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Matwaale ham matwaale tum

Posted on: December 13, 2012

“Jhumroo” (1961) was a K S Films Production movie and it was directed by Shankar Mukherji. In reality, it was Kishore Kumar’s home production though he produced his movies by ,making his secretary pose as the producer of his movies.

“Jhumroo” (1961) featured lots of family members of Kishore Kumar in it, viz. Kishore Kumar himself,his wife Madhubala, his brother Anup Kumar and his sister in law Chanchal. The movie also had K N Singh, Lalita Pawar, M Kumar, Sajjan, Anoop Sharma, Polson, Bhagwan Sinha, S K Singh, Jayant, Nimmo, Robin Kumar, Pushpa Thakur etc.

As many as four songs from “Jhumroo” (1961) have been discussed in the past. Here is the fifth song from this movie.

This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kishore Kumar.

Only the audio of this song is avaialable on YT. I wonder if this song was excluded from the movie. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Matwaale ham matwaale tum (Jhumroo)(1961) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Kishore Kumar

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

matwaale ham matwaale tum
chalte rahen yoon hi kadam
dilwaale ham dilwaale tum
badhte chalen yoon hi kadam
matwaale ham

auron ke kaam aa jaa,
mil mil ke jheltaa jaa,
mushkil jo raahon mein hai
matwalaa naam hai,
masti se kaam hai,
masti nigaahon mein hai
ae ae ae
dil jab dole machal machal ke,
phir kyaa chalna sambhal sambhal ke
dil hai jawaan kaahe kaa gham
matwaale ham matwaale tum
chalte rahen yoon hi kadam
matwaale ham

saare rangeen nazaare,
apne damm se hain pyaare,
hamko nazaaron se kya
har dil ke pyaar ham,
sabki bahaar ham,
ham ko bahaaron se kyaa
aa aa aa
sabse nainaa mila mila ke,
dil ki kaliyan khila khila ke
chalte chalen lehraa ke ham
matwaale ham matwaale tum
chalte rahen yoon hi kadam
matwaale ham

kaisa jeena akele,
gairon kaa dard le le,
apna to kaam yahi
apna to sinn yahi
apna to din yahi,
apni to shaam yahi
ee ee ee ee
girte jan ko uthaa uthaa ke,
har rote ko hansa hansa ke
gaaye jaa tu
jab tak hai damm
matwaale ham matwaale tum
chalte rahen yoon hi kadam
matwaale ham

5 Responses to "Matwaale ham matwaale tum"

The song was in the movie for few weeks, but later it was removed, along with some other trimmings, to speed up the pace of the film, which was considered rather slow, for a comedy, by some critics.


Thanks Atul ji !!! Thanks Shah saheb for this lovely post, one of my favorite songs. I had also sent the same lyrics for this song about one and half months back!!! i got to see this movie in around 1975-76. do not remember that it was not in the movie. but i had its audio cassette which have all songs of the film Jhumroo. Nice Kishore number!!!


Jhumroo-1961 had as many as Eleven songs, as per the audio album released (by HMV in 1989)- the remaining songs to be posted are;

-Jhoome re jhoome dil meraa dil meraa
-babaloo babaloo ba ba
-aaja tu aaja aji naa
-ruk ruk tham tham
-ae bhola bhaala man meraa kahin re sajan kho gaya gaya gaya
-ge ge geli jara timbaktu kathmandu…

how many of these were excluded from the film needs to be discussed.


#Remembering Kishore Kumar #
Our tributes !!


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