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Dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga

Posted on: September 25, 2012

“Anokhi Raat”(1968) was an L B Films production. It was directed by Asit Sen (the director, not the comedian). The movie had Sanjeev Kumar, Zahida, Ajay (Parikshit) Sahni, Aruna Irani, Badri Prasad, Tarun Bose, Anwar, Mukri, Amar, Brahm Bharadwaj, Parveen Kaul, Keshto Mukherjee, Dev Kishan etc in it.

This movie had some memorable songs in it. As many as four songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the fifth song from this movie. This song is sung by Mukesh and it is picturised on Sanjeev Kumar who is going on his bicycle.

The lyrics of this song describe the feelings of a newly married man who is eager to be with his bride. Indeewar’s lyrics describe the eagerness of the bridegroom superbly. Roshan is the music director. This movie was the last movie of Roshan as a music director and he had passed away before the movie could be completed and released.

Lyrics of this songf were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Video – Part I

Video – Part II

Song-Dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga (Anokhi Raat) (1968) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Roshan

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga,
o mann thhodi dheer dharo
baanhon mein chaandi kaa badan hoga,
o mann thhodi dheer dharo
dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga,
o mann thhodi dheer dharo

chaand pari hai chanchal hai woh
teri hai chitchor
chaand pari hai chanchal hai woh
teri hai chitchor
mukhde ko hi takte takte ho jayegi bhor
goree dhan ka tumhe darshan hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo
baanhon mein chaandi kaa badan hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo

aisi betaabi hai kaisi
padi hai saari raat
aisi betaabi hai kaisi
padi hai saari raat
jee bhah bhar ke kar lena
tum kamsiniya se baat
kaandhe se jhuka daaman hoga
o man thodi dheere dharo
baanhon mein chaandi kaa badan hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo

woh hai teri padminiya aur tu baanka rajput
woh hai teri padminiya aur tu banka rajput
gajh bhar ki chhaati rakhta hai dil bhi rakhh mazboot
naiyno naiyno mein ran hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo
baanhon mein chaandi kaa badan hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo
dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga,
o mann thodi dheer dharo

9 Responses to "Dulhan se tumhaara milan hoga"

Remember watching this movie on DD when I was hardly in teens. Songs are good, but story was painful. Poor guy! He is just married and goes to market to buy grocery for the “guests” and when comes back, finds his dulhan abused by those guests. Hate to see these scenes/movies.
Atulji, this movie has a “special value” for you and this blog. I wasn’t there at the inauguration of this blog, 😦 but in the archive, I noticed that isi film ke “mile na phool to…..” by Rafi ke gaane se aap ne ye blog ka khaata July 19, 2008 mein khola tha.


True ! The blog began with “Mile na phool…” song from this movie.


Atul ji,
A song from this film-mahlonka raja mila-was yet to be recorded when Roshan died.The song was recorded by his wife Ira Roshan.
Ira Roshan Nagrath,his wife,had written a very heart touching article in MADHURI dated 25th july 1969,describing the last few minutes of Roshan’s death.
” Roshan was very happy that day.he was playing cards till 7 pm.That night there were 2 parties. One was for celebrating success of Laat Sahib,given by Hari Walia and the other was Jewel Thief premiere party. he sent his son Rajesh to JT party and he with wife went to Hari Walia,s party.he was very happy was humming a song on the way.In the party,one distributor said,’Roshan ji,I must talk to you”.Nervous type Roshan suddenly got nervous,but to ease the tension he told some joke.Everybody started laughing.Ira also laughed and went to bathroom.meanwhile Roshan suddenly got a heart attack and before anyone could do anything he dropped dead.Ira returned from bathroom still laughing over that joke,but realised the seriousness of the Party and rushed to Roshan. A doctor present there declared him dead.
in a few days,despite her,and Lata’s deep grief they recorded the remaining song Mahlon ka raja mila-Lata,with the help of grieving orchestra players. ” ( A rough transalation from Hindi.)


Thanks a lot for this moving tale which I was not aware of.


Thanks a lot for these details about ‘Mehlon ka raaja milaa”. I just cant explain how this song is my ‘The favourite”. It just is, i have not heard or seen it much, not on radio or on youtube. But I always knew this song and the picturisation. I have this movie on T. V. only way back in the 80’s.

Today i have read Lata Mangeshkar’s interview in ‘Mumbai mirror’. She has shed some new light on old matters.


This song is rated very high amongst “SHOK GEETs” of Hindi cinema.The dard,pathos and the sad feelings are fullest to the brim in this song,may be due to the extreme sorrow of Lata-for having lost a very dear composer,close to her heart, the undescribable sorrow of IRA ji-for losing her life mate and the sorrow of all the orchestra men -for losing a kind hearted soft spoken darling Composer—–all these factors making the song a sorrowful one.


The bad guy with cigarette in one hand(standing)is Kundan/Kundan Mallik.


I talk- complain about bad day/bad weather/bad hair day…this kind of s
tory gives a new perspective on life.


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