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Ae ri aali piya bin kal na parat mohe

Posted on: September 28, 2012

Today (28 september) is the birthday anniversary of Lata (28 september 1929). There is little that has not been said and written about her over the past last seven decades that she has been active as a playback singer. She had dominated Hindi movie playback scene and she is the most figured singer in this blog as well.

We discuss her songs almost every day in this blog, but today almost all the songs in this blog will be songs sung by her. There are lots and lots of songs to chose from, and we will discuss a few of them today.

The first song for the day is a lovely semi classical song from “Raag Rang” (1952). This movie was a produced under the banner of Bali sisters production and it was produced by Geeta Bali and Sudha Bali. The movie was directed by Digvijay. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Geeta Bali, Ruma Guha Thakurta, Sudha Bali, Madan Puri, Agha, Raja Paranjpe, Sundar, Janki Das, S Nazir etc in it.

This song is a traditional bandish in Raag Yaman and is so pleasant to the ears. The lyrics are traditional and the lyricist is not known. Music is composed by Roshan.

Only the audio of this song is available and so it is not possible to say how and on whom this song is picturised. I request our knwledgeable readers to throw more light on the picturisation of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mr Sadanand Kamath.

Song-Ae ri aali piyaa bin kal na parat mohe (Raag Rang)(1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Traditional, MD-Roshan

Lyrics(Sadanand Kamath)

aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
ae ri aali piyaa bin
kal na parat mohe
ae ri aali piyaa bin
ari aeri aali piyaa bin
sakhi kal na parat mohe
ik ghari pal chhin
ae ri aali piyaa bin
ari ae ri aali piyaa bin

jabse piyaa pardes gaye morey
jabse piyaa pardes gaye morey
ratiyaan katat mori taare gin gin
ae ri aali piyaa bin
ari ae ri aali piyaa bin
ni re ga
ga re ga ni re ma
ma ga re ni re ga
ga ra ga ma dha ni
ni ni
sa ni dha pa ma
ga re ga ma pa re sa
ae ri aali piyaa bin
ari ae ri
aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
ae ri aali piyaa bin
ari aeri aali
ae ri aali
ae ri aali piyaa bin


18 Responses to "Ae ri aali piya bin kal na parat mohe"

Many happy returns of the day, have a lovely Happy birth day to lady with the golden voice.
God has blessed music lovers with decades of your talent for us to enjoy. thank you for the wonderful music you shared with us for many decades.. You have entertained and brightened our lives. You have made the whole country to sing and made the music interesting to learn. You are worth so much more than you were paid. You have keep absolute squeaky clean record while working in this dirty business industry. you have set the standards so high that no one could go beyond that. May be some day somebody might be as good as you but not better than you for during this century. It’s just not your parents/bro/sisters are proud of you but whole nation is proud of you.You are the greatest entertainer this country has ever been blessed to produce.
Please stay healthy and live long, we need you for many years to come. OM SHANTI.

“Jab kafan mein rakha tab socha tha ki ab chain se so sakoonga
maaloom na tha ki yahaan bhi aaraam na karne denge”

For the benefit of our readers,here is the link for the interview in which Lata had made the controversial statement that Mohd.Rafi had tendered a written apology to Lata.

Deshmukh Sir,

I referred to this same interview in Mumbai Mirror, in my comment on 25/09/12 (that day it was not a controversy) in the thread .

I hope you can elaborate on this matter.

nahm ji,
Actually,I became aware of this interview only after reading your comment and immediately went thru it.
It is difficult to digest such a statement.One simple question arises in our minds,why was it never ever mentioned in last 50-60 years ?
All the Biographies,official or unofficial never mentioned it.
See,this is the problem with old and senior Artists of the bygone era.They either claim what they would have wished in their times,or simply cant remember the exact details.This perticular incident is very unfair,as Rafisaab is not there to reply to it.

Mubarak Begum, the voice behind evergreen hits like “Mujhko apne gale lagaa lo, O mere Humrahi” and “Kabhi tanhaiyon mein yun hamari yaad aayegi”, says she became a victim of the politics in the film industry.

“I don’t want to name them. Everyone knows them. They snatched away work from me, ensuring that no music director or film-maker ever gave me any,” laments Mubarak Begum.

The 70-year-old singer lives in penury in a small house of the Behrampauda area in western suburb of Jogeshwari in Mumbai, with an ailing daughter and a son, who drives a taxi.

“It’s a struggle to take care of the grocery, phone and electricity bills,” she adds.

A singer long forgotten by the film fraternity, she mesmerised an entire generation of music lovers with her immortal numbers like “Mujhko apne gale lagaa lo, O mere humrahi” from film Humrahi and “Bemurrawwat bewafa begana dil” from Susheela.

Widely appreciated in the 1950s and the 1960s, Mubarak Begum did not attain pole position in the Hindi mainstream movies. “Music composers wanted to give me work but these singers, who later became globally famous, ensured I did not get work as it would have meant competition,” she rues.

“I had no godfather in the film industry. Mukesh had Raj Kapoor, Mahendra Kapoor had B R Chopra… there was no one for me,” she adds.

After all these years, does she bear a grudge against her contemporaries, who “ruined” her career? “I trust that Allah rewards those who do good and punishes those who snatch other people’s livelihood,” she said.

“They (her detractors) told the music composers, if you let Mubarak Begum sing, we would not work for you.”

bluefire ji,
Now that you have made a reference to Mubarak Begum,I remembered a story about Lataji and Mubarak Begum involving the song “Kabhi tanhaiyon me…”.It is duly documented by Kidar Sharma who had directed the film “Hamari yaad aayegi”.
Originally Lata was to sing this song.After few rehersals,on the day of recording the song,Lata ji’s driver went to Kidar Sharma and said” you have to pay me Rs.140/now,if you want lata ji to sing this song”.Kidar was very angry and he refused to pay him.Strangely,after some time Lata ji announced that her throat is not good and she can not sing that day.She gave another date and left.Kidar paid Rs.25,000 to the musicians.
On the second date of recording,again the driver asked to be paid 140/- or else….. Kedar ji refused to bow to this blackmail.Sure enough,after some time Lata announced she is not feeling well and can not sing today.She gave yet another date.
Kidar was furious.he told lata ji,” I had only 50,000/- for this song which I have spent.Forget about this song now.”
Then Mubarak Begum was called.She came and listened to the song,lyrics and tune etc.Then she said,” kidar ji,I want to talk to you first .” They both went to a room.Mubarak begum said,”Kidar ji,I have not eaten for last 2 days.Can you first arrange for 2 bread slices and tea for me please.”Kidar was in tears.he not only fed her but also gave her some advance.
Mubarak begum put all her life into this song,after that.
This incident is mentioned in details in kedar Sharma’s book.

Thank you Arunji for this interesting incient. I wasnt aware of this one, particularly about mubarak begum’s condition even in those days. Thats really sad. I remember watching one video interview of her from recent times (probably still there on YT), where she says, it was her who first sung “Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhinyan Milana” song from Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965) and then Kalyanji went to her and told her something like -mujhe bahot bura lag raha hai yeh kehne mein aur mujhe kisi ki bad-dua nahi leni, par yeh gaana lata ki awaz mein record karna hai-. There is no denying to Lataji’s talent, her talent in history and bharat ratna and all. She was that good and thats why she was able to force her will on composers and producers in most cases. But considering how Jab Jab Phool Khile was such a huge success, I cant help wondering what it could have done to Mubarak Begum’s career. May be she wouldnt have to see such sad days. She says she had sung in Sohrab Modi’s Kundan (1955) and Sunil Dutt had acted in the movie, but later on when she went to seek help from Dutt Saab, he didnt even recognize her at first but was very effusive in her praise when he found out it was her and got Vilasrao Deshmukh to sanction the house for her. And Lataji? When she read/heard about Mubarak Begum’s plight, she sent her a check for 50 Rupees! That would be like adding insult to the injury! Success has many enemies, so I have always tried to discount the rumors/hearsay about Lataji over the years, but these kinda events from more and more people is not painting a pretty picture of her. Its her birthday and all, didnt want to talk about all these, but when I read Derubalaji’s comment, I just could not resist. I wonder if the original recording of “Pardesiyon se Na” in Mubarak Begum’s voice exists somewhere….

I know everything about Lata. I have read the artcle very first day about she receiving an apology letter from Rafi. Than in few hours later she got a challenge from Sahid Rafi.
But, look, I love her as artist, I have great respect for her. I do not consider her Devi…Please read my notes all over YT and you will see, I have never written she is a Maa-Saraswati.
I have worked in USA for 35 years and I know (dirty) Office politics…someone from your inner group can sabotage your career, in matter of minute.
So, what ever Lata did to save her career, nothing that I wouldn’t do save my career.
Point #2, Helping others?
I believe in “charity begins at home”, she had responsibility towards her family. She likes finer things in life and she deserve it to have it.
Point#3, She has never been accused of cheating income tax.
In old days, Mala Sinha, RK, mukerjee clan,so many Music Directos have been in mess of income tax. I have never readabout her being cheater of Income Tax.
And we all love to have some extra money to live good life and having and keeping extra money that you’ve earn, I do not see nothing wrong in that.
I know she was in love with (prince) Rajsingh Dugarpurwalla, since 1959. She help him to his last day, having him stay at her hospital.
At present time she is helping lots of people.
She recieved so much donation from middleeast kings for her hospitals.
After all she is human and as human we do make mistake.
Even at age 67, I do mix up something too. And so many times while I am driving, I have to think for a moment, Where am I going?
One thing for sure I never got lost 🙂 and I do not have a GPS navigation system in my car 🙂
At presently, Lata is gone out of town…will see her response in few days.Just wait…

I kinda disagree. Office politics for people like you and me is quite different than what she had going on. Once she started singing, there was NO looking back. There is NO dispute whatsoever about her god given talent. At NO point in her career, she was lacking work that she had to resort to this to “save her career” the way u have put it here. I’m sorry, giving a few dozen songs here and there to other singers, wouldnt have jeopardized her career at all. Did we hear Rafi Saab doing this? Did we hear Mukesh of barely 1000 songs did this? Did we hear Kishore Kumar, the one who got neglected for 20 yrs of his life, doing such stuff?

I have utmost respect for her talents as a singer, but otherwise..Who am I to judge other human beings, but lets just say I strongly disagree to ur “squeaky clean record while working in this dirty business industry” comment 🙂

you have right to disagree with me. But whatever I feel I have wrote in her birthday wish.
I will stand behind my statement “squeaky clean record while working in this dirty business industry”, you can be interpreted in so many ways, I can prove that she is not cheap lady. She never like abusive language, tacky comment or the cheap shot. she never mixes business with pleasure. never had nay scandalous affairs. In 1962, she survived very bad arsenic poison attack. She needed money to make sure her family will not go to hungry if some day she might die with unusual death. She had to do what she has to do for her family.

Like she didnt make enough money between 1948 to 60s, so she had to step on Suman Kalyanpur or Mubarak Begum or in 70s on Vani Jairam or Anuradha Paudwal 🙂

May be I havent “grown up” 🙂 People can play whatever dirty politics or stab in the back. If i stoop down to their levels, there is no difference between them and me. I cant control others’ actions, I can mine. By stepping on others, I’m not gonna advance my career, and at least in my case, my family would rather starve too 🙂 Like my grandmother used to say, “Satya no marg shura no chhe”.

Have a great weekend.

Best part comes around 3:45 in the clip. Even after some 60 years, she cant refrain from complaining, how much asha ne mujhe tang kiya hai saari life!

Atul ji,
Film RAAG RANG-1952 was produced by Bali sisters and it was directed by Digvijay who was the younger brother of Geeta Bali.
In this film Ruma Guha Thakurta-who was the first wife of Kishore Kumar had also acted.
Thirdly,Singer TRILOK KAPOOR(NOT the actor Trilok Kapoor-brother of Prithviraj Kapoor) had 2 duets with Lata in this film.One duet “Karte hai Isahare,Falak ke chand taare” had become a hit and even today it is loved by the music connoisseurs.

Thanks for the real treat. Mere kaan trupt ho gaye.
In an interview in Mumbai Mirror she accepted that she cannot sing like Asha(which was what I was claiming all the time) . Regarding tiff with SD Burman she said in some interview SD claimed that he made Lata a big name, which did nor go well with her.
Well it is an open secret she ‘killed’ the careers of Runa Laila, Reshma, Sulakshna Pandit, Mubarak Begum, Vani Jairam(most perfect singer ever). You can add few more to it.

Wishing Lataji many many happy returns of the day! You have provided innumerable beautiful moments in life! A very big thank you to you & wish you hale & hearty rest of life from heart of my heart!
Having said that it does pain one to hear absurd stories like the ones discussed above. Even if one assumes story about Rafisaab is true, it does not reflect good on any person, let alone when he/she is national icon! It would have been fantabulous if people were great equally if not more as human beings!

bluefire ji, i agree with your point of view. music, i believe is a gift of god. today, most of us have much more respect for a person like rafi saab or m s subbulakshmi ji than lata. she might have sung more songs than anyone else, but we know where our heart is :).

no denying the fact that she had the talent, but i think she should have stopped singing by the end of 80s, if not earlier.

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