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Aankhon aankhon mein kisi se baat hui

Posted on: November 9, 2012

When I was a pre teen kid during late 1960s and early 1970s, I once read a funny poem in the Hindi magazine “Parag”. It went
Deewaaron pe lagi huyi thhi filmy posteron ki qataar
“Hum Hindustani”, “Badtameez”, Aawaara”, “Junglee”, “Jaanwar” aur “Ganwaar” !

Indeed, we had that kind of movie titles those days. 🙂 And looking at the above mentioned movies, we notice that three out of six of the movies had Shammi Kapoor in the title role ! But then you would not expect Shammi Kapoor’s movies to have titles like “Shareef”,”Sapoot” or “Sadachaari Gopal”. 🙂

“Jaanwar” was a Ruhi Films Production movie. It was directed by Bhappie Sonie. The movie had Prithviraj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Shyama, Rajendranath, Achla Sachdev, Asit Sen, Manorama, Shivraj, Madhvi, Rehman, Rajshree etc in it.

“Jaanwar” (1965) had seven songs in it. As many as six songs from this movie had already been discussed in the past and I was not even aware that only one song from this movie remains to be discussed. Here is this seventh and final song from the movie.

This song is mujra cum disguise song. By that I mean that two ladies perform mujra in the voices of Lata and Asha Bhonsle, whereas Shammi Kapoor, watching the mujra disguised as a Sheikh, sings in the disguised voice of Manna Dey. 🙂

I am able to identify Shammi Kapoor, but I cannot identify the two mujra performers. You know how it is with me when it comes to identifying female actors of that era. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them.
PS-Thanks to Mani Menon and Prakashchandra, now I know that Raani (lip syncing in Lata’s voice) and Madhumati (lip syncing in Asha Bhonsle’s voice) are the two dancers.

Shailendra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

And I am pleased with the fact that “Jaanwar” (1965) joins “Junglee” (1961) and 132 other movies whose each and every song now appears in this blog. 🙂

Audio (Short)


Song-Aankhon aankhon mein kisi se baat huyi (Jaanwar)(1965) Singers-Lata, Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

aankhon aankhon mein
kisi se baat hui
kisi se baat hui
ye dil hi jaane
jo dil ke saath hui
jo dil ke saath hui
ankhon aankhon mein
aankhon aankhon mein
kisi se baat hui
kisi se baat hui
ankhon aankhon mein

tamaam raat
sitaaron se baat karte rahe
kisi ki yaad mein
reh reh ke aah bharte rahe
ye kya hua hain hamen
kaisa rog dil ko laga
isi khayaal mein bass
dhubate ubharte rahe
aa aaa aa aa
aankhon aanko mein
kisi se baat hui
kisi se baat hui
ankhon aankhon mein

uski har baat mein
jaise nasha sharab ka thhaa
zara bhi pi na thhi
lekin maza sharaab ka thhaa
khud apne bass mein na thhe
hum behak rahe thhe kadam
na thhi sharab magar
silsila sharaab ka thhaa
aaaaa aa aaa
aankhon aankhon mein
kisi se baat hui
kisi se baat hui
ye dil hi jaane
ae ae ae
jo dil ke saath hui
jo dil ke saath hui
aankhon aankhon mein ae ae

usiki baat usika hai
zikr sham o shehar
na hamko dil ka pata hai
na dil ko apni khabar
chhupaaya laakh magar
baat phailti hi gayi ee
lagi hai aag kahaan
jaanta hai saara shehar
aaaa aaa aaa aa aa
aankhon aankhon mein
aaa aaa aaa
haaaa aankhon aankhon mein ae ae
kisi se baat hui ee
kisi se baat hui
ye dil hi jaane
aaaa aaa
ye dil hi jaane ae ae
jo dil ke saath hui
jo dil ke saath hui
aankhon aankhon mein ae ae

18 Responses to "Aankhon aankhon mein kisi se baat hui"

The dancers are Madhumati and Jeevankala. Madhumati sings in Asha Bhosale’s voice while Lata Mangeshkar sings for Jeevankala. Madhumati married Manohar Deepak, a good dancer himself. They, along with Helen, had sung the popular “Huzure wala jo ho ijazat, tho hum ye kehde,,,” from ‘Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi’.


Thanks for these details.


Jeevan Kala was the lead dancer in the song: Hasta huia Noorani Chehra.
Dancer Jeevan Kala today: She is actress Manisha Kelkar’s mother Click here for more:


Mani ji maaf karo aapko refute kiyaa 🙂



With due respects to Mani Menon ji

I think other dancer is not not Jeevankala,
she is RANI(She plays a mujra wali in Dil diya dard liya(got 2 mujras picturised on her) and she is there as a dancer, in phir wohi dil laaya hoon song along with asha parekh-dekho bijli dole bin baadal ke)

Jeevankala is the dancer who dances for the famous Parasmani song with nalini chonkar -Hansta huaa noorani chehra

I have just checked the title sequences of Janwar 1965,She is RAANI
I am very much sure.


Rani was also the dancer along with Madhumati in ‘Maangi hai duayen hamnein sanam’ in Shikari


As per the credits list of Janwar,there is no name of Jeevan kala,but Madhumati and Rani’s names are in the credits,in the film.


Sorry sorry! I stand corrected. Bahut bahut dhanyavad, Prakashchandra-ji aur Arunkumar-ji.


Mani ji

It is not your fault, anyone can get confused with rani and jeevankala `s similar features especially smiles,eventhough rani got more height than jeevankala. and raani got eyes which looks like a little bit sleepy.

Even I thought it is jeevan kala ,but at last I identified her correctly as Rani(Credit must go to Greta ji of Memsaabstory, because of her, I am able to identify her correctly)


That is a lovely anecdote Atul. 🙂 I loved reading Bal Bharti when I was a child, and Chandamama. Somehow never took ko Parag and Madhur muksan (that was the name right?). I can still sit down with any of cartoonist Pran’s comics 😀


It was “Madhu Muskan” – a laughter magazine which started in early 1970s. However “Lotpot” preceded “Madhu Muskan” by a few years.


Forgot to mention… Rajendra Nath as an air india mascot (maharaja).


Jeevankala was also appeared in many Marathi movies as she was Maharashtrian


Ankho Ankho mein song from Film Janwar is written by Shailendraji and not by Hasrat jaipuri. Padmanabh K. Joshi


Atul ji
Correction about Lyricist`s name is not done. LYricist of the song as per Myswar and earthmusic is SHAILENDRA and not Hasrat Jaipuri, as written in the post and the provided tags.


I suppose this lyric is written by Shailendra and not by Hasrat !






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