced by Kathak dancer Sitara Devi who was one of the choreographers in this film. The composition of this song somewhat resembles Naushad’s earlier composition, viz. “Joganban jaaungi saiyya tore kaaran” from ‘Shabab’ (1954). Probably both these songs are based on the same classical raag.



Song-Zara man ki kiwadiya khol (Kohinoor)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


koi pyaar ke pankh pasaare
ae ae
aayaa hai paas tehaare
sudh budh apni bisraaye
paglaa man tohe pukaare
ae ae ae ae

zaraa man ki kevadiyaa khol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
zaraa man ki kevadiyaa khol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
sainyaa tore balmaa tore dwaare
o sajnaa tore dwaare khade
aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aaa
aa aa aaa

birahaa ki rainaa
birahaa ki rain teri galiyon ke phere
teri galiyon ke phere
jogi kaa roop liyaa preetam ne tere
jogi kaa roop liyaa preetam ne tere
gori sun le balam ke bol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
sainyaa tore balamaa tore dwaare
o sajnaa tore dwaare khade
aa aa aaa
aa aa aaa

o o o o
milnaa hai aaj tohe apne piyaa se
o o o o
milanaa hai aaj tohe apne piyaa se
jaane na bhed koi ee ee ee
tere jiyaa ke
jaane na bhed koi tere jiyaa ke
man man mein sajaniyaa dol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
oh ho ho
sainyaa tore dwaare
o balmaa tore dwaare khade

bigde na baat kahin
dheeraj na khonaa
bigde na baat kahin
dheeraj na khonaa
jaage hain bhaag ab
kaahe kaa ronaa
jaage hain bhaag ab
kaahe kaa ronaa
teraa jeewan badaa anmol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
o zara man ki kevadiyaa khol
sainyaa tore dwaare khade
o sainyaa tore dwaare
o balmaa tore dwaare khade

3 Responses to "Zara man ki kewadiyaa khol"

you just watched Kohinoor…for me it’s been more 50 years …I have seen few songs on utube but I remember the Mirror scene between Dilipsaab and Jeevan When I come to USA I saw I love lucy show made in mid fifty with Harpo and Lucy….than later I found that the scence was copy of Duck Soup (1933).
Here the link of both.
Here Duck soup…

Groucho marx

Harpo Marx and Lucy…


Thanks for the links. They are really hilarious.
The Lucy one reminded me of the days when I used to watch ‘Here is Lucy’ on DD.


Yippeeee! Now Kohinoor (1960) joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been discussed on this blog. Dil Khush Hua Atul Ji! :).


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